How Do You Build Your German Battleships? – World of Warships

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Depends on the ship (Gneise and Schliff full secondary. I’ve got like 3 different Amagi hulls, so secondary mod on my Ignis Purgatio for the extra secondary range is a thing, albeit a meme thing), but dispersion mod seems just too valuable to pass up in most other situations. These days the secondary range is good enough without secondary mod in slot 3 for a lot of secondary focussed ships, and dispersion mod still has *some* dispersion improvement for secondaries.

    Losing main battery shells into water is just too much of a binary loss to efficacy; whereas losing a few secondary shells here and there from moderately worse secondary dispersion is just a matter of how much time it takes to wear something down, not a change to whether or not it ultimately gets deleted.

  2. I always thought, why would you run main battery accuracy on german BB, when it is still kinda meh. If you want good accurate main battery guns, play American or Japanese BB. Brawling build is the German way, since no other nation does it as good.

  3. That’s why I love my Georgia so much. Having full secondary range and dispersion, while also having battle cruiser dispersion is actually an insanely good combo. Soften your targets up from longer range at the beginning and then push in with secondaries blazing. Just feels really powerful

  4. In my experience over the past week the best compromise for the Preussen dispersion vs full secondaries is a GK with 12x 420’s and full secondaries….just saying.

  5. I think it was much more important when we only had one german battleship line. with the schlieffen line now opening up and being more secondary focused , I feel like the two lines allow players to play german battleships in two separate ways. the schliffen with its speed and hit and run attacks, utilizing its secondaries all the way. and then the Prussen can focus more on the guns and tankyness and can make that last build you put out what focused more on the tank and getting in closer work more. the secondaries are still much more useful than before but the tankiness is maximized which helps it survive that aggressive play style. While I don’t have the Prussen yet, I think I would run it with that tanky build you suggested and get a bit more of a different experience than the schlieffen.

  6. I use a full tank/dispersion build on my german battleships (GK/Preussen line) . it’s very nice the survability (with flag you heal 19K each time, 200K life in total…) and i punish very often other ships because they think it’s ok to show broadside at german bbs at long range.

  7. I have a hybrid build on all my German battleships and it hasn’t failed me yet. I’ve also found that Preussen seems to work better when you fire all your guns at once, rather than in staggered salvoes, and the fast reload means I can just keep dumping shells until they hit.

  8. Honestly, I’ve always gone full secondary build on all of my German Battleships. I also have a specialized secondary captain for my Mikasa, and then one that I switch out between the Oklahoma, Massachusetts and Georgia. My Alsace captain is also secondary specced. Might not be the best builds, but they’re fun and fun is good enough.

  9. I don’t care how good or bad they are. I love running the full secondary builds. For me they’re just fun. Just have to be very careful of when you choose to push.

  10. I switched Prussy and GK to full secondaries captain but with mainguns accuracy and reload mod in equipment and it feels pretty decent.

  11. I generally go a kind of hybrid build. With G.K and Preussen (when I get it) I go with these upgrades: Improved Secondary and AA Survivability in slot 1, Dispersion mod in slot 3 and Main battery mod 3 in slot 6. With my commander I run Preventive Maintenance, Grease the Gears, Long Range Secondary Shells, Adrenaline Rush, Manual Secondary Battery Aiming, Close Quarters Combat and Fire Prevention although sometimes I like running Furious for memes or Concealment Expert instead of Fire Prevention. Probably not the best build but I like it and it fits my play style well.

  12. For th gk i use main battery build (disp and reload) for the equipments and the secondaries for the captain skills. For me they are well balanced and do get the job done for both mid and close range brawls.

  13. I personally run a hybrid secondary/tank build on my GK and Pruessen. I run the main gun reload for my 6th module, and go all in on tankiness for my secondary skills. For my captain skills I take Long Range Secondaries, Manual Secondaries, Fire Prevention, Basics of Survivability, and Improved Repair Party Readiness. I’m not the greatest player in the world, but I usually do a good job of angling so I get tons of potential damage which means as the game goes on my heals recharge quicker. This build seems to give me the best combo of main guns(thanks to the quick reload the occasional bad salvo doesn’t bother me as much), secondaries(which have max range and decent dispersion), and survivability. I got the idea to run Improved Repair Party Readiness from one of your videos, and I have to say on BBs with good armor it seems to be a very useful skill.

  14. For my logic
    Before the BCs, the German line was the only ‘good’ line for secs so I went full secs

    But now with the BCs, I think you can take a safer approach with these ships
    I’ve tried dispersion build, and trust me, any other BB with dispersion build would be better, and at close range, you aren’t nearly as effective as a regular secondary BB would be

    So I resorted to a middle solution. It’s a hybrid build, which you have shown in the past. It’s the best build for Prussen (and FDG now that I’ve tried it). You keep your main battery dispersion and have the advantage of fast reload for fewer shells. And your secondaries remain accurate enough with decent range and RoF.
    So essentially, you kind of utilize the quirk of secondaries on these BBs, while keeping a strong main battery at the same time. While a compromise, it’s the most comfortable one

  15. I’m still feeling out the builds for Preussen myself, but at the moment I’ve settled on this:
    Preventative Maintenance [because of the armour value typo on the turret bottom plate]
    Priority Target [because I lean on it a lot for judging my pushes/predicting torps]
    Secondary Range + AR
    ManSecs, Fire Prevention and Additional Heal
    with the modules being: Main battery, hydro mod, dispersion, damage con, concealment and finally range mod [not because I use the max range much, but it artificially tightens dispersion, so acts sort of like a second dispersion mod].

    All that said, I’m still experimenting with the build so I may change something out later. Particularly whenever WG fixes the armour on the turrets.

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