How Is This Possible? (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. I have seen, people citadel bow tanking ships for over a year, by shooting at the turrets, both cruisers and battleships, I have citadelled Yamatos, GKs, and Iowas by shooting at the turrets at medium to close ranges, and I have been citadelled while bow tanking, so at this point, everytime I’m bow tanking, I just hope people don’t shoot the second turret

  2. This actually happened to me in other german bb.
    I was in Gneisenau pushing to another bb to torp and he fired at my guns and citadeled me 3 times. I was so upset and nearly uninstalled the game.

  3. Christopher Breidy

    Fun fact! When i got my 222k iowa game.. i citadeled a monty through the bow.. don’t know how.. i felt so sorry for the guy

    • More than likely your Iowa overmatches Montana’s bow. If you overmatch their bow, you can pen it and citadel them.

    • Christopher Breidy

      @Jason Demars nah i can’t overmatch the monty bow.. i think it glitches like i aimed for the guns and i got a citadel from it.

    • @Mike D’A I think it is mostly the shape (cheek is enough of a different angle to not auto deflect) but lowish rng to get the pen. the angle is there if your pen is high enough it will help your chances

  4. dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

    also found the GK turret really strange too but i’ll try and aim there next time.

  5. Naw just a lot of HE out there and German ships tend to lose propulsion alot

  6. The shells probably went through the deck armor at a certain angle.

  7. I’ve had a few games where I would say there was a good team effort, everyone on the team within 100 base xp of each other. It don’t happen often but it is sweet to see base xp that close.

  8. Youraverage Gamer

    What most likely happened to the GK is that you went through the deck between Turret number 1 and 2

  9. Seen that happen a few times on pc. Hell it happened to me once too for about 40k damage. haven’t played my GK in a while after that. course id go crazy if i played wows all the time lol

  10. The only thing I can conceivably think of is…somehow… you were shooting through his deck, not his bow, on either side of his turrents. I’ve never actually seen that happen before to a german bb but I’ve had it happen to me in both Kansas, Iowa, and rarily on some of the American “standard” battleships and I don’t think it’s really intended. It’s a strong argument that RNG has way to big of an impact on outcomes in this game.

  11. Wow spartan you sounded so happy in this video lol. Love any of your videos with commentary

  12. I believe it’s either a citadel through the deck past the SS or possibly a ricochet off one of the turrets scored a citadel through the front deck armor. Still pretty wacky

  13. I was just using the Amagi and smashing the Montana, however he did like 10k total damage to me, he was focusing me the whole time. I got at least 10k a salvo. Like what? I love the Amagi but I wasn’t expecting all of that.

  14. The prinz eugen actually have 40mm slopes on the turtleback and the hipper 30mm so pretty much every 406 mm battleships struggle to citadel them, German quality!

  15. Now Spartan will have 2 Montana Class battleships to enjoy with the Maine coming at tier 8. What’s even better is Maine is bb-69. Nice.

  16. my guess is that you ricocheted off of the conning tower or the 3rd turret down into the cit deck, i have done something similar to a nelson in the wiemar

  17. This has been in the game for a while because I was once in the pensacola and dev struck a half health gneisnau, and have also regularly citadeled grosser kurfursts at all angles and ranges in the balti

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