How It Works 2.0: Game Basics For Beginners | World of Warships

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💻 We’re restarting our tutorial series for World of Warships players.
⚙ Our favorite game isn’t resting on its laurels—each fresh update brings new ships or mechanics, as well as interface improvements or new game modes.
⚓ Given that World of Warships is constantly changing, video tutorials can quickly become outdated, like update release notes, for example. That’s why we’ve decided to breathe new life into our How It Works series!

⚓ Good luck in battle, and fair seas!


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  1. Still waiting for azur lane.

  2. Nice nice

  3. Frontline should also be for Tier 6 n 7 vehicles as well. It’s unfair that only players who own Tier 8 vehicles are enjoying the mode. Let others enjoy as well in same tier battles.

  4. I use a windows 10 and I get 3000 errors every time I load up the game and I have all the recommended stats

  5. Basic guide

    Left click to shoot
    Shoot at the red boat
    Wasd for movement

  6. Plz… Show this everyone after each round if they got under 100 base XP… especiallyon T8 or higher …

    • ザム「Zam」

      Hahaha if they didn’t get all this on their way to T8, they would not get it at all.

    • @ザム「Zam」 Ofc they dont. But they cant join other rounds for a few minutes. And if they watch it every round they lose interest in playing the game. And this “people” are gone. So its a win

  7. Hey wows when does the collab with wows star?

  8. That Erie got exact 1337 XP. Coincidence or does someone had a bit of fun?

  9. Jonathan Winter

    Pls include missions, where the newbies have to watch this for getting sth like coal or gold

  10. David Jamgochian

    I like Erie too, New York also.

    • If you’re new, please play the Montana line, it teaches you so much, and BBs are the most forgiving class. NC is such a good reward.

  11. Ranks are useless ,CAN NOT GET ANYWHERE IN RANKS. To even qualifie for silver is an achievement .What a total joke so many players just frack around and stop you from moving up

    • @Arman Hadi If you agree with TZ you’re just as potato, get good. You have tons of resources that are willing to teach, reach out and find them.

    • @wootph Official tell that to the boomers and vets who are older and could care less about vids like this, they see a mode, click it, press play, charge, and die. They could care less if they win or lose. 10k dmg in a t9 to them is a lot.

    • @William Hess If a player is good that does not matter if the team is not good. Also you don’t buy a KITAKAZE you earn it .Also get good I have 10000 games or 2 and half years And i have made gold rank5 That was at the begging when i first Started . Maybe having a bad roll but do not think so i have notice ranks have been unachievable for awhile now, A bit of trivia for you I just finished a game and lost again our DD got torp by a BB LMAO. And everyone Hiding and camping to gutless to move up

    • @Richardsen True Up and down thing happening WIN one lose two then win three and then lose four

    • @William Hess I just finished a game The DD caped then camp. When he could of safely help the BBs on his Right who asked for help. The BBs destroyed a DD for him to cap. He just goes back You know . I tell you why he has 1500 games and 65% win rate that’s why. if he survives the game but the team loses his win rate is going to be Better off This is common

  12. This is great…. except that it never mentions anything not obvious after 1 battle. It needs to mention things like: the difference between HE/AP/SAP, ricochet angles, how to disable modules/guns how to avoid this, and most importantly it needs to mention spotting mechanics (new players don’t know how to hide behind islands effectively/ how to spot them safely/ how smoke works with guns/etc.).

    • this is why you have the other how it works videos m8

    • It is made by Ivan Bro that’s why

    • This was for basics, other stuff is mentioned in other vids, but all of them need to be requirements to watch. Issue is they’d lose thousands of new players by not making them optional and letting stubborn boomers/older vets be potatos and just do their own thing. Sad part is, they hate being told what to do and DiY it all but cause huge losses due to random teams and them usually rushing in. In other words, we can hope it will be forced at some point (or incentive added) but it likely wont be.

  13. JMiguel Digital Studio

    (Santa Catarina – Brasil) Seria muito mais proveitoso se todos vídeos que vem pra nós “latino americanos” fosse dublado em nossa língua natal. Ficaria melhor a compreensão do conteúdo sem ter que ficar lendo a legenda e perder a demonstração do vídeo. Ai sim vai ter meu like e minha atenção e recomendo a todos a fazer o mesmo dê seu deslike! É infame e desrespeitoso apresentar um conteúdo relevante que não seja na língua nativa daquela nação!

  14. How it works:

    Someone’s Kremlin after nuking my mini from 19 km with one cidatel while I’m dodging:

  15. This video should really be integrated into the game. “Check the minimap”, “Think ahead”.. these are already basics that most of the playerbase don’t know.

  16. You guys are awesome engaging with the costumers

  17. how submarine’s engine work? run faster than destroyer when underwater

    • Are you taking about the speed of the submarine or the speed of their torpedoes? I’m pretty sure that destroyers of equal tier are faster than submarines.

    • @neorenamon U2501 max speed 38.5knots. How about daring? daring max speed 37knots.

  18. Awesome editing skill at 1:27 of the PINK player name!


  20. samuel joseph pernites


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