How it Works: Armor | World of Warships

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The third episode of the most useful WoWs video series! To impact damage R; you need to penetrate the armor. But how does the armor work?

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Was this mechanic transparent and obvious?:)
    Did you learn anything new? What other mechanics you want to know about?

    • Marco Hornbostel

      Having a chart in game with the penetration potential of each caliber would be nice. right now i dont know what pen my guns have :/

    • ramming

    • World of Warships Official Channel how about if the shell comes in through the deck?

    • I thought i would see some information on conning tower penetration – damage

    • They explained this between this video and other videos. In these instances either the shell hits a module and by design does not affect the hull’s HP, or it penetrates the Torpedo Belt but gets stopped at the Casemate and therefore does nothing.

  2. Jabier Nitisaro

    Wait isn’t this a re upload ?

  3. looks like I’m gonna have to study physics, geometry and trigonometry 🙂

  4. How to penetrate it the right way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. Or simply

    • Mike P how could you think that? did you never notice that your shells only deal either 1/10th (overpen) 1/3rd (normal pen) or full damage (citadel hit) and nothing in between?

    • “waah I’m a retarded bitch who can’t understand anything so I attribute it to fate” shut up you inbred little shite.

    • so angled that were completely broadside to me i got for all the time shattered ( at range of 5km this is not even possible but this actually happened) shells on her at close range i was about to die to her by doing so in a clan battle who were dead in that battle saw that and were completely disgusted about what RNG do in a game

    • Uhm guys, auto-bounce angle is RNG at 45 to 60 degree (on usual shells). However shattered AP shells are never RNG, they simply has not enough power to penetrate the armor.

    • i saw ricochet and shattered shell on broadside cruisers and BB is purely RNG

  6. I would like to see all the Infos and statistiks in Game.. or at least in an list. I want to see ho much Armor my Shells (HE and AP) can penatrate and how much armor it needs to explode.. sadly its not a thing :c

    • Router Problem me too its my 3rd language

    • Ship stats should have a small graph distance / armor penetration potential. So that you would know how much you can penetrate at 5, 10 or 14,5 km if you want to know.

    • But those are the real aspects. Shells have drag and lose velocity over distance thus losing penetration, shell weight combined with velocity determines kinetic energy and penetration.

    • i cant believe this hasnt already been done. clearly, everyone wants it listed in the stats. Things like a potential Penetration value listed alongside all the other artillery values/statistics.

    • Yes WG should have pay attention to this and add more data into their wiki so people stop relying on 3rd party website, also some of those website actually charge money for the data, cmon WG get your shit together.

  7. Yesssss, I love how this video combines math and science to explain game mechanics. Keep ’em coming 😀

  8. Charlie Two Delta

    I call BS on Overpenetrating and only doing 1000 Damage. If a Ship is so often overpenetrated, that it looks like swiss Cheese, the Damage has to be more. Especially if you do so under the Waterline. There should atleast be a flooding or so.

    • Ships like the bismark were unsinkable because of the double armour layer & honeycomb of a ship flooding just wasnt a big problem – you could also pump water out in alot of cases
      The fletcher class task fleet that held off the yamato proves this —– yes a bunch of fletchers & cv held off yamato & heavy cruisers true story

    • Flooding DMG should just be a recuded flodding dmg, nott the flodding dmg you know of torpedos. But its just totally unrealistic if a part is destroyed that you deal no dmg anymore to the ship.

    • Yeah those suck-torps flood in 12 at a time spread in a .05km spread, and the damn dd shows up at 3.0km just as your being sank. yeah no sympathy here for dd’s fun being taken..its amazing really since you are sank usually by a dd with 6.1 km concealment, yet he doesnt show up til 3 km

    • Francisco DeTonne

      I want to expand my reply a bit
      Imagine you are in any ship and you get like 1 underwater penetration and 1 flooding from that… every minute
      The feature was so “fun” WG had to remove it

    • right now DDs are very difficult to play and get heavily punished for the slightest mistake or just bad luck. you need to have luck on your side to get anything done in a DD these days.

      also torpedoes should be hard to spot. the only thing to see is a small trail of bubbles and you have an awful lot of water to scan

  9. John Angelo Tenorio

    Moar Fuso abuse…


    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer


    • thats a thing? i did not know that

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      There is a 287mm citadel aft armour on Iowa – but the lower portion of it is only a disgusting 16mm. I checked the blueprints and it is historical accurate.

      However WG incorrectly models Iowa’s aft. As Iowa’s armoured steering rooms on her aft – are actually connected to the main citadel (a ww1 era battlecruiser trait)- by a 300mm belt – with 216mm aft armour (similar to Amagi) . This is what would have protected the 16mm citadel weakness – but since wg does not model that, BB shells can overmatch that 16mm and pen at any angle.

    • Chng He Meng yep all the complaining about the tier 10 RN BB . while yammy can city every ship from the front back and sides ?

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Yammy can cit sides??? I dare you to say that against Kurfurst and the rest of the German BB lines at close-mid ranges.
      Plus the same 45 degree technique in hitting Yammies Cheeks – also apply to other battleships with crap athwartship armour – especially to citadel proof German Battleships.

  11. What about turtle back armour

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Fuso has turtleback armour as you can see here… 6:50 – and it gets its turtleback citadel penetrated… nothing special…

    • you are probably thinking about German BBs. The relative armor comes into play. German turtle back has more sloping so the relative armor is much higher preventing the shells from getting into the citadel.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Oh if you mean German BB Turtlebacks… Their Turtlebacks are inclined to 68 degrees…
      Our Autobounce is 60 degrees. Meaning a Yamato with 900mm pen at point blank with a 460mm – will pen the armour – but bounce on the 150mm 68 degree turtleback of a German Battleship – due to autobounce.
      The autobounce is the reason why German Battleship are citadel-proof (which I find bullshit and retarded) – I mean common how dufuq can a T2 Mikasa with Turtleback bounce a Yamato shell – and never pens its citadel – even at full broadside.

      You can only citadel a German Battleship at long ranges. Plunging fire will hit the turtleback at a flatter angle and penetrate it and the citadel. Or Underwater penetration occurs – and directly hits the citadel.

  12. Again.. poor fuso. Great vid tho! 🙂 Loving this series.

  13. Great work with this video, fully professional!
    But people who watched this: dont snipe 18km+ becose you cant be hit hard. You can’t hithard as well. Angling is the answer, not the distances.

    • Depends on the ship. I have found that with my N/C with ap rounds under 15 km I over pen & at 20 km my shells disperse so much lucky if 1 – 2 shells frm full salvo lands. I try too stay about 17 – 18 km frm target at that distance with N/C I get more citadels frm most ships

    • BB usually still able to citadel most cruiser even at max range. Also hitting the superstructure could possibly net a good damage.
      Sniping is ok, but camping is another matter.

    • My yamato disagree with u

    • sniping is good if you know what you’re doing.
      that guy with the NC for example.
      also some distance can lead to plunging fire shot which ship’s deck armor are usually thinner, thus, citadel hits

    • sniping for 5 minutes in a row, however, isn’t good. that’s camping

  14. TheGamerside 4you

    I play mostly Yamato and I can ignore that Video, because as Yamato player you just need RNG…
    More interesting would be an video about AP Bombs
    I can one shot Tirpitz and Bismarck but i dont make such an heavy damage against G. Kurfürst or the F. der Große

    • Yamato depends on RNG ? How so ?
      The most accurate BB guns in the game.
      If armor equals or is lower than 32mm Overmatch penetration, if it isnt you bounce.
      Its straightforward

    • AP Bombs have the same mechanic as AP shells. They need a minimum armor thickness in order to arm the fuse, and I think I remember that being 50 mm, which means only German BBs (and the Moskva) are capable of consistently arming the bombs to detonate in their citadel. This is why you do so much damage to German BBs, but not much else.

  15. Best series about the game imho ???

  16. Did that Fuso consent to that pounding? #MeToo #FusoLivesMatter

  17. Naval creed warships Review

    Why Fuso use German battleship Bismarck or Großer kurfürst

  18. Vernon MacDonald

    i didnt know there was so much thought about angle and penatration alot of math in this game.

  19. I love world of warships ?

  20. Oh come on! Not Fuso!!

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