How it Works: Credits and XP Modifiers | World of Warships

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In the previous episodes, we’ve discussed how earn XP and credits and also covered the ways in which you can spend these resources. In the new episode of How it Works, we’ll tell you all about the modifiers that can increase your in-game income.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode? Was it useful?
    Now you know how to farm XP and credits. Use this knowledge wisely:)

    • @ThatOneDude Stfu hater ?

    • How it works is very useful??

    • What about how secondary gun work ? I don’t know where the hell are they aiming at and never hit

    • World of Warships Official Channel Please tell us “How AA Guns Works”!!!!

    • WG didn’t give any expamples how to do the biggest buff for exp, free exp, credits, cpt exp and for that -1 to this movie

      • MidnightPhoenix07

        One of the easiest ways for the different types of xp is to run warships premium with a really good camo and a bunch of the special dragon flags in Narai with a 4-5 person team. Yes, it’s not as profitable as it was on release, but you still get a lot – in one night (an hour and a half, six runs) I made 79k xp, 62k free xp, and 180k commander xp, and that wasn’t even using all the dragon flags or a super xp or free xp camo. But if course WG doesn’t want people to farm the scenarios so they won’t mention that.

        For credits, the best thing to do is find a t6-9 ship (premiums work better but you can do it in a tech tree ship) that you’re really good in, and stack some premium time and credit buffs. If you have the coal/free xp/steel for them, the T9 and 10 premiums are some of the best since they have significantly reduced repair costs and decent credit buffs from their permanent camos.
        Another option (and I don’t recommend this since you have to give up tactical signals for economic signals) is clan battles – with premium time alone you make 562k credits on a win, and that can easily get boosted up to 650-700k with a few credit boosts. You do have the t10 service costs, but they’re less than they would be in randoms.

      • @MidnightPhoenix07 I know that, but some people don’t know that and WG is not telling anything about that. The biggerst free exp bonus can be done by 2x economic signal and 6 special signals to buff exp and free exp. If u are buffing exp u are buffing also free exp. + spring sky and +200% star. thats the biggerst free exp buff in game. with about 2k base exp u will get about 33k free exp and 50-60k elite exp and about 26k normal exp

  2. Do an episode about how ramming works XD

  3. How it really works:

    1. You stack on credit and xp modifiers and that round the CV on your side is either bad or AFK so you get slaughtered and waste them
    2. You don’t use them and have a blinder with kraken etc.

  4. we need to know how ramming works lol

  5. Very simple to understand thanks WG

  6. Of course. The base by which the multiplier is used on is the most important part. You can’t enjoy such modifiers if you play horribly.

  7. Mamu vam jebem koga vi lažete


    Love it

  9. Ömer Hatipoğlu

    do an episode about RAMMING please

  10. Montana Approves

    How about an episode about dispersion ?

  11. hey wows team, can u make an episode about ramming?

  12. Now tell us what exactly goes into calculating credits and XP — Transparency is key

  13. WG: “Your income is in your hands.”
    RNG on German BB’s: Am I a joke to you?

  14. I was hoping they would explain how in game actions contribute to resources earned.

  15. I’d like to see the ability to have camo on rental ships. That would be awesome. 🙂

  16. Elijah Comstock

    Next do one on your bots in coop

    Does a victory increase credits too?

  18. What we need are more commander XP flags and camos.

  19. 0:44 NPC cv and…. syyatozar???????

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