Hood Is Amazing, I Should Have Played It Years Ago! – Ship Request: Hood

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. I want to see you experience more low tier fun! I Suggest the tier 6 British cruiser the Dido

  2. Play the Wickes. I know even with randoms its mostly bots, but the sheer craziness of torping 8 ships to death in a few minutes is just a real fun change from the slow BB X games.

    • If you like wickes your gonna love clemson. Shes one of the best low tier dds if not best at that tier. Having 6 guns on call to deal with enemy dds is kinda busted

    • @Fluxthelycanrocpretty much the only low tier ship i have fun in, we love the clubson, and a triple div of high skill point commanders in clubsons is always really funny to do

  3. [G]'s Flight Sim Fun

    Marceau would be nice as I just got it and am struggling a bit with it. Love the content!! Keep up the awesome work!

  4. Please play Ochakov, would be nice to see how the little brother of Smolensk fares at its tier.

  5. As a Canadian, I would love to see the Haida considering it is one of the few Royal Canadian Navy ships in the game!

  6. Hood is unlike the other UK BB’s. Improved AP Pen angles (60-68) paired with full fuse timers (.033s). 381mm at this tier too isn’t bad either. She can slap.

    • CruisingForMermaids

      Isn’t Duke of York the same?

    • @CruisingForMermaids DoY gets hydro and isnt as fast or well armored, plus 14in guns dont let you overmatch the lower tiers as often.

    • The short fuse was removed early on after people kept complaining the guns can’t pen armoured ships

    • they are kind of different, though they both share improved ap angle.
      Hood is with normal fuze AP, but with normal HE.
      DoY gets short fuze AP, and with improved UK HE.

      so Hood use mainly AP for most target. DoY’s AP is more for deal with cruisers, you will use HE more for heavy target

  7. Would love to see the Seattle played! It’s a little underrated but it’s a really fun ship. I think it would be cool to see you play it!

  8. The gimmick was the AA because before the CV reworke it was absolutly brutal

  9. Would love to see Hyuga. I’ve always thought it a pretty good ship, but I never see it anymore.

  10. PQ’s cackle always brings a smile to my face

  11. I had to look it up. What makes it special is the extreme pen angles on the AP. Hence the dev strike, and the cits on the Balti. In the entire game, only Hood and Duke of York have BB guns with Des Moines AP pen angles. Pretty cool gimmick if you ask me.

  12. In that second game watching the Hisenyang dropping two volleys of deep-water torps at the Gaede made my soul hurt.

  13. It’s a Weser. The torp planes reset in five seconds. He also blew the drop on the Colorado when he saw you were broadside and an easier target.

  14. Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

    Improved AP, short fuses, quite a lot of 50 mm plating, great turret angle , SPEED. Natural born kiter, flanker and cruiser killer.

  15. Would like to see the Neustrashimy, seems quite good when fighting against

  16. I’d love to see a comparison of Mogami’s different guns. People talk bad about the 203’s (?) but would love to see if you can do well with them. One match 155’s, next match 203’s.

    • 203s are good, they’re the same as Atago gets, but reload faster. Not as fast as Ibukis though.

      The 155s have higher dpm and shred DDs. Not quite as good since IFHE nerf, but still very good. They also traverse much slower than the 203s.

      Both work well, but 155s make the ship more unique. AP is not as useful on the 155s and you’ll get more shatters, but also more fires.

  17. Glad to see you enjoying Hood, seh’s been a favourite of mine for ages, the other thing is she’s from the era when ships stats were actually pretty realistic to life.

  18. Hood is such an underrated ship, a while back when Brawl was Tier 7, 1BB and Cruiser on each side, with Brisk she’s absolutely brutal

  19. Would love to see a fenyang review. Personally it is my favourite tier 8 dd, despite the majority of opinions placing it in the ‘sub-par’ group

  20. I always spawn on the B side of that new map, never played a other flank on it. good to see you also like the sub and CV’s in this game. How about playing the AL yukaza or something like that.

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