Hosho: Overpowered – World of Warships

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First blood in first 2 minutes. This is terrible design and really bad experience for new players. Hosho perfect machine for seal clubbers.

Hōshō — Japanese Tier IV aircraft сarrier.

The first vessel in the world to be completed as a purpose-built aircraft carrier. This ship was moderately sized and could carry a small air group. For her size, she was armed with an impressive artillery setup and had decent speed and maneuverability.


  1. UssEnterpriseChan

    Waiting for my wows to finish updating to 0.8.7

  2. so new CV meta is using all tier IV

  3. Maybe go back to a single torp, but buff that torp. Another idea is lower the damage per torpedo with the 2× drop.

    • Haiku UnsungHeros

      @Matthew Tencza Yeah I would say buff AA before nerfing torps or dropping it back down to one torp. One torp per drop was just painfully slow and unproductive. You can fly all day around tier IV ships and not take any significant damage.

    • @Haiku UnsungHeros I agree. AA 1st, and if that’s not enough then nerf torps.

    • Haiku UnsungHeros

      and I’m alright with better AA now that the plane recycle times have been significantly reduced.

    • The Hosho was actually OK at tier 4 with 1 torp it did struggle a bit if up tiered but on the hole it was pretty balanced now i think it looks a bit OP

    • No don’t nerf the Torps buff them!

  4. 6 torps for tier IV?

  5. That Karlsruhe didn’t know what hit him.

  6. I guess I’m grinding T4 CVs to farm the Nationality Performance Badges. I really want the Nihon Kaigun Seiei Butai

  7. I know what i’m trying first when patch downloads 🙂

  8. You ready for subs TopTier?

  9. It’s same before cv rework
    I guess newbies can’t stand and understand veteran captain’s air attack and then uninstall game(´・ω・`)

  10. > Hosho perfect machine for seal clubbers.

    It’s also the perfect tool to show how much people love Arkansas, Nikolai, Orion and the other pedo ships that can’t defend themselves against aircraft. 🙂

    • Actually Orion was the perfect answer to the Nikolai and Arkansas B seal clubbers

    • @sub ohm It is also as toxic as the other pedo premiums. I said it before 8.7 went live – on one hand, I feel sorry for the new players who have to deal with this; on the other, Hosho is the perfect counter to most clubbers.

  11. 2 TB per strike for t4 CV against ships of weak AA. more reason to sealscrub I guess

  12. I keep almost dev striking poor full HP T4 DDs with those torps
    Until you encounter 2 grouped BBs/a USN BB and lose all your planes

  13. Its funny that WG buffed both Hosho and langley and left the worst Hermes as it is. WG balanz, Great balanz

  14. RIP Karlshure. The evil captain top tier driving his Hosho shows no mercy.

  15. I played the ship before the patch and god dang was it good, but now 6 instead of 3 torp bomber is overkill.

  16. To be fair, 60k damage used to be as good as one could get with her, and then it was hard earned and reasonably balanced.
    This new performance seems, as per the title, a “tad” too much. Rounded up, that’s about 150k in a full 20 min game, a, for the enemy at that skill level, disheartening number.

  17. at first I thought he was playing against bots they don’t maneuver or try to dodge.

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