Honest Update 0.10.11: New Year | World of Warships

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Get ready for some festive New Year antics, a dodgy Dockyard, tinkering with Submarines, and other stuff to make us look busy in Honest Update 0.10.11!

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  1. Shut up and give us your money.

  2. Earl, please keep these coming. I’ve never laughed so hard. Notice one of the 3 wise men looks like Lenin..lol

  3. Now, this is what I call honesty. Almost died of laughing. Great job!

  4. Excellence, pure excellence.
    There is nothing more I can say about this.

  5. Honest downgrade reviews – make them for every next one please!

  6. Brilliant, better than the official version

  7. Omg well done Lad I think this should be done for every single update from now on just so that way every player could see how really honest they are keep up the good work and oh my God I literally thought this was an actual like redo until I saw your name and I was like oh no he did not and I was like yes he did good job keep up the great work

  8. Did you laugh as much making this as I did watching it? 🤣 More updates on future “Downgrades” please!

  9. This is like a uncensored WG christmas party version what was accidentaly released 😁

  10. There was a time I would have laughed at this, but after the first two minutes I realised something was seriously wrong; I wasn’t laughing, I couldn’t laugh, no matter how hard I tried. After months of bugs, PR disasters and wading through salty, toxic shit faced players and losing games that I shouldn’t have lost, my heart just isn’t in it enough to care anymore. i actually hope that WG continue to rake in the profits as they have been. When the new game comes, its going to need something for us to compare it to so we keep it on the straight and narrow and avoid slipping up and getting greedy.

  11. From now on Dear sir, please keep releasing these honest versions for upcoming updates hahaha

  12. Well done, WG. Easily the funniest video you’ve released to date.

  13. Dear Wargaming: This is a clue. Your promotions are now seen, by the people who know you best, as rich with joke material. You’ve earned it.

  14. There was so much honesty in one video, I cried while laughing. 😂
    I salute you snd your sarcastic truth skills! 👏🏼👍🏼

  15. Great! If you continnue making vids like this, there will be miscommunication issues no more!

  16. Simply epic!
    Well done sir

    Not trying to defend Weegee in anyway but I got a Musashi from a free crate…Still not spending a dime on the xmas scam though

  17. THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!! You hit it right on the mark! Well Done!

  18. I hope this stays up long enough for my clan-mates to watch it … brilliant stuff!

  19. Make more of this, every next update.

  20. This was so funny, please do this with each update. Thanks for the laughs!!

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