How it Works. Economic: XP and Credits | World of Warships

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In World of Warships, two main resources are required to research ships or modules, and level up through the Trees: XP and credits. In the latest episode of It Works, weR;ll tell you how, and for what actions these resources are earned in battle.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode? Was it useful?
    What is the biggest amount of resources you’ve earned after the battle?:)

    • Awesome explanation. Thank you. Love the series.

    • Erisu-chan RenRen

      thk, it usefull. but when ur team full of noobs, all u hard work is nothing.

    • This is a little bit off topic but can you please reduce the effect that fire has on BBs? A few months ago, I was playing in my NC and I was obliterated in less than a minute of coming under fire by 3 destroyers hiding in smoke firing HE at me. This really got me thinking; I, a battleship, was obliterated by 15 125mm guns in less than a minute. In real life, 15 125mm guns would hardly make a dent on a battleship’s ability to continue floating. I understand you guys have to balance the game out and stuff. I was just wondering if this may be something to bring to light.

      Very useful and informative video by the way!

    • that does not happen. What you want has already been in the game ,

    • +king jon eh?

  2. Syukri R.Robert

    A good vids for those thats new to wows, you should make this vids obligatory to new wows player soo they doesnt afraid getting their ships scratch

  3. Wargaming, stop the Fuso abuse for the sake of these videos! #fusolivesmatter

  4. [^/] 343 Guilty Spark

    Really love this series WG, keep up the good work and here to years to come of games from you!

  5. sad life in non radar cruiser for cannot spotting enemy ship

  6. May I ask why there is not a direct reward for smoking up allies?

    The way it could work is like this:

    If I smoke up a teammate, then I get a reward for all the damage that teammate deals while he/she is being concealed by my smokescreen.
    Ofcourse that would only count if the teammate would have been spotted otherwise (smoking up a hidden cruiser thats shooting from behind an island ofcourse doesnt really benefit anyone).

    I think that directly rewarding, especially destroyers, for using their smokescreens in a more team oriented manner could really encourage teamwork.


    • Knodsil great idea, making popping smoke for teamates a worthwhile investment yet they serves as a double edge sword since smoke attracts torps

    • Chameleon Scheimong

      What you suggested may have unintended consequences. I can totally see destroyers players (bots even) sitting near battleships and using smoke after smoke just to farm XP and credits, in a situation when those battleships do not need smoke at all. In fact this may even be counterproductive, since what would have been shot at those battleships are very likely going to be hitting the frontline players who are actually trying to get stuff done.

      As a current tester I can guarantee you that similar ideas have been explored very thoroughly internally. The conclusion reached was that there are too many edge cases where the value of a smoke cannot be accurately evaluated. The smoke may even be a net negative to friendly team – imagine a healthy battleship fighting an almost dead enemy cruiser; destroyer smokes battleship and dies. Battleship vision gets blocked and cruiser gets away. Should the destroyer be punished then?

      Many times ideas are easy to suggest but difficult to implement correctly. But do keep them coming – some may just hit the jackpot.

    • EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

      smoke up your allies then spot for them, EZ

    • ​+Syukri R.Robert That goes without saying whenever you pop smoke…Smoke is a multi-functioning consumable. You can even use it to bait dd torps while possibly fooling enemies that you are still inside it. Experienced players will know when, who and how to utilize smoke based on any situation.

  7. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    this is very interesting, thanks for uploading this video

  8. Francisco DeTonne

    That’s why non-contributing “sniping” long-ranged back-lining BBs usually end up gaining the most xp and credit. If they do enough damage, that is.
    But non-pushing is non-pushing and teams lose matches because of non-pushing BBs.

    Can you change the game in the ways that reward active pushers, cappers, spotters and teamplayers *MORE* than passive damage-centric max-range shooters? Can you change that, even a bit?

    • In the current cv meta it is harder for bbs to push without getting punished heavily. But I do get your point.

    • If they do consistent damage, you have no complaint coming: The enemy will be forced come forward and take even more damage, or they can stay at range and be out traded.

      They usually don’t though. _That_ is the problem: when they stay at ranges where they are _not_ effective.

      Keep in mind, however, that you don’t want to go overboard the other way. Rushing in and committing suicide so you can cycle your ships quickly for the most efficient grind is a horrible thing to promote. A sniping back liner is not very useful to the team, but still more useful than someone who threw away his ship for no gain.

    • Well, I rarely see backline Snipers getting more than 100k dmg. getting a good Position will reward you more since you usually gain as much dmg + more dmg on DDs since they are hitable on low ranges + more potential dmg. So I do not see your point

    • If you want to stop sniping they’ll have to remove CVs from the game. (Sry I just hate CVs) I know this wouldn’t work. lol

  9. No, sorry WG, this gets too vague.

    “You get xp and credits for doing damage”. Yes good. We knew that already. How much? Is there still a logarithmic component to this (as per the much older statement “killing 3 Chesters gives roughly twice as much as killing 1 Chester”)?

    “Planes are the second best way of earning”. How much damage done to planes equals one sunk carrier in xp and credits (is it the equivalent of 40, or a different number after the rework)?

    How much better is it to do 30% damage to a T10 compared to 30% to a T6?

    A cap giving 2/3rds XP of a completely destroyed ship (I assume this includes the “bonus” for the kill?) is a useful bit of information… is that 2/3rds of a top tier ship in the match? 2/3rds of your own tier? How much xp does it generate for either ship if you spend 1 minute blocking each other capping?

    What are the class modifiers in each category of “misc” earning?

    You say “misc” is <15% of total in a match, so it's clearly not important. Does that mean it's capped at 15%? Will 3 million potential damage from a Yamato and a Furutaka be worth the same? Will spotting damage be valued at 15% of the damage done if you had done it, if the ship had done it, or some other number?

    Is it still true that different tech tree ships of same tier and type nevertheless have different modifiers applied to their earnings? Does that also apply to damage done to those ships (ie. will doing 50% to a Conqeror and 50% to a Yamato give the same earnings?)

  10. And they went back to abuse Fuso. #SaveFuso

  11. Andreas Müller

    This is all fine and dandy but what are the ACTUAL numbers? You could have picked at least one example and shown EXACTLY how many credits and xp what action gave in regards to those formulas.

  12. AT LAST!!!

    I’ve waited four years for something like this. 🙂

  13. 3:03 they censored the 4 goal haul achievement lol

  14. You guys should make video “how it work” about *WORK TOGETHER WITH TEAM*

  15. You forgot to mention the 50% boost you get to BASE XP for winning, which in many cases depends entirely on the luck of which team you get. This is why you can do all the stuff you talk about in the video in spades, yet still make way fewer goodies than some lucky guy on the winning team who did way less than you did.

    This is a fundamental imbalance in all WG games. WoT at least has “Courageous Resistance” that gives winner’s XP to a person on the losing team who gets a heroic achievement. WoWS needs something similar, if not an outright 50% boost to the top 3 XP earners on the losing team every time. Losses where you play spectacularly, yet get far fewer rewards because you had the bad luck to have a garbage team, are extremely bitter pills to swallow and leave the player feeling as if they have suffered an injustice.

    Fix it. I know you won’t, but just sayin’.

  16. How it Works. Economic: XP and Credits :
    1. Buy Premium
    2. Buy Permanent Camo T10

    Thats all ? ?? ?

  17. Christos Karsanidis

    WG: How Economics work… It doesn’t. Not really. It all depends on making you frustrated enough to use your credit card. Have a nice day “captains”.

  18. How to gain profit from T10 ships
    1: load best non premium camouflage you had
    2: load flag and economic signal
    3: press back and chose Tier 7 or 6 ships
    4: profits??
    Thanks me later

  19. for all Battleship players, go tank !! you’ll earn more xp, lul

  20. Wingslinger (NA)

    Anyone else notice someone missing/replaced in these vids? I wonder, quit or fired.

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