HOLY SH1T || Republique – 469.000 DMG || World of Warships

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  1. even without the 1 Yamato MASSIVE DMG …..

    • It was a well-deserved kill. Pushing BBs are just rare nowdays as sober WG developers.

    • +Tamás Német BBS must push por stay in front tanking damage with support of dds in front of them spotting enemies and torps, and The CCS near to provide cover, but people use BBS in last line only for dealing damage….


  3. Вадим Санько

    Этот подпивкович уже и тут??‍♂️

  4. Jesus the thumbnail looks appetizing 😮
    Edit : mmhhh, RU server…you can expect everything to happen…

  5. Russian Bias always protect.

    30 seconds more and would be win :<

  6. Thats haku-pre nerf Level of damage – 40secs reload incoming ?

  7. The Sailing Robin


  8. Man, he tried to carry the entire team, almost made it too.

  9. what a potato team this must have been. Ridiculous… Some risky play but it payed off! WP!

  10. тоха красавец. по поводу афк лк. много кто видел союзный лк на 8 минуте на респе красных? в полне заслуженая дамажка.

  11. Proute Proute Feraillette

    Who say french ship are shit ?

    • Literally noone.

    • No one says that, in fact if you remember (if you played it pre nerf) the Alsace was one of the best ships in the game but people whined and cried OP so they “fixed” they fixed it all right… fixed it right into the ground. So everyone jumped over to the Repub, myself included which is why we see so many Repub videos now when before all we saw was Lyon and Alsace videos.

    • flambas said republic was shit. that ship never wasnt

    • Proute Proute Feraillette flambas also said the henri is a bad ship. People have their preferences and his aren’t in the French line. Some of my best cruiser games have come from the Henri. Love kiting and setting fires.

    • AND let them keep saying that while I play Gascogne on the down low.

  12. La qualité française !???

  13. This is called Yolo-ing … he was lucky to have survived past the 1st 10mins of the game, plus he was gifted a Montana to feast on …. So yeah… More luck than skill

  14. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    *BROKEN AF!*

    – im referring to the poor players back that fractured, at the last second trying to carry the entire team to victory…

  15. Horacio Fernandez

    They would have won if Yuyang had gotten into cap on end game. instead ite went for a nice sightseeing walk

    • The f*cking YY lost the game for them. It should have grabbed B and then into A.

      I would be chatbanned for a week with a permanent strike having typed what I would have typed for that self-centered tunnel-vision piece of sh*t.

  16. RU servers shouldn’t count!

  17. Had I lost with a 470k dmg score I would probably stop playing all together.


    Жаль вы не видели стрим и не понимаете русский мат)))

  19. This useless dd, i’m so sad for this République

  20. All that and only 468,000 credits? Is Macron handling the French BB economy?

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