Hot Fix: Austin Office | World of Warships

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Get to the guys from the NA Wargaming office!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. アレキサンダー 佐藤


  2. World of Warships Official Channel

    Did you enjoy the sneak peak behind the scenes of our office in Austin?:)

  3. Two huge thumbs up for this team!

  4. Always nice to put faces to names we see in game and on the forums, great group of folks! Really enjoyed the video. Thanks Austin team!

  5. US office pretending to run the game, GG WG

  6. Warhammer 40k rulebook on the desk… I love you Wargaming NA !!! Now, please please consider putting the USS Nevada BB36 into the game, she was my grandfather’s ship and he served on her from the post-Pearl refit to the end of the war. This BB was there at the beginning of the US involvement, fought in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, then back to the Pacific again to finish the job.

    • That is so cool. Yeah, I think the rest of US BBs would be nice to see. I guess we will just have to get them in small doses.

  7. Vincent Rico Mercado

    ….I think they heard Jingles talking about World of Warships only having one office.

    • Well, there is only one office that is responsible for making ingame codes and stuff, that is in Prag.
      Thats why all codes work on all regions, tanks have it separate.

    • +planco Nope, the office you mention is in Saint Petersburg. The Prague office is the same type as this in the video but with the EU community.

    • +StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe Oh.. ok, Mingles was saying it is in Prag, my mistake.

  8. Bted72 has been in my stream chat a few times he is a real great guy.

  9. Big cudos and appreciation for all you guys do. The way you contribute to making Warships an amazing experience for us players is beyond words, but know you are appreciated by us the players..In all my yrs of gaming our biggest gripe was always that we were never heard. its refreshing to know that you all care and I hope to meet you all at an event in the future.. Sry but have to say … See_You, i`m a fan girl. you`re a beauty! ;)hit me up and play some rounds with me.. [HSSW]QSubzero… thank you all …

  10. Welcome to Texas WG, where it’s either blazing hot or snowing.
    Oh, and the home state of USS Texas.

  11. hey cool i have the same keyboard as you guys lol.

  12. WRONG!! Tragic is headmaster of puns

  13. Thanks for the inside look at our NA service team…

  14. Is the Texas shirt and apple watch official WGNA uniform?
    Top 3 desks based on things I want on mine (1) SeaYou – all the things (2) Kami – the sit/stand (3) Tragic – monitor arms

  15. Legal. Muito bom conhecer e saber que tem uma boa equipe cuidando do jogo. Parabéns à vocês.

    Eu pensava que See_you era um homem (rsrs), sempre vejo as postagens e novidades dela no fórum, não fazia ideia que era uma mulher (kkkk). Obrigado por você dar um suporte e tirar as nossas dúvidas lá em português. O pessoal do Brasil agradece. Muito obrigado.

  16. URL GUY MVP….. give that man a medal!… also KAMIIIIIIII 🙂

  17. Dear community coordinators….in Texas….you will be expected to say “y’all” ….instead of “you guys”……otherwise welcome home

  18. Wow literally my dream job. I have experience in content creation, marketing, media use, and event planning. Where do I sign up lol?

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