Hot Fix: Creating new features | World of Warships

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How do we create new features? How do we interact with our players? Why there is a russian video on a global channel?

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  1. david blackwell

    Hey Russians are cool. They don’t conform with the rest of the world and they don’t tolerate crap. Plus their language is awesome, even though I don’t understand a word other than no. Your awesome WOW

  2. Sorry but no I’m here to watch your video not read subtitles keyword watch that’s what you do on YouTube

    • Cardiv 5 Zuikaku

      Michael Jones not really, depend on the people itself, some people can still enjoy watching video with subtittle.

  3. A scaleable UI, when? Btw your offices look bleak, harsh environments for creative people.

  4. i just realized that youtube had a subtitle function

    thx wargaming

  5. I would like to decorate my ships with the flags of my country.

    • Nope – IJN used the Rising Sun Flag.
      Swastika comes from Asia and is religious figure remaining a sacred figure as a symbol of good luck. And it was adopted by Germany in 1930s. The history cannot be banned – it was used in the German navy as well. I don’t see it banned in movies and documentaries or even news. So don’t spread BS.

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      As I said, WG use the Imperial Japan flag the one wich was used by the STATE not by the Navy. Same with US.
      The swastika you mentioned is not the same as the Nazi Swastika. It turns to left, while the Nazi one turn to right. And while the old one is the symbol you mentioned the nazi one symbolize the german racial superiority over everyone else.
      World of Warships is not a documentary, and not even a movie, or a game like wolfenstein where you kill nazis.
      It’s a game where you can play historical ships. With nations. Here you can play a battle where a US battleship help the Bismarck to sink British ships. This is why the “The history cannot be banned” part of your argument is realy stupid. This is not a WW2 history simulator. Not even a ship simulator.

    • Michael Mitchell

      @MS CZ Well also the Brits licence built several Czech MG’s for use in their tanks during WWII as well.

    • Michael Mitchell

      Actually the cross is the Teutonic Cross which was the original flag of the Kriegsmarine during WWI.

    • “World of Warships is not a documentary, and not even a movie, or a game like wolfenstein where you kill nazis.
      It’s a game where you can play historical ships.” – so either we play historical ships or not? If we do – then I want all the aspects be as historically accurate as possible even if this is just arcade game. But the visual aspect of the ships should correspond to the facts. And again – Japanese Navy used Rising Sun Flag – not the national Japan flag.

  6. World of Warships Official Channel

    Disclaimer: For those, who somehow managed to skip first 40 secods of this video.
    We intentionally don’t make an english voice-over for “Hot Fix” series. It is the only series we film this way. So please, don’t hate in comments:)
    We have a lot of requests from our viewers to add subtitles without voiceover, as a lot of emotions are being lost during dub.

    What do you think about this episode? Which department would to hear about next?:)

    • Cardiv 5 Zuikaku Thanks.

    • World of Warships Official Channel I will suggest again Spanish American War ships for tier one or two. Would love to have the first BB Texas, Olympia, Viscaya and such. I mean why not? We already have Miksaka…

    • graphics department

    • I watch the videos at least twice with captions first, then I watch them again without the captions. Even the first time through concentrating on the captions, I can pick up on inflection and cadence that indicate the emotion of the speaker.

      (google translate)
      Сначала я смотрю видео по крайней мере дважды с надписями, а затем снова смотрю их без заголовков. Даже в первый раз, сосредоточившись на подписях, я могу подхватить флексию и каденцию, которые указывают на эмоции говорящего.

    • Reynaldo Vargas

      Actually i dont mind voice overs but in all honesty i preffer subs that way it doest sound so soulless

  7. 5:19 The poster at back, lol

  8. 洋風のエンブレムばかりでなく、日本の家紋も入れてほしい。

  9. love the thumbnail with phil <3 🙂

  10. 6:30 finally, now i know the meaning of russian “good luck” in battle

  11. Its no problem we got subs, but the game has many international players and speaking in english would make the video better to understand, so you could try

    • Actually, could you do it in Chinese, so it reflects the planet population accurately.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      I’m sure they change the language because many players complain about the (bad) voiceovers on videos that feature Dasha & Alena as the hosts. Unfortunately Dasha is not fluent enough in English while Alena is likely the same.

  12. Salen Stormwing

    Dear Russian WoWs Dev Team, please sneak over to the WoT building and fix their economy so it’s awesome like WoWs. Much love. o7

  13. Could you add a feature that when someone hits you in the superstructure there is a chance that your commander gets injured and his skills don’t work anymore! I think that would be pretty cool.

    • klemen hafner I think that would add too much RNG to the game. Wouldn’t be as bad as a detonation, but if the captain is wounded or killed, all of his advantages would be gone at once. Even those that are more related to the ship (expert marksman e.g.) than to the human being (vigilance e.g.) himself…

    • Admiral Reeves I think they should make it so that small calibre can’t hurt him or it could be like the citadel so small calibre guns would have low chance to penetrate

    • ChAoS_Traxi ye I thought about that don’t know the solution yet

    • I see a camper BB wish. Joke of the year.

    • That would give a player an excuse for poor game play. It is bad enough to hear: “I have lag, I can’t leave back of map for some reason, my ship won’t move.” Translation: I had no idea the other team was so good and I am going to be deleted fast if I sail in, so I will stay here even if I get hell for it. LOL No, the current system is just fine.

  14. Markovnikov Lucas

    I like the blue haired girl <3 <3 or cat maybe...
    Meow meow..'' and here Russian English too ~NYA~

    • Valeriya speaks very good English. She is by far the perfect person to be handling the Official channel. She is funny and original in her character. She also has a little fun with the other videos.

  15. Insignias suck. They do nothing but flaunt.

  16. Really nice;)

  17. Good and interesting info to hear and read…Now please create a “Demount All Signals” button so we don’t have to go ship by ship to see what we have. *Salute*

  18. Hey english people that can’t read subtitle and look a video in the same time : stop to be pathethic like that and think that you’re the center of the world because ther is many pepole that can’t understand english and need subtitles but strangely when the video is in english it’s not a problem ? You’re so egoiste.

    • Cardiv 5 Zuikaku

      Nathan Raveau yeah, i agree, activating subtittle doesnt need a long time, in fact it can less than 1 minutes.

  19. It’s nice of Andrey and Ivan to have demonstrated their entire daily physical exercise routine. After excruciating demonstration Andrey took a lunch break to replenish his strength before the video resumed. He ate the electric blue haired girl with retainers.

  20. I kinda realize how “those” players play the game by reading some of the comments. How is one gonna exploit a game’s mechanisms when this person doesn’t even bother trying to figure out which button is for turning on subs on YouTube?

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Some of them complained more on having to read the subs. I bet these guys get sunken more likely by their tunnel vision.

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