How hard can it be? 8 kills Mino game || World of Warships

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  1. Gannicus Notorious

    Жестко накидал)

  2. Lol good ol Jeremy Clarkson.

  3. That was hard to watch with those DD’s. GG

  4. is thare any bad RN ship in this game ?

    lol… NO !!!!

  5. Best Mino round I’ve seen.

  6. Savage game, well played. Too bad it was a loss, your XP and credit haul would have been enormous!

  7. You mean it is actually possible for a mino to get a good game and not get deleted from the map by showing broadside? *gasps*

  8. a potato salem

  9. Great game

  10. I would say, after the Conqueror, this is the second most hated ship in WoWS.

  11. I’m beyond words tbh. Gets radared and the attention of both Salem and GK. Radar runs out and smoke is once again safe. Leaves smoke, rushes out and kill them both. ?

  12. The Sailing Robin

    Salem you had one job, ONE JOB ^^

  13. Would have been chatbanned after that game…what useless potato Team…

  14. дмитрий андросов

    Бой не правдоподобный! Не смотря в бинокль стреляет и попадает!)) ПИЗДОБОЛЫ!

  15. Extraordinario desempeño

  16. Mino Masterclass
    Great blind fire prediction, use of smoke, and island cover.
    Heavy cruiser goes down to Mino. I’ve underestimated the firepower of the Mino too. Did that Salem fire his last volley too soon or is Mino just so hard to citadel? Might be better to have gone for a ram. I would have expected to be torped that close.
    Every kill earned, even the low health pic-offs. That shot over the mountain on the Republique, beautiful.
    I wouldn’t be so hard on the rest of his team, give some credit to the opposition. If EasyDuck had played the same way in support of the team instead of the solo effort, picking off enemies as they wandered into the islands (which was awesome), they would have won.

  17. Νικος Μαυραγαννης

    I see Jeremy Clarkson I like the video immediately

  18. Another example of how the Minotaur is the best destroyer in the game.

  19. That gearing was so passive

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