Hood is underrated in World of Warships Legends

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  1. Hood: wow im in service for like 2 decades! That’s awesome!
    Bismarck: Aight Imma end this man’s whole career

    • @William Côté what classes a battlecruiser. Is it just a battleship with cruiser speed. I have no idea myself so if I’m not making sense don’t worry

    • @Captain Warhead oh. A Battlecruiser is a warship the size of a battleship and with Battleship guns but it has only enough armor to take on cruiser guns not battleship guns, and it has one let turret then the battleship class it was built after, example being the Invincible class Battlecruiser were like HMS Dreadnought but with one less turret and and less armor. The one less turret and less armor were to bring up the speed. Since HMS Dreadnought basically made Armored Cruisers obsolete due to her being able to go faster (yeah, Dreadnought was REALLY revolutionary), the Royal Navy made the Battlecruiser, originally called dreadnought armored Cruiser, to do the AC’s job which was to show some power projection near the colonies and this time with bigger guns then the AC (AC had 8 or 9 inch guns while the BC had 12 at the beginning).

      Also, if you want more info and in more details, I cannot recommend you enough to check Drachinifel’s channel, he is one of if not the best source of info on warships on Youtube.

    • @William Côté ah okay really appreciate your help.

    • @Captain Warhead She was launched in 1939. And also Bismarck chose her own fate to death. When they encountered with british warships for the 2nd time Bismarck did a 360° movement to save Prinz Eugen from powerful british bbs and that made her the only target. Later on, she sunk because she was all alone with no help versus so many British warships.

    • @Captain Warhead she was feared due to a lack of Knowledge on her. All the royal navy had was really light info on her.
      And Sinking the Hood was Luck of the draw. Try hitting a 5 meter by 5 meter by 5 meter cube. From 15 miles away with a Gun as inaccurate as the Bismarcks, and knocking out your own range finder.
      It was luck. Like serious luck. Bismarcks best advantage in actuality. Was just her armour but the amount of minor flaws and set backs made the ship itself a major flaw.

      No I don’t want an entire conversation.

  2. I adore this ship. Favourite in the game. Maybe a video on the monarch? It’s also very underrated.

  3. The short fuse AP on this thing is amazing. My most played ship

  4. I like the Hood to I went for a speed build with Azur lane Hood as the commander

  5. Love the fact you use a cod 3 music to introduce hood. Very classy

  6. Ive enjoyed the hood since its release and i agree she is very underrated! Between her and her bigger brother Monarch I think folks really just dont give them a chance and miss out on some solid fun!

    • …. Monarch is the Big **Sister** Of the KGV class, And Hood is also *much* older.

    • jamiesucksatstuff

      hood is 15 years older

    • Am I the only one who sees a wehraboo in here with no research lol.
      Bismarck was rather bad for her era and design.
      Best bit about her, was probably her turtle back?
      Is that what it’s called?

      Anyways. Her armour. And even then, Hood held around 12.5 inches of armour. Which is a decent amount, Iowa had less I believe. And the Queen Elizabeth class Super Dreadnought had the same.
      Bismarcks guns were oversized for the calibre, knocked out her own radar and range finder.
      Her AA was horrible.

      And over all she had so many small issues, that Hoods major flaw of light deck armour looks like a picnic.

      Bismarck wasn’t an amazing ship.
      She also sunk within 1 week of her maiden voyage.
      Hood sailed for more than 20 years, was the Might of the seas.
      And was the largest royal navy ship ever built, until the newest QE class carriers.
      Wehraboos. Do some research. Your Lord Bismarck, is one, a She. And Two. Wasn’t at all as good as you think. Sabaton isn’t an accurate representation and unfortunately over hypes her for what she wasn’t.

    • Hi love your videos

    • @Filip Johansson I remember you from the livestreams

  7. magicGfinger Grant

    You need to revisit Genova with SAP. Low tier SAP on big guns against soft targets… Not that’s seal clubbing

    • Genova is a good ship, but you really want to do some spicy Italian seal-clubbing then look no further than the Giulio Cesare.

  8. I remember getting mine out a crate at the time carriers were released. Don’t use her a lot but it rarely let me down

  9. Hood is such a fun ship, high speed and accurate guns. I have had many games were I rush a flank and just slap ships left and right

  10. I don’t play Legends, I’m just here to say that Hood is underrated over here in Classic too. A lot of people complained about her short fuse timers which reduced her performance against more heavily armoured foes. These days she has normal fuse timers so don’t expect some crazy full pen damage against destroyers, but the lightweight shells lead to some significant penetration drop-off at longer ranges, which means you can expect to arm and detonate inside the citadel of most cruisers, or at least avoid overpenetrations.

    • In Legends, dd and most cruisers seldom take full pen damage from battleahips unless conditions are absolutely perfect and RNG allows it. It’s gotten so bad that light cruisers firing AP do much more reliable damage than battleships to careless broadside cruisers with the possible exception of at extreme range – in other words, according to WG, Omaha’s 6in guns firing AP do more damage than New York firing 14in AP because “balance” I guess.

    • @177SCmaro Yeah, as if sluggish turret traverse and long ass reload weren’t “balanced” enough. Does anybody actually play New York in Legends anyway? It’s basically unplayable in Classic these days.

    • @Dylan Wight
      I do sometimes, but I like a challange, even an unfair/unbalanced one. It’s why I play battleships. 😅
      As they say, you get stronger swimming against the current then with it.

  11. Can we get a video on Charles Martel , it’s definitely one of the most underrated Tier seven cruisers

  12. fun fact: Hood is the only ship in legends that has rockets as AA 🙂

  13. Ayee the T6 Vanguard. Short fuse AP does wonders against cruisers and light armor sections of BBs. She also has some of the best pen angles in the game for BBs too if I recall. A speed build is pretty fun too. Got mine at 37 knots.

    • Not just some of the best pen angles, she’s tied with PoW and Bismarck for the best on BBs, they all have the same pen angles as USN CAs.

  14. Awesome video! you should do a video on Charles Martel, with this update she got MBRB and from what Ive heard its very strong. Goodluck and thanks for the enjoyable content :).

  15. Is it worthwhile to switch Cunningham as an inspiration with the new Italian accuracy BB guy that especially improves shell grouping against cruisers? Hood, with its short fuse AP and improved angles seems like one of the better candidates I just don’t know if it’s enough to notice.

  16. It would be appropriate to play the T-61 now being that one was a good team mate !
    My fav destroyer

  17. It would be really nice to see some Italian destroyer gameplay because they are beyond rare to find

  18. The ship being behind a paywall dosn’t help her exposure much. I’d like to get Hood but I’m not willing to blow like 40 or 50 bucks and, apparently, much of the community agrees since I can count on one had the number of times Hood has been in my match.

  19. Hood is about as much fun you can have in a battleship. You can play her straight and she does very well. Or you can go full 36kts speed build, which is just hilarious!

  20. This is such an underrated gamer that definitely makes the best videos he deserves more subs and likes 👍

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