How it Works: Ballistics | World of Warships

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In this episode, we will tell you about ballistics in World of Warships!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode? Was it helpful?
    Don’t let your ship sink, ever!:)

    • U SHOULD MAKE EXAMPLE OF YORCK 210MM Caliber gun….

    • Why no Let’s Talk About “Ballistics” forum link for this episode?

      I really wanted to ask why the dispersion goes crazy when a friendly ship is near what I’m shooting at. I think my gunners must get nervous, or maybe they just close their eyes and pull the trigger. Whatever it is they seem to hit my friendly teammate with uncanny precision in these situations. Or maybe it’s just me.

    • Unpretentious Wind

      If you people in the company want more people to play your game you need to change some things, 1 the maps are bad designed you need to remove the rocks add more natural things as low visibility fog bad weather night battles, not all maps favor the 2 sides there are maps that favor the one side the dam rocks need to go away, half team fighting for there lives and the other half fapping behind rocks waiting when the half team will low the enemy so they can pick them, in the end, this destroy the game experience plz fix. 2 the BB players having problems with invisible DDs tons of wave torpedos give the BBs sea mines to have protection from DDs it will be the best and make the game more realistic. 3, not all the players have access to premium ships an ship captains some farm their ships they don pay to play vs captains with 19 points is unfair for them, also the captain skill tree must be free with in-game currency not with doudlons. 4 Remove the chat ban it has 0 use an don’t help anyone i play a game i kill 4 enemy ships that were in the same division an cause they can they report me, i can’t speak to the chat i can’t even speak to my guild window for operations 0 logic also remove the karma penalty, what is this bullcrap karma penalty for real, i will fall in rewards, cause my team blame me for all of them dying and don’t listen to me when i tell them to hold the flanks or we will become surrounded again 0 logic remove this crap for the game. 5 release a video an explain to the autistic aliens that play the game that when they see the screen in-game an in the minimap in their right hand is the right flank an in the left hand is the left flank if you defend this 2 spots or capture them you can easily shoot at the mid-flank if it exists simply as it is explained to them tactics of divide an conquer so we can enjoy your game learn them momentum as long the large majority of players don’t know momentum position and tacts the battles will stay an autistic clown fiesta plz (FIX) if you want more people to join.

    • +robin te baerts it’s called gravity, coefficient of drag and a lot of other internal mechanics.

  2. アレキサンダー 佐藤

    *_How it works: RNGesus_*

    • RNGesus giveth and RNGesus will taketh away – Every German Battleship

    • Correction *every* battleship. I’ve been 1 km away in an intense moment, full broadside, only 1 penetration- 1260 dmg. I took a break for a few months after that game…

    • +Charles Gilley had a very frustrating game in the Hood a few weeks back. Enemy Fiji sitting broadside in smoke detected by friendly radar just 4 km away from me. Fired a full salvo of AP into him, perfect shot aimed dead centre of the ship below his smoke stack… 8 over pens

    • +Charles Gilley Actually that is more believable then you might think. Remember the cursor sets the point for all guns. So at 1km your guns are going to be crisscrossing if you are targeting the middle of the ship. Because of this, you are more likely to bounce. So while you might be at 1km, your firing at a target that is probably 30-45 degrees of angling relative to your guns even if they are parallel to you.

  3. I think i know what happend to the Fuso
    It went extinct

  4. What they want you believe.
    RNG: What you should believe.

  5. And then you have the guns on American destroyers. Which can only be described as throwing rocks at your enemy

  6. You forgot to talk about the ‘homing’ shells that follows a taget even when in mid air, the target completly change direction and speed… You can even see the shell trajectories curve sometimes too!

    • thats a graphical bug

    • +Ivan Buncic That’s the RNG kicking in. It is a problem in all games that figure “to hit” before the shell actually hits or misses.

    • +Charles Stuckey thats called rigging not RNG. RNG would only effect how the shell moves just at the point of firing hence effecting where it would land. Homing shells or “bending” shells is an effect when the game and hence server is programmed to rig outcomes of matches or greatly influence matches so data collected will match what is set and not actual values. The reasons for that are pretty obvious and i dont think i need to explain them.
      WoT does the same exact crap and thats because Wargaming does not make honest games.

  7. Make more !!! It’s fasinating how the game works !

  8. This video is editing masterpice. Love that animation. GIVE ME MORE!

  9. Did we not cover shell shape and air drag effects?

    • Shell shape is irrelevant in this game.

    • I bet that’s built into the shell weight and velocity. Shell has notoriously bad air drag? they probably take a set value away from velocity, which isnt how it works at the different speeds but it would be a lot easier for calculations on the fly.

    • +aluisious maybe but they mentioned it in the video but didn’t explain further

    • +ArmchairWarrior well, they mentioned it in the video, same as shell shape but didn’t elaborate further. I feel like we only got half the picture here

  10. Notify the commanders to sail with conviction, not to enter the Allied Shooting Line and plan the navigation route to avoid damage to the Allied Captains!!!

  11. Ballistics: Things go up! Thing go down!

  12. My ship : sawn off shotgun

    Enemy Ship : Full Auto Sniper rifle

  13. No mention of drag parameter? That is arguably the most important stat.

    To see why, just look at the Yorck with old and new AP shells. The old shells had an abysmal drag paramter of 0.48 (among the worst in the game), while the new have 0.23 (among the best in the game). Lower means less drag. The difference is like night and day: even though the theoretical max firing distance hasn’t changed, the old shell was practically useless on ships outside 10km (you couldn’t hit and even if you did you wouldn’t pen anything) while the new one can easily both hit and citadel maneuvering cruisers at max range.

  14. I think the most important thing you have yet to teach is battle tactics and strategies. I can speak for many that we’re tired of Potato heads ruining battles. Perhaps teach the importance of teamwork. We’ve seen it plenty of times, No matter how good you are, now matter if you made 7 kills, if your team is useless, you will lose. There’s a perfect reason why we have different types of ships. A lot of these potato heads don’t know that each ship has an important role to play, that will not only benefit himself but also his teammates. (For example: DD not pushing cap. CV/DD not spotting. BB not supporting Cruisers and DD. Ships not combining AA to protect themselves against heavy CV threat. Ships not sticking together in general. etc..) . So please WG! I beg you! Use your creative minds to somehow integrate or teach more teamwork! Thank you

  15. They didnt bully fuso?

  16. 1:00 Where is Fuso?

  17. Mean while every minotaur and every Harugumo out there, ”ballistics? whats that? I just shoot the enemy till they are dead!”

  18. Great, now explain non-damage dealing penetrations.

    • @cl4ster17 I believe that it’s likely that a shell can overpen through a part of the superstructure before burying itself into the deck for full pen damage.

    • Filip Fernandes 92

      pens that show no dmg are the shells that hit the gun turrets there is a video on this channel it tell u that every part of the ship has different set of hit points when u hit a turret it damages the turret shoot it again they break

      no clue y i wasted my time to explain all that but what ever

    • Filip Fernandes 92 no one asked you to. In the future keep your comments to yourself.

    • +Danny Perez you did ask for wargaming to explain it. He’s simply summarizing the video for you.

      But yes, 0 damage pens are frustrating even if you know that it’s just hitting a module. But hey, just like detonation, it’s a feature.

    • Akasaka Ryuunosuke

      Also if you happen to get 0 dmg pen shooting at ship’s belt, probably the shell only penetrated the torpedo bulge and didn’t penetrate the “real” belt armor.

  19. Eh, didn’t you like, forget to explain about air-drag? You briefly mention shell mass, but make no connection. Somebody watching your video would have no idea that that say Akizukis 100mm shells leaving the barrel at 1000m/s have way higher arks/flight-times at long distances than heavier shells…

  20. Mentions four factors for shell ballistics, never talks about half of them again.

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