How it Works: AA Guns and Fighters | World of Warships

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The second part of episode about Carriers and related stuff! This time we will talk about AA guns, fighters and aircraft HP.

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    Did you enjoy today’s episode?
    In case you’ve missed the 1st part, you can find it here:

  2. This Comments section is going to end up saltier than the Red Sea, was the rework an elaborate effort to close down Jingles’ Salt Mines? 😀

  3. We need heal for dive bombers too!

    • Yea maybe their original idea to have the dive bombers the heal was on point, also having more armor or slightly more HP would work too.

    • +KHS01 after the hotfix I had to use them. And I learned how to bomb. Ofc I need more practice, but HE bombs are great. AP are even harder , since they have to be dropped from high altitude to citadel. If you drop them from low altitude it only makes regular pens or overpens. Though the high altitude sometimes makes you miss the target when it maneuver. So you should find “sitting” objects like Richelieu, Yamato, Musashi, Izumo , Nelson, Dunkerque or other CV .

    • Earth Federation Space Force

      DD player: FUCK NO

  4. How it works: It deletes your aircraft from existence

    • Cristóbal Laje Ros

      thats right… is a desaster… we need the last version before the hot fix… is crazy the last hot fix… salem can explode you.. stalingrad can explode you in a second.. montana and more.. and cv no? players started to cry… but why??? drop the hot fix now

    • +Hakan Karaağaç sana iyi bir cevap verirdim ama neyse anlarsın sen. Kardeşim kim hangi gemiyi seviyorsa oynar. Suçu ne? Git WG’ye küfret yeğen. Değiştiren onlar.

    • #FixTheCVs

    • +KHS01 denge diye bisey duydunmu duy

    • before hot fix CV been broken full AA desmoines and CV just atacked me all game ,3 plane kills,,,but i thing hot fix is just broke AA (OP) ,something midle is the sweet spot

  5. Always manuevering and Changing your squadron speed, dude, we can’t do it on attack run and that’s mean start attk run = Dead or Miss

  6. How it works: It doesn’t

    • Just OldSchoolFrankie

      This is not right, i shot down one plane with my full on AA-equipped Montana at 4 CV attackruns [2 Tier VIII, 2 Tier X].. then it says back to port..

    • +Just OldSchoolFrankie Just watched Flamu shoot down 26 planes in a Montana post Hotfix game with a anti-DOT build + manual AA. Consistent dmg is killer now and he only had planes go near him a handful of times. You’re downright lying.

    • +Just OldSchoolFrankie did you look at your plane damage as well? Might be someone else got the kills while you did the damage.

    • Cristóbal Laje Ros

      jhahahahah.. is the best answer

  7. Λмαтѕυĸαze Kαι Nι

    How it works: It dont, you nerfed the whole carriers, now they are useless…

  8. How it works? Plans don’t works now! They are all gone!

  9. The new system is generally OK. But the AA is way too strong,
    It feels like you’re controlling paper planes.

    • +seth Thomas I did not say that the new gameplay is not fun, but American ships or not, the planes just die too fast, and they do not do that much damage over all. The damage accumulates over time, but it is feel like sitting in a paper airplane and shooting with paper balls

    • Earth Federation Space Force

      1 squad is too few
      i played CV in older version , even i stacked 3 attack squad attack 1 ship SAME TIME it can still MISS

    • I tink the planes are too powerful, now Destroyers are so hard to play.

    • attack DD’s then. That’s the primary reason DD’s are gone now. If you can’t attack any DD’s go attack ships without reinforced AA like musashi St. Louis, Graf Spee, etc..

  10. How it Works? More like “How we screwed it up”

  11. I thought this was supposed to be about AA and fighters. The whole video was about carriers.

  12. Thanks for the info, but really, no one at WG thought we should have this info BEFORE the cv rework went live? Really? If your IT department planned a major rework of your computer systems, and scheduled the training for it weeks after the change was already in place, would they still be working there?

  13. You have made cv impossable again. The CC are filled with so much hate to CV is stunning. If you never played this game you wohld think there is 1 CV in the game because know one talks about the other 9.
    AA is so high now that you lose the while sq on every pass.
    Sipan with t10 planes lost a while sq to 1 t8 bb and it was alone.
    WG sucks agin

  14. Just……nein, it’s kaputt

  15. As of AA ridiculously overpowered, I’m taking out the Ryujo Tier 6 Cv at the moment trying to get to the tier 8, I’m constantly in Tier 8 games… the planes are so hopeless and the ship AA So strong I can’t do anything, on one game I was the last ship left and the enemy had a Massachusetts left with 2K HP, I attacked him with bombers, every one shot down before I could get close, and I avoided all the black flack.. then with torpedo planes, that are so slow ever one but 2 dies before they got to drop, but when I did drop the torpedoes are so slow the BB had no problem turning around and just out running them… balance the game WG for the love of god

    • +504smudge Bismarck’s guns were calibrated for modern planes not WWI relics . Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack and Yamamoto held off the third wave since surprise was no longer there.
      After that US ships had so much AAA that stories were told of how much led they could put into the air.

    • Earth Federation Space Force

      because you only have 1 squad once
      in older version i can stack ALL my squad (yes even fighter go in to AA ring) to make the AAA too buzy to do it’s job

    • +Jaurl Z thats a joke right? you do know they fly straight for a couple seconds before being immune to damage now, right?

    • +Luis Pina Okay don’t recall them & lose them all
      double facepalm “you know they take damage for a few seconds” fucking plebs whats your winrate luis?

  16. please fix the AA for now. It deletes any planes no matter what you do tbh.

  17. Killing this game, one update at the time!!! Well done WG!!!!!!

  18. Next Episode: *_“How it works: reverting a bad update”…_*

  19. How it works: Programs>WoWS>Uninstall game

  20. how it works: “‘the year of cv’ and ‘the end of cv’ happened in 1 week”

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