How It Works: Battleships | World of Warships: Legends

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💪 Ever wanted to master the fire-breathing steel monsters?
Look no further – this Battleship tutorial video has you covered!
Learn the basics and some interesting tips to conquer the seas at the helm of these massive vessels.

Turn the tide, captains!




  1. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    Yes! Another “How It’s done” video!!! Thank you guys! 😀

  2. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    We’ve been waiting so long, and now it is here again! 🙏😊😊

  3. this is great wg, especially for the newer players. nice work.

  4. This was the intelligence data i was looking for

  5. That is “knowing is half the battle” YO JOE!!

  6. Finally!! 🍻🎉

  7. I’ve recently had just unlocked the Yamato yesterday, and I absolutely love it.

  8. Glad these sorta videos are being done. I might not need to do them anymore if this keeps up. Surprised there was no mention of angling though.

  9. Lol at the 7 overpens on the broadside Cleveland @1:40 ish. Deja vu

    • And honestly that’s one of the biggest problems with the game. Straight overpenning Cleveland’s and Ochakov’s and other ships as well..I never had that problem until they “fixed” the Shell-armor ‘interaction.’

  10. Matthew Lindhardt

    …and now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

  11. Do more of these videos please!

  12. 100% intentional tactical beaching haha

  13. Thanks for the info. I don’t know anything about this game and I’m just playing it. I always hate when I get those shots I don’t do any damage

  14. Show this to 75% of the playerbase please…

  15. Now let’s put this video in game so all the potatoes can watch.

  16. This ain’t gonna help potatoes since most aren’t on YouTube. Give us new maps!

  17. Great for beginners. Hopefully there are more videos coming as this was well done.

  18. They forgot to mention all of this is subject to RNG. Like how a Cruiser can burn you down while you try to unsuccessfully overpen him to death. They say switch to HE, AGAIN the damage you get to deal back on the RNG CHANCE you get a fire every 30 second reload vs a cruisers every 10 second reload. The system needs balancing imho

  19. RNG is how it works

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