How Carriers are Affecting Each Ship Class in World of Warships

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You want the low on Carriers affect each class in World of ? Here it is. And in under two minutes, to boot.

Special thanks to fellow CC Yuzorah for the Henri play.


  1. Hilariously accurate

  2. cheers for the laugh zoup 🙂

  3. wow very funny and true sir. well done.

  4. Very clever Zoup! ?

  5. I love these songs u put in, especially hurt and bodies lol

  6. I’m dying, that was so funny!

  7. Ranari's Brawling Channel

    Hahahahaha. Need more!

  8. Great video execution bubba. It’s exactly how I feel in any non-usn or grozovoi dd

  9. This is awesome!

  10. *intense laughter* Love it !

  11. haha nice one

  12. lol Nice vid NoZoup!

  13. Actual footage from wargaming balancing team?

  14. that was brilliant

  15. Shades of turbobeats… good one Zoup

  16. I can confirm as a main Shimakaze player.

    • tgb 03 I can confirm that as main DD player. The game has gone from fun to extremely frustrating.

    • Constantly spotted and harrassed by Rocketman Planes. Wargaming fucked CV rework up !!!

    • I haven’t touched her since the rework. I’m been playing ships that don’t need to exploit their concealment to perform, but still eating 10k+ from bombs has no place in this game especially when there’s very little we can do to mitigate such things.

    • +Ashers well strangely I can still make it work against a Haku but Midway fucks me up most of the time. In order to survive a Midway you have to be in a position where no other enemy surface ship can shoot you and you must manoeuver like you are drunk. Turn in towards dive bombers and try to make him start the attack too late or too soon. Not fun though because most of the match you will be dodging a Midway. Legendary build is useless in CV meta also.

  17. As a Montana main I can confirm that is constantly playing in the background as I play.

  18. lol you should do more of these funny vids zoup your quite tallented lol

  19. Time to spec my Atago with a full AA loadout.

  20. 非常有意思的歌曲搭配,我很喜歡,請多類似影片^^

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