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This episode of “Hot Fix” will tell you about the “maps strike team”. From concept to release!

It is a new Q&A format where our players can get a glimpse of developers’ daily routine and of the development studio itself as well.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?
    Which map is your favorite? 🙂

  2. AtlanticStrawberry


  3. Space Pick Shovel

    Can I see heatmaps of “Ocean”?

  4. How do you make map Ocean

  5. So your software is called WorldEditor.exe ? It’s a home made software ? Or is it possible to map for WoWs on another software ?
    I designed a lot of maps for Cs back in the days and for Arma, but I’d love to see a “map editor” for WoWs… that would be SOOOOO sick in Training battle !

    • It would be, but it has to Work with the Servers.. I think it is possible. but its not worth Effort.

    • Community made maps were highly praised on many games (Counter Strike, DoD with Valve Hammer Editor) , TF2, and sometimes it even leads to entire new game (ie DOTA).

      Worth the effort ? Clearly HECK YEAH !

      Thus as graphic designer, I’m more excited about : How It’s Made rather than : When would it be released .. sorry 🙂

  6. 0:41 topographic marks and *POI*

  7. Are you the guys who designed Okinawa? 😐

  8. How long you guys needed for “Ocean”? 😛

  9. Christopher Wilson

    IMO. The best way to improve the game is to deploy more maps in a group. I think that players tend to go to the same places. By releasing a large number of maps at once, maybe 5-10, it would make the players have to develop a game plan on the fly or to have dynamic maps that slightly change at random (ie moved developed islands but move them around so that there is an island at same spot but different shape).

  10. I think that you guys SERIOUSLY overthink basic map design. You guys do a great job of making the maps look good. But we need more maps!!! And for better or worse, it kinda sucks to have it feel like Operations are sucking up all the new maps for the game when random players really want more new maps in randoms.

    What bothers me … a LOT … is that almost all of the newer maps are all pretty much the same. 3 rows on the north and 3 rows on the south of mostly empty space for the spawns, and 4 rows in between, choked to a greater or lesser degree with islands. (Obviously, this can be rotated 90* for E/W orientation maps.)

    I like the older maps a lot more, like the original Islands of Ice, or New Dawn, or Big Race. Regarding Islands of Ice, you guys should have given the “new” version of Islands Of Ice a completely different name, and left the original version of the map, either as is, or cropped it to reduce its overall size (losing 1-2 columns and rows along the north and far west). You took an outstanding map that may have been a bit too large and turned it into one of these boring 3-4-3 maps I described above.

    Regardless, you guys need to get away from this 3-4-3 map design. It’s sooooo damned boring. And makes all of the maps made along these lines look like copies of each other.

    I would love to see that map you guys designed for the last tier 6 ranked season added to randoms. It had real promise.

    I enjoy the new cap layout on Northern Lights. I also love the 4 cap “diamond” pattern maps. These are both examples of a little thinking outside the box. You need more of this. How about using layouts for randoms like the triangular pattern used on the Clan Battles Hotspot map?

    I also would like to see a single cap, Encounter style maps (though with domination points to avoid draws). But rather than putting the cap exactly between the two teams, have it be like Hotspot clan battles, but without the 2 caps near the spawns and and only a single cap off to the side.

    And lastly, we need to see more of the Ocean map, as well as reducing its battle tier so that battle tier 6 can see this map. if anything Ocean is a little on the small size for Battle tier 9+.

  11. Meanwhile Okinawa still exists

  12. My favorite map+game mode is Epicenter on Tears of desert(sarcasm)

  13. Yay cool 🙂

  14. We need more maps plox! Playing that same map 4 times in a row in boooring!

  15. Are you the guys for the stupid spawns, such as placing an island in front of a BB, or placing BBs so close they can’t turn effectively (poor turn radius) thus wasting positional time maneuvering around your teammates? You may want to get your QA looking into that.

  16. thank you sooo much to both of u and map desinger department..i know its a hard job to create a map that can make every players like it..u guys really do a good and hard work on it..thank you so much for making WOWS fun to play with different type and design of maps

  17. Colonel David Davenport

    Nicely done – Told me a lot about how the maps are monitored!

  18. Love seeing and getting an insight to the development process from WG. It’s an honour to be an ST.

    Keep up the great work.


  20. *looks at ocean

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