How is this my WORST performing ship stats wise – World of Warships

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It is funny and sad in the same time that St.Vincent is my worst preforming ship stats wise, but this ship is neither bad, not I dislike it. Either everyone is kicking some serious ass with it or I am just unlucky xD

Either way there will be more of this ship in the future.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Yoshino could citpen using AP. I dont understand why HE from that range..

  2. Just saw Jingle’s video of you a few minutes ago… That might of been the most painful ending I have ever seen

  3. Adventure Safety Boats

    I have heard of 3 point turns. Is this a 300 point turn?

  4. Now imagine trying to navigate those narrow channels with a mega-long sausage called Daisen LOL

  5. St. Vincent. Lover of all the islands…. gotta hit them all!

  6. Austin Powers golf cart in the narrow tunnel. 300 point turn.

  7. Holy cow flambino … you really took 5 mins to do a 3 point turn and managed to beach yourself 3 times …. impressive young paduan!!

    • Still great positioning, as thanks to him being there his team won 2/3 of the caps and killed the airfield which felt falsely secure far back, hence created a landslide 11min game from what could be a close one (and zero green DD wanted to cap A or B). When you pretend your battleships is a DD you may hit some rocks, yes 😉

    • @Edi J well, he was as lucky as his opponents there, he should be clapped by guns and torps so many times, that said, his enemies should be citadelled many more times with shots and aiming he had

  8. Nice 12 point turn!

  9. OMG Flambass, that was a 15 .. 3 point turn between the islands!! )))

  10. Thomas Kositzki

    04:00 onwards – priceless commentary. XD

  11. Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

    It’s Thunderer mark 2 – one more gun, more speed + torps.

  12. if the St. Vincent didn’t have that spaced armor + slopes, that GK would’ve absolutely dev struck flambino, heck, the Yoshino too most likely

  13. I need to stop watching flambass during break at work. When he started yelling at the island I just spit my monster drink all over the place XD

  14. this was a great recreation of that ‘buggy stuck in the hallway’ scene from Austin Powers

  15. Notser would be proud of the Austin Powers maneuver.

  16. Flambass, you’re one lucky sumbish that Yoshino hadn’t loaded AP, and that GK had potato RNG on top of that. If that were me in that situation I’d probably be an instakill:D

  17. Duncan and St.V are godlike, but are long af and often the biggest threat is not having the ROOM you need.

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