How it goes from awesome to bad really fast – World of Warships

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You know those games where you’re owning your opponents really good and feel good about yourself and the match you’re in, then something happens and you go…oh my…what is going on, how is this suddenly going all so bad xD

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  1. Flambass goes around with a “kick me” sign on the back of his bote

  2. Hmmm , I’ve been playing Izumo a lot lately . Yeah , yea I know , not the best tier 9 but hey what can I say when rng coupes it smacks . Had a good 150k dmg , 4 kill , 2.8k base xp game yesterday with Izumo and after watching this video , I bet Izumo would be played a bit more than it is if it got Marseille dispersion aka a dispersion buff .

    • You want a cruiser disperion in a battleship?

    • Dude nowadays Izumo slaps. It has one of the best guns at T9 when it comes to penetration and long range accuracy (the japanese BB gimmick). You should have played her a couple years ago, back then she really was a bad ship.

    • @The Doctor would be good for a change innit ?

    • @RapplerSoon Oh yea , absolutely. Its around that sweet 16.5-20 kms where the shells are grouped rather tight and when it comes to shooting ships below 15 is when the dispersion is a bit trolly and wonky . I slapped a Satsuma for 57k with three citadels a while back . Had to change my pants right after , hehe .

  3. WOWS matches are really volatile. Its like domino, one piece falls and youre demise is a matter of time. Not only is the playerbase all over the place in terms of skills, its the inconsistencies of the game itself thats delays gaining those skills – so no nice gameplay to be had for anybody.
    The tier compression frustrates basically everyone and brings even the hardest mother trucker to tears at some point. Underpowerd ships against overpowerd ones – the others have all the radar – CV´s shitting on people – Subs laughing their ass off. There is so much systemic toxicity and negatives in general its mindblowing.
    The only thiing what people want is a good time and what you get? A DEV foreskin slapped in youre face. If you complain about that its magicaly a miscommunication or a cultural misunderstanding. So we are getting not only financialy exlpoited but out good nature to. at least they try. Beeing pissed apon and getting told its rain constantly on every occasion is really something hard to get used to.

    Flambass i am impressed you still have the energy to play this game and be entertaining. At this point you are a true survivor.

  4. This video is a prime example that whatever Flamu said about CV players in his yesterday’s video about automatic ASW for CVs is true.

    • The Prince Of All Saiyans

      Noob Question uhh what is ASW?

    • @The Prince Of All Saiyans anti submarine warfare. Basically they’re giving carriers anti sub bombers like everyone else but they’re ai targeted and controlled so playing carriers requires even less thinking

  5. Bc I don’t like that feeling when you die unexpectedly I always used deto flags. The only one you REALLY need and are worth spending credits on.

  6. The golden leuw didn’t shoot a single shell the whole game.

  7. Okay…can we just talk about that Salem? The one that had Flambass radared (nevermind that he was being spotted while firing on the Mecklenburg), so they knew Flambass’s location and direction of travel. Yet they *still* sailed out, broadside on, to a heavy cruiser’s guns. Alright….

    • FloraFaunaLibertas

      Haha, well its actually funny to see, I was the marceau here who killed flambass, awkward to find yourself in a video suddenly 😀 I remember that I was really angry about my salem, he fucked up so hard, could have just stayed behind island angled

  8. “Oh he potatoed.”

    2 seconds later….


  9. Allied Nakimov: “I am invincible!”

  10. God I hope I never turn up in a Flambass video where at the end he points at my player tag and goes “How tf do you only have 600 points wtf”

  11. Molten Bramley Apple

    The whole match I was distracted by the Montana on your team. You didn’t look at him until after you died, but I could see his movements on the mini map. It was obvious he was a potato and I was waiting to see if he was full HP after you died, which indeed he was. I know it shouldn’t, but players like this failing to show any basic skill, in Tier X, REALLY annoys me.

    • After FB showed the scores I rewound the video and could see that the Monty didn’t move until about 3:10 in the video. Then went and parked in D2 for a bit before turning around and heading south. I would love to know how many times they fired their guns even.

    • @TheBitter73 the guy has 16k average dmg on account. His average dmg on T10s is 36k. Almost 3 times less than me (95k) . This is bot level. And the guy is playing this game 6 years having over 9k battles. And he has only 5 T10 ships after all those years….
      for example his Tashkent, 650 battles and 10k average dmg…. so careless not giving a damn F.
      16k average it’s like he was playing a lot of T2-T4 but nope. Most of his battles are T6-8.

    • Oh I dogged more and I saw that one battle he played on Montana (seems like he is not playing much anymore) . He did 11k dmg this battle. Zero effort and a waste of time.

  12. Don’t you know? Detonations are a fun and engaging mechanic!

    It’s a good thing you can’t farm those flags anymore or you wouldn’t be having fun!

  13. the timing of that detonation couldn’t have been better lol.

  14. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a CV and a sub sunk in the early stages of a battle

  15. “Our team is just full of potatoes!”

    And we’re winning. What does that say about the enemy team?

    • If u could peak at WoW Monitor… bet 90% of those T10 ships have less than 400 battles on their account. I’ve been noticing that for this year… Tons of new accounts, and very few older ones.

    • As Flamuu is known to say: “For every potato there is an equal and opposite potato.”

  16. Great example of why detonation has NO place in the game. Serves no purpose. Damn! Great game though.

  17. Lord Runolfr Ulfsson

    You feel tough, you feel strong, then suddenly… a face full of torpedoes.

  18. I was expecting this game to be a massive throw by the team… But what happened is arguably even more tragic.

  19. I’m not in anyway known in Warships and I feel I also tend to be the first ship carriers target. I wouldn’t say I’m a great player but I’m good enough that I suppose I would target a player like me from the start… but I play the console version and there currently isn’t any way to know stat information unless you post it yourself.

    Same with when, as a DD, I haven’t been spotted in a long time and have my AA off, haven’t shot at anything to give my general position away, yet the carrier happens to go straight to the square I’m on despite me trying to be out of their path. Sure, sometimes it’s because I look and see I have another player shadowing me that isn’t as stealthy but most times I’m just not sure.

    Fun times.

  20. Is it only the Asia server where everyone plays so passively you can fall asleep sitting about waiting for something to happen? This game actually looks fun. CVs usually drop on me early and often as well, I think it’s because I’m usually pushing more aggressively than most others.

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