Holy Italian Spaghetti VENEZIA is STRONG – World of Warships

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Man I forgot just how strong this ship really is.

I didn’t play it in FOREVER and now 2 games in a row I’m breaking personal records.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Congrats flam, your popular enough to get bots in the comments!

  2. That shima… 1st does not drop smoke, then “eats” your torp ….

  3. This game was a omen to the Ferrari win this racing season

  4. “How much can a game change”…
    … points at WoWs golden years, then points at WoWs today … – “THIS much” 😛

  5. you’ve been shooting at that goliath for the better part of 3 minutes without him or his teammates firing a shot at you, that would have never happened on the NA server

    • Damiano Sommovigo

      Anyway if u look at the game , u’ll see that at the end of the game he does have barely 1M potential damage, wich indicate clearly that he never was focused in heavy way from enemies. Why? because he always old a position and an angle where he was not the most suitable targert. Skills where involved here, is not about the server, sure the other team had questionable players, but your statement is totally inappropriate @kingofwhatever a kludge

    • @Damiano Sommovigo my statement is inappropriate? i encourage you to go back and watch the video again. he’s farming the goliath without being fired upon even by the thunderer who has the range and isn’t being targeted. Those are just bad players and in my experience playing many battles on the NA server that’s never happened to me.

    • Damiano Sommovigo

      I had my experience in NA as well, found no major differenceses and I’m not a bad player by any means. The “best” server thing is somenthing whom never existed, today more then ever because coal nowadays can be earned quite easily, and new players have access to premium tier X ships straight away, making tier X games looks like “WTF is he even doing?” aaaaaaaall the frigging time, every bloody game, same goes for tier VIII and IX, so here is another example why your “this is not happening in NA” is still an inappropriate statement

    • @Damiano Sommovigo experience is subjective but i play on NA nearly every day and i have never experienced that type of play. At the very least he played against a team of noobs.

    • Damiano Sommovigo

      I have already stated that he played against some questionable players, nevertheless GG to Flambass. U do not grind 300k out from a Venezia if u do not know how to flank and have good positioning through the game

  6. It was that halland that you hit for 13k

  7. when they first introduced this ship i honestly thought it was to strong oh how times have changed lol now its just broken or mediocre ships tons falling into the latter category

  8. It is him Flambass! Bull840 is the same Halland that destroyed the Shima while having low hp! By golly, sink that man!

  9. Venezia is my favorite ship and it’s so unrepresented! I never see people playing her! Thank you so much!

  10. Who’s looking forward to burst fire t11 ITA cruisers huh? Thats not terrifying at all

  11. Destroyer Inazuma

    Anchovy must be happy.

  12. Love this ship, basically a tier X Mogami. I’ve one shot many a tier X DD in this thing. With range mod you’re at like 19.1km and the ship is maneuverable, you have to lay back and snipe…slow reload at close range at this tier means death…stay back, kite BB’s and have fun.

  13. (Concerning bosses in Elden Ring)

    Each dungeon/ cave has a boss in it. Admittedly, some of them are clones/ upgrades/ downgrades of enemies you face earlier or later in the game. There’s usually something unique to each though. For instance, the watchdog boss has I think 4? variations. Weakest just does melee attacks, there’s a flamethrower version, a lightning version, and a twin fight (and maybe one or two more flavors).

  14. The return of “papieren” has been long awaited 🙂

  15. I am sure you must know this but that ship can move fast and still stay with in its own smoke. And yes I have been known to charge out of someone else’s smoke cloud puffing away on my – bum rushing at 3 ships, throwing torps left and right and shooting the third in the face. Its glorious.

  16. Don’t know if anyone mentioned it, but it was the same PN4VY Halland 🙂

  17. I would’ve switched AP on the Goliath to be honest, at least 1 salvo just to try

  18. Is SAP capable of penetrating citadel?

  19. Not to contradict you Flambass but that Thunderer was at 30K when you reacquired it. And then got broadsided for 18K damage from someone else besides you that took it to about 12k when your next salvo hit. You should thank that person for “kill securing” the kill for you. Otherwise it would have taken a lot longer for you to bring it down.

  20. CPT_Neckbeard Plus

    80%of all games i play semi afk or watching a video on my sec screen lol /:)=

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