Honest Update 0.11.0 – Pan Fried Losers Part 1 | World of Warships

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An exciting new dress, our idea of balanced Battles, testing more crap on live in Random Battles, and much more!

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  1. Not another dime to Wargaming!
    Love the ship names. Keep up the good work!

  2. Delightfully sarcastic. Definitely looking forward to more.

  3. That moment when you are first horrified a wows video is in your feed but then notice it’s an “honest update”
    Made my evening!

  4. Ludus Gladiatorium

    I like how they try to push italy ships too while sap accuracy is shotgun like

    • That is actually historical correct.
      During WW2 the British observed dispersion of over 1100m in a single salvo from an Italian battleship. Seemed to average around 800-900m which is laughablely bad. The BB was firing at a group of cruisers but the Italian gunnery was so bad the British didn’t know which ship they were aiming at….
      Tbh, most naval historians think it’s something to do with the combination of trying to push lighter than average shells too fast and ridiculously fast wearing barrels…. 🤔🧐

    • Ludus Gladiatorium

      @C S is this some elaborate bait or something what has WG and WWS anything to do with history

    • @C S and we all know that everything that weegee adds to this game is for historical reasons.

    • @C S The italian guns were very good. But the shells……….the manufacturers made a very thoroughly inspected shells for test firing, but made a very little quality check on the shells which were mass produced. This resulted in a lottery whenever those were used in combat. We can say Italian manufacturers added another layer of RNG above the existing ones.

  5. OMG, I peed my pants after watching this. Man I’m still laughing about it. Sure wish u were able to come up with a 2021 Review, but I’m sure time was in the way, and more important matters needed attending to.

    GG Look forward to more!

  6. The chiefs special, downgrade 11, balanced match’s what tier 7 has to deal with. god dam nearly killed me with laughter … then I got a Just Eat ad at the end.

  7. Pure genius. I get uncomfortably excited when one of these comes out. When I saw the official video this morning my first thought was I can’t wait to see this get done CORRECTLY. Bravo!!!

  8. As an Asian. This video is great

    One of my fav vids so far.

  9. This is very well done! Things get so much clearer when you see these vids with a honest translation. Thanks, mate. Looking forward to the next one, especialy the upgrade with Super CVs and jets.

  10. Best description of the relationship between wargambeling and its playerbase.

  11. It’s Dasha I really feel sorry for in all this – the corporate pretty face of massive incompetence.

  12. An insightful, detailed and spot on review of the update. And yes… Dasha … my goodness … Dasha.
    Keep ‘em coming sir.

  13. OMG I hurt myself laughing! Poor Dasha, She looks to me like she has about as much pleasure doing these updates as people have going to the dentist. At least she still looks human without DD-sized silicon…DDs.

  14. Funny yet extremely true. The perfect “read between the lines” crap that WG pump out.

  15. Honest updates give me hope – hope that someday that poor woman’s back will get a rest.

  16. I watch these instead of the actual update videos because at least I know I’m not being lied to watching this instead

    Also, pan fried losers and chopstick ships 😂

  17. Dude this episode was absolutely hilarious! I was on my lunch break in a Zaxby’s restaurant and when you started talking about Dasha’s breast I laughed to myself & agreed. But as the puns kept coming I started my laughing out loud & people started staring at me! But it was worth every awkward look Earlgray! Please keep it up.

  18. As a Russian I didn’t understand 50% of the video, but I laughed anyway. Good job. You made my day.

  19. Alexandru Izvoranu

    You need to make more videos like this man, it’s awesome 🤣 laughed my damn butt off.

  20. Man, I was really hoping the new update would increase the spread on Italian BBs. It really feels wakward when every fourth shell hits at short range.

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