How It Works 2.0: Tips for Advanced Players | World of Warships

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πŸ’» We’re restarting our tutorial series for World of Warships players.
βš™ Our favorite game isn’t resting on its laurelsβ€”each fresh update brings new ships or mechanics, as well as interface improvements or new game modes.
βš“ Given that World of Warships is constantly changing, video tutorials can quickly become outdated, like update release notes, for example. That’s why we’ve decided to breathe new life into our How It Works series!
πŸ‘‰πŸ» How It Works 2.0: Tips for advanced | World of Warships
πŸ‘πŸ» Today, we’re going to tell you about some important in-game mechanics. You’ll learn how to interpret the damage counter, get an understanding of what benefits different crosshairs provide, find out why you should switch between different shell types, and discover loads more useful details.
βš“ Good luck in battle, and fair seas!

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  1. Shoukatsu Kai Ni

    No way, they actually talk about dd fundamentals (reversing into a cap).

  2. samuel mcdonough

    If your AA ring is smaller than your plane Spoting the only reason to turn it off is if you want the CV to think your in smoke.

  3. I have to admit that, though I played this game for 3 years, I learnt using shift+x from this video now. This video truly help.

  4. Another very well made video! Nice work. Actually have been getting better, so πŸ˜€

  5. Wow, please make more of these well edited and content rich videos!

  6. 04:00 at the beginning, while waiting for the battle, it used to say press X to lock the target, but it never said that you also need to shift, I tried it today and it really works

    • Just pressing x activates the lock-on for a target (the crosshairs over their name, accuracy boost, and automatic camera tracking)

      Shift+X locks your guns onto a point in the water, as shown

      Ctrl+X locks your guns in place – they won’t rotate and will turn as if they were fixed to your ship

    • @TheSeasOfEnvy tnx

  7. wow, nice one.
    Must give credit when it dues.
    Whoever behind the idea, please keep him/her there

  8. Good video thanks. Always amazed how little in game tutorials there.are. So great to have these.

  9. Nice to see a video like this giving advice that I assume a lot of players don’t know such as reversing to cap or shift x usage

  10. The best video for newer players ever made by WG. Well done. Players really need more resources like this.
    Almost looks like you watched a couple of mine from 18 months ago! & that would be ok with me πŸ˜‰
    Keep resources like this coming to aid players skills in the game pls.

  11. Well, THE auto-pilot 1.18…
    This same auto-pilot who came after Rework Cv, and is even more stressed then older.
    It have more problems with it than it is “practical”. Think about changing him again or giving us back the old auto pilot.

    PS: the same for CVs finish the balance correctly and inter-class interaction. (changing / rework fighters, formations, armements etc…)
    Good luck

  12. The best episode so far ! So accurate !! πŸ˜€ (keep the good work !)

  13. So glad I finally know about the official ModStation. Lots of stuff is there that I’ve seen YouTubers use, or just things that are super helpful when you begin to understand more of the game’s mechanics.

  14. never use auto pilot, press + on num pad and play with a larger minimap with ship names, always play majority of the game looking at the minimap, anticipate moves from the minimap, make your uturns ater going forward behind an island, you generally are angled well when your back turrets cant lock onto a ship you are angled to, you don’t need to shoot every time your guns reload, hold your shot and stay dark waiting for a broadside opportunity or to move into a better spot, shooting right away in the match gives up your position thus allowing the enemy team to send ships accordingly, don’t lemming train to one side, games are won by being spaced out so all angles are covered, dont be afraid to play a battleship from the middle and move from the outside it started you on, you wont be out of damage if your side wrecks, and can quickly go support the other side. It’s ok to take damage, in fact a tieir 10 battleship that is afraid to get hit actually cost the team up to 150k because they left their health out on the table that could have absorbed shells that were instead fired at cruisers.

    • rushing caps in dds is only useful about 30 pct of the time, almost always go butt in once its safe so you can kite away if you get detected. If knife fighting a smoke dd don’t shoot after he fires at you, he will just smoke up and you will be perma spotted by another enemy. When island humpin to stick your guns out tap forward then quickly back to 0, this will keep you from sticking too far out. The goal is to just get your gun out while your ship isnt able to be spotted. Always shoot dds first, then cruisers, then bbs in that order to help the team. Never ever put 2 ships in the same square. Use ap on broadsides, he on bow or stern on.

  15. Good tips from weegee so far, hope to see more useful tips )))

  16. This series should be called “good advices” or “tips and tricks”.
    Unlike the previous “how it works” which are talking about base mechanism of the game, “how it works 2.0” is talking about what you could do in the game.
    This series is more appropriate for beginners or people who don’t know much about the game.
    The concept of letting players to know how the game work and allowed them to create their own tactics is gone in the new “how it works 2.0”

    • I am actually little upset about the old how it works is gone.
      It is a great to learn more about base mechanism of wows.

  17. Whomever is the one writing the scripts of this and the last video about how to play BBs PLS GIVE HIM/HER a raise. I am so glad (and extreamly surprise) how good are the advices and knowledge in the game. Dont wanna sound disrespectfull (sike, i do) but most of other videos were extreamly clueless about the game.
    This new person CLEARLY knows how to play and had studied the mechanics. Maybe you should send him this videos and his/her knowledge to the balance department.
    Thanks WG, u are actually showing some ligth and hope. Now i really wish my teammates start watching at this and stop playing like dogs.

  18. Another well made video, Idk who has been hired recently but damn this is good! Keep it up for the rest of the game and you may have a massive resurgence of players!

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