Hot Fix: How to build a ship [World of Warships]

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What does it take to build a game model from blueprints and historical photos?
Meet the team behind ship models in !

In this new Q&A format, our players can get a glimpse of developers’ daily routines and of the studio itself!

Want more info? Check out the World of website!


  1. BereanHeart Gaming

    My system must be messed up. I don’t speak Russian.

  2. Happily this translates well. I like seeing how the developers create stuff.

  3. Aha? I understand nothing

  4. World of Warships Official Channel

    It is a tough process to create a ship model from scratch. And some of them are not Tolstoy, indeed!:)
    ??? Don’t forget to turn captions on! ???
    What other teams should we tell you about in next episodes?
    Type your questions below!

  5. If you don’t speak Russian, turn on captions. Its as easy as that

  6. The largest naval shipyard in the world: Wargaming St. Petersburg naval shipyard
    The largest tank factory in the world: Wargaming Minsk tank factory

  7. Anyone complaining about not understanding Russian turn on the youtube subtitles, stop whining and get on with your life.

  8. Hit the CC button folks

  9. Christopher Roberts

    People are so stupid. WG does so much homework for this game and we love them for it.

  10. even with the captions on that was hard to follow, i can’t read that fast.

  11. What ship are they talking about (the beep sound)??

  12. and at some point we scrunch up historic accuracy and throw it out the window

  13. There are places in planet earth where people speak Russian all day long… imagine that

    • They are places on planet earth where people commenting on the comment just because very weak joke… imagine that

  14. Please… Make a Some Funny Cartoon Again About Ships Battleship

  15. Hey guys, can you sneak over to the WoT side of the company and fix their crappy economy that forces focus on spending tons of coin on premium ammo that makes high-tiers impossible to make a profit on? Please?

    • I have had to sell all my other ships just to gear my Alsace t9 battleship, but i cant even play this anymore as it costs me 150k credits just to service it every game. (without consumables and camo)

    • RIP, I never had this problem even with Ibuki. Though I lost credits, I could always just go down a few tiers and play them back up 2 fold.

    • Well I think WoWS needs to take some cues from WoT and WoWP.

      I play a game on that at Tier 8 and WoT and if I survive a battle I don’t get billed 100,000+++ for playing it. I don’t know about you but I don’t like being forced to pay ‘rent’ per battle on my high-tier ships.

    • Ye i definitely think they could lower the cost a bit, especially if your ships coming back unscathed!

    • Well, think about it, if you don’t have to pay bills when you come back unscathed, who’s gonna push?

  16. Roses are Red Violets are Blue If The Title is in English The Video Should Be Too

  17. It seems like such a dream to work there

    • President Camacho

      Boss: Where’s the new ship?
      Worker: We are finishing up today or tomorrow.
      Boss: That’s unfortunate. We’ll remove your knee caps this time. Next time it will be your families knee caps.

    • President Camacho hah

  18. Absolutely _loving_ these BTS videos. I hope they help take a bit of the anger and toxicity out of certain discussions because these people, who are doing the actual work, certainly don’t deserve it.

  19. Ich spreachen der english…..Heh

  20. Yellowstone The Pony

    Show us those memes!

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