How Carry? Yes? NO – World of Warships

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Don’t ask me what the video title means, I lost many many braincells recently.

How? I played too much WOWS that’s bloody how xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Last time I was this early, flambass liked WG

  2. Most games its win or lose based on how good the DD is, and most DD players are potatoes like that shima at the start against a halland, that was such an easy kill and he screws it up.

    • You are absolutely on point. DDs make or break the game.

    • Wojciech Dubrownik

      Not to be too soft on Shima (that was definitely a mistake), but they were ~6km from Venezia and a Conq. The mistake was going for the kill, rather than playing safe and defending mid.

    • Yeah but as a dd alone its tough to win the game. a DD really needs teamplay and quick gameplay adjusting to the battlefield

    • The shima could’ve gone for the kill still, just don’t clear the island in the middle of the cap. Isolating enemy fire is the best thing to do. The other issue was the fact he was a typical shima player, send out torps first ‘just in case’, therefore had to go beyond the island and get himself killed. Why not focus on pointing your guns at the right direction before engaging next time. The halland was spotted by radar for a while by then anyway

  3. I was having a great day in my Ostergotland yesterday playing silver Ranked and even had a rare 5 game win streak. Then I ranked out and tried to qualify for Gold and something seemed to change, just potato team after potato where no one wanted to focus the DD’s most of which were Marceau’s and I gave up before I started to hate the game again.

    • Don’t qualify to gold league if you want to win. Silver is easy to carry in, gold is far harder, and you’ll need to do it a lot more.

    • To be fair, nobody wants to fire at Marceau. They are fast af and nearly impossible to kill because of their bullshit saturation.

  4. Wojciech Dubrownik

    I don’t wanna be the first to cast stones, but in hindsight I don’t think Shima was the only one responsible for losing that fight.
    Shima definitely shouldn’t have charged Halland – they were ~6km from a Venezia and a Conqueror. They were dead either way and that was a massive misplay.
    But Flambino delayed his salvo for good 10 seconds in order to get all his guns firing. Those 10 seconds allowed Halland to turn out and eat only one of the shells, letting them live. But _in hindsight_, half-salvo on a broadside Halland would’ve been enough to finish them off, eliminating the 3rd best player on the enemy team.
    That’s all in hindsight, and I think that’s a tiny mistake that snowballs into a bigger issue. I don’t wanna be too harsh because I make those mistakes all the time, but I think it’s important to notice that.

    • I’m sorry but that Shima knew the Halland was there for at least 1 min and he still turned that way full steam ahead, got detected and instead of shooting him he smoked. That was a super speshul potato play.
      AND… he stopped shooting Halland when he was 100 hp and didn’t even used the smoke.
      I’m sorry but that Shima deserved that.

    • Wojciech Dubrownik

      ​@Juan Kovacs Oh yeah, I totally agree that Shima potatoed hard. He was _dead_ dead.
      But a slightly earlier salvo could’ve turned a loss into a trade. And without that Halland, the game would’ve been much closer.

    • @Wojciech Dubrownik guess you can’t always save a potato from its destiny lol

    • Wojciech Dubrownik

      @Juan Kovacs But you can use their deaths for your advantage.
      And isn’t that the story of every game in wows? 😛

  5. Halland survived battle and ended 3rd on their team LOL

  6. Sadly only 1 in 20-30 matches are close and you have a chance to impact the overall result. The big majority is just like this, no matter what you do the team is so bad the match is decided 5 min in.
    WG matchmaking at its best.

    • As a DD main I find the biggest decider is how the team react to an enemy DD being spotted. If they all shoot it we have a chance if they ignore it then it’s lost as if they ignore a spotted enemy DD the first time chances are they will every time.

  7. Some teams are so bad? Most teams are bad. At least in my experience. But Wargambling claims the game is “balanced” and something, something, something… the game can benefit and be improved from more aircraft carriers and radar.

  8. Charles Stromvall

    First game I have seen where flambass didn’t kill anything but yet he felt the weight of his team on his shoulders

  9. That shima at the beginning triggered me more than it should. He probably only needed 2-3 salvos to kill the halland, he could choose how he wanted to engage (his ship was the stealthiest), he had many supports, he would always be the one who shoot first, and he could disengage easily (due to having better speed, better stealth, and smoke). Instead he fked up real bad it’s like this was his first time playing DD.

  10. 10/10. It would be a 20/10 but you’d have to play the Königsberg for the additional 10 points!

  11. i want to asking you by what criteria he chooses server teammates for your team generally speaking not for you

  12. Not to be negative but you did lose an opportunity to kill the Halland as he capped B

  13. That Halland was a champ. Got sapped on at the opener, but still killed the Shima, took the cap, and lived.

  14. I feel your pain on this match…..

  15. I need a prolonged hug and a carry as a fermata which just needs to be held

  16. surprisingly there was a map border after sailing 5 mins towards it. how could that happen?🤔🤦‍♂️

  17. at least your team killed 4 , mine managed to kill ONE !!!!

  18. proof that damage isnt everything

  19. The fact the Halland survived and killed 2 our your teammates finishing 3rd on his team is good reminder that no ship is out of the fight unless it’s sunk.

  20. ah i wish we have SAP on the console version, it looks fun

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