How Do I Play Battleships Against Subs & Carriers?

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I’d really like to know how you think surface ships could play into this new age of World of Warships. I really enjoy this game and I’d like to continue enjoying it with the (terrible imo) addition of submarines and carriers.

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Playing battleships and heavy cruisers can be fun these days but I find it pretty boring to be at the back. I don’t usually play light cruisers but it is fun to sit behind an island in a Wooster and farm out some BBs that are pushing alone. By far though DDs is where I’m having the most fun, and I never played DDs very much before this update. I’ve been playing the F. Sherman and it’s super fun to chase down some subs and outgun almost everything. Yesterday I had 2 back to back krakens, where I killed one sub and the CV. Sherman is definitely where I’m having the most fun these days.

  2. With the trifecta of subs, cv, and super ships it’s just time for some ishizuchi and Giulio Cesare my man.

  3. In my experience there’s an increasing frequency of passive play, and teams with passive BBs often find themselves herded into a corner, leading to defeats, or worse, a blow out. Submarines just ruin the experience.

    • To defeat subs is a team play. You need to watch at all times where they are and to push them under as much as pos till a DD has time/opportunity to assist the team for the kill. Patience!!

    • @Lee Benson if only DDs were actually effective against subs . Plane ASW is far better than those back launched DD shenanigans.
      Also , are you seriously suggesting “teamplay” in a random battle ?

    • @Vaipar Vaiparr You can play team play by yourself just watch the battle and play off what your team is doing. Yes, DD’s are effective if you play them right. I now have 17 sub kills in the last 15 battles that had subs in them. JGD!!! WR in these battles is 14-1-0 and I have a WR of 49.5 over all with 23k battles/18k in the U.S.S. Benson.

    • @Lee Benson If you need to count on teamplay to beat a single enemy ship he already won. You need to coordinate with multiple ships to take one down, require some complex coordination, need to divert multiple assets to deal with just one enemy, then math is against you. Some sub players can win the game by just yoloing the middle of the map and being a nuisance in the back of the enemy’s spawn. If 2, 3 or more ships needs to hunt him down, its one ship holding off multiple.
      There is no counter for a sub that knows how to play, except for another equally competent sub in the other side.
      We are just lucky that 99,9% of people playing subs are very “special” people. The rare games where an over 55% sub player is around is a fucking nightmare.

    • @Vampire Count Almost all kills are team kills as you rarely kill an enemy by yourself. First someone my spot him then someone my turn him for any number of reasons giving you a killing shot. This is a team kill but their was no big collaboration between the team mates involved. It’s just you having situation awareness and playing of the moves of your team mates.

  4. I haven’t been enjoying the game much lately – so this is a good idea – have a rethink about how I play, and see if I can improve the experience… (Personally, I’d like to be able to play without subs or CVs in the game, or at least limited to 1 per class.)

    • or just make the team size higher so we have more AA cruisers and anti-SS destroyers to deal with 2 CV + 2 SS matches.

  5. I started as a BB main. Like you, I loved the aggressive, brawling, tank style of play. Which is why when I found your channel, I was all ears(still am). I loved the feeling of getting in the mix and making my presence felt. But with CV’s the way they are and now subs, I rarely play BB’s. To the point where I reset multiple BB lines just to get the credits to start grinding DD’s. I find DD play more fun, engaging, complex and quite honestly more relaxing. The ability to pick and choose my engagements at my convenience rather than being constantly spotted by god knows what and having no other choice but to run, or push and willingly throw my ship away.

    Thanks for all the content. Your insight in all your videos have helped me become a WAY better player. My win rate has increased dramatically since I started watching your content and applied it to my play.

  6. The addition of Subs has killed the game for me. Carriers are annoying but can be tolerated, another class that spams skill walls and is even harder to spot (not to mention the whole ping and guided torpedo mechanic) is just a bit more than I’m willing to put up with.

  7. I’ve been playing less and less. I too want to enjoy the game but trying to relearn playing a BB with subs. For me, it’s frustrating. Appreciate this vid PQ!!

  8. It’s not JUST about the state of the ships and the content/balancing from WG’s side. It’s also about the playerbase evolving into a meta and becoming better. (Yes, the secondary nerf didn’t help either, I know)

  9. What great timing. Just played a T10 in my Kremlin. Got burned down by a Eagle in 4 minutes. Shot my main guns 5 times.
    Fun and engaging.

    • B1ack Tyrant .1945

      I know the feeling. Although, I find CVs to be less annoying compared to HE spammers such as the Bourgogne and Conqueror.

      One match in my Kremlin, a combo of Bourgogne, Conqueror, a Gouden Leeuw and either a T10 CV or a super CV.

      Those bastards set 11 double fires.

      Nowadays, I stay at mid to long ranges

  10. I’ve been playing less battleships honestly, and playing more light cruisers. Specifically ones like Minotaur with radar Specked Full AA and damage, Or Petro Or Worchester. Ive also been enjoying Austin. Unfortunately the downside of this meta is that you are going to have to accept less damage, because the increase in DD’s and Subs and CV’s have decreased the health pool. But ultimately It comes out to similar base EXP. That’s what I’ve typically used to judge my play anyways since DD damage dealt is always lower than damage to a BB. Sometimes Ill have a 75K damage Schlieffen game and still come out to 2k base EXP because of this.

    On the bright side, with less battleships means less overmatch and devstrikes as a light cruiser player Or even most heavier cruisers.

    For my battleships, Schlieffen played carefully with a secondary/AA/concealment. (you play safe and only really fire when you are within secondary range.) I’ve found these ships are pretty good against subs too as long as you have spotting support.

    I play against subs the same way I play against DD’s. I make assumptions on their positions and don’t fuck with them unless I have spotting on them, support Via DD, Or I know I can charge them down with planes, secondary’s and hydro.

    Ultimately I think AA skills are undervalued in this game taking a DPM loss to have the carrier bug off and focus someone else, or actually lose squads is a nice trade off. Sometimes they dont even end up getting too much damage on me.

  11. Thanks for the video, your conclusion re bbs is the same as mine, push in and get smashed, sit back and get bored. I am playing more cruisers and dds. Not a dd player until about a month ago and I am really enjoying playing dds at tier 3 and 4 even if I suck. To anyone who just plays one ship type, definitely try others. It adds more interest and has given me even more respect for those that can play dds really well. There is a reason why they are few and far between. It also gives you a better understanding of the game in general.

    Its also a case of accepting there will be more really bad games. Had one in Seattle where I pushed in to get within range, got repeatedly smashed by Eagle supercarrier which is so overpowered it does not matter what your AA is like, then a broadside hit by a pushing bb with cv spotting and finally one more strike by Eagle and it was all over without me having a shot on a single ship. Yes, a lot of this is skill and positioning (or lack thereof), but for the majority who, like me are average or worse, it just makes it harder and more miserable. You can’t hit anything if you cannot get in range even if you are super unicum. As for subs, no idea. When I have had success it has been teamwork, which as suggested below, is very rare in randoms.

    An important point, particularly for newbs, is do not try and progress up the tiers too quickly. This has always been the case, but now even more so, since you will continually be killed so quickly you will have no chance of learning anything.

    Its definitely a case of adapting, which is much easier if you are already good at the game so please keep sharing your vids as it really helps. Now that WOWS ownership has changed, though we really do not know what it will mean, I do hope the continual power creep is brought under control before the game descends into absurdity.

  12. Absolutely nothing good to say about the “invisible boats,” dont know how many times Ive been trying to dodge a ship that I have no ability to spot and thus counter. DDs dont actively hunt them in any game Ive played, and they usually sail right up the middle, spot and torp never being spotted. As for CVs, well the OP versions were bad enough, now we have superCVs. The entire “Supership” debacle makes the teir 10s that you worked so hard to get pretty much a waste of time. As for the CVs, when they can continually strike you and you have virtually no defense its just doesnt make the game any better. Every ship in the game that can encounter a sub should have Hydro and the air dropped depth charges. Its insane that you have zero hope of spotting a sub, while its surfaced, hell even a Shima is out spotted by the sub. Not so long ago folks complained about BBs sitting at max range and not being effective, well WG improved the secondaries, did away with deadeye and BBs started engaging closer. Now we are back to BBs sitting as far back as they can or finding islands to sit behind so they dont get stealth torped or perma-spotted while the other team burns them to the keel. Nothing good about any of this.

    • Damage is not what gives you rewared its %damage of max HP and subs have very low max HP: Xp Pinata’s. And the sub usually doesnt get to you before 15:00 (unless you push way to early with your bb).

    • @St_Cuthbert xp piñata which takes you forever to find, which any ASW planes can beat you to the punch. No thanks

    • @Dean S well if you don`t find him he will get you. not much of a choice i`m afraid. Like leaving a DD alive in your backline.

    • @St_Cuthbert I’ve not been seriously hassled by subs, I mostly play dds. When I do play bbs I haven’t been hassled much because I stay at speed so you can turn. I know how easy you make it for torping enemies when you don’t move much. Plus I support my screen ships as much as I can cause I know what a difference it makes.

      As potato says in his recent sub video, he doesn’t do much damage in them. And it’s nearly always late game. His words.

    • @Dean S hundreds of games IN subs over a hundred games AGAINST subs (cant’have them in every game) in all classes (except cv since I hardely play those. I know:
      As a DD (all previous mentions where “as a bb”) do NOT engage subs AT ALL unless they are on your part of the map OR you have loads of support. DD’s (currently) are the least adept at killing subs unless in teams.

  13. Waverley Journalise

    Something I have been struggling with for some time is that there’s just too much DPM being thrown around at higher tiers. Tanking has become impossible because everything just keeps shooting at you, which means risky plays aren’t rewarded and farming becomes prioritised over killing. Something that really doesn’t help is battleship RNG ensuring that your guns can’t do damage at the moment they most need to, whereas smaller guns have the luxury of rate of fire and also being able to go dark when they please.

    • you hit the nail on the head. this is exactly why I don’t like to play bb’s. i don’t like waiting 30s to shoot again, and I don’t like being rng’d out of dmg if I aim correctly. i much prefer dd’s because with map awareness you can usually choose when and where to fight, and I like cruisers for exactly the reasons you mentioned: high dpm and better dispersion. If I aim a salvo poorly, I get another chance in 7 seconds, so no big deal. i feel bad for bb’s when they have 4 flamethrowers focusing them down. they have no counter to this (other than being blessed with the best rng ever and dev striking everyone shooting at them), yea right.

    • The lower player count of ranked helps. Preferring it lately.

  14. James Harrington

    I’ve been playing a lot more T5 lately, mostly because I’ve got a GC and been seal clubbing. Granted it still sucks to get a CV/Sub game, but it’s not as bad at that level. Other than that, more T8 games as well, to avoid the super ships. Oh! and adding in AA skills on captains too.

    • Support by Fire Gaming

      Yeah me and my friends are playing T5 to T8 max. And when we use 3 T8 ships we get a T10 game 😠😠

  15. As a DD main I don’t really see my playstyle change. It’s very hard to go after subs without hydro, but they rarely are a problem for me. I tend to choose DDs with hydro more often. The Groningen is becoming even better now. Very good hydro and very nice AA.

  16. I’ve moved back to a lot of Halland recently, found it to be great fun in solo randoms with Jerzy on board and getting a 60% WR. Had days of over 70% WR. Halland is probably over 75% of my random games at the moment.

    Actively hunt planes to get the 20 needed for the 10% AA buff to trigger. You can almost do that with one DFAA getting a flight plus spotting planes. either you shoot down 70 planes and the CV is effectively taken out, or he buggers off to the other side of the map and I have free reign.

    Run RPF so you can be aggressive on push, plus you need to know where enemies are because the camping meta of ASIA server means you are often on your own with little accurate support. A rudimentary radar with unlimited range, which never runs out, is a mandatory skill on an information gathering ship!

    Aggressive play still works well, eventually your bbs will move up and you get crossfire torp opportunities if you push. As a dd you can always come back if it doesn’t go well.

    Torp on cooldown at a target, or blind based on RPF bearing. With the tight spread its not too hard to get at least one 5% torp reload boost. Best I have had recently with 3 times prokking and some AR assistance was a 52 sec reload. 15km range is fabulous because CVs are spotting bbs. I will very often target further back bbs because they expect the front bbs to be torped.

    Subs are easier with Halland’s front firing mortar so you have a bit more flexibility in fighting subs from range, but I mostly leave them for ships with ASW planes, chasing subs takes too long for bugger all reward. If my support ships are not watching and taking them out in the middle of the map then they will pay the price, I’m not going back unless its very late game and I have no other targets I can get to in that time.

    Having said that I mostly play CB and ranked these days, the smaller team format is fabulous and you can expect a bit better game play from the face on keyboard antics of a lot of players, especially those in Tier 11 ships……….

    Play ships you really love. I would really really hate to be grinding a lot these days, would be awful.

    I play Tier X almost exclusively so there is at most only 1 CV; the very common 2 CV games in T8 and below are horrific.

  17. Firstly love your thoughts as always – keep up the good work.

    Sadly I am also missing the ability to be aggressive in BBs. The SEA server is full of CV players – so very common (particularly on weekends) to get 2CV games where if you are anywhere on your own you get the absolutely S*&^% spammed out of you with no real ability to counter this other than try to stay close to something that has ‘some’ AA (i will not use the word “Good”). Rapid fire spam just means you dont want to be the closest target so this leads to a strategy of sitting at the back near other ships. Subs have just added another reason not to be in close – SOOO MUCH FUN.

    I therefore don’t play top tier BBs often anymore because there is just no fun in it, I will either play DDs, or T8 and below because still a small amount of fun to be had. My other frustration with randoms (when playing DDs particularly) is the concept of shoot the stuff I am spotting (particularly enemy subs, dds and radar cruisers) is just crap – most of the BB players in their Yammy, Shiki, Thunderer, Conqueror, Slava, Montana etc are just too busy sniping other BBs to focus on priority targets, and communication is pretty much non existent in chat.

    It’s also why I have jumped onto any of the alternate battle modes they offer e.g. convoy, dirigible derby, savage battle – yes these modes aren’t perfect and have their own issues, but at least they offered more close quarters engagement and less CVs, subs, sniping and spam

  18. I’ve been staying at the mid tiers and avoiding T9 and T10. Mid tiers are still fun, to a point, and cruisers can still be influential as long as they don’t push early. In DDs I’ve been spotting and not pushing early. I haven’t been playing BBs at all, other than ranked, due to the subs and CV issues.

  19. One of the initial draws for me and most fun I have had in the game were two BBs within 6k slugging it out with secondaries…. I miss that gameplay… haven’t seen that really since the commander rework.

    I kinda despise these new t11 ships and subs… they don’t bring anything fun to the game for me at all and really at high tier if you’re not queuing with a decent div, most games are gonna kind if suck.

  20. 9:06 35k GK getting one-shot by the CV fast torps that he couldn’t dodge no matter what he tries. Very balanced game there.

    • Can’t call a near dead target a “one-shot” in any way for it to make sense. There were once a time when CVS actually could sink full health BBS in one run, but those times are far gone.
      Often it’s down to how much awareness people take towards the skies. I often forget to check and I see many others does the same. In this instance though, I don’t think there were much effort into dodging, as the game was lost.
      There’s no “balance issue” shown here.

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