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In the new episode, we’re going to tell you about expenses and what a ship’s post-battle service entails.
What are the mandatory and optional post-battle expenses? Does the cost of a ship’s post-battle service depend on her type? What signals and camouflages reduce the post-battle service cost?


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  1. How it works: Buy premium or go broke.

    • Exactly


    • Haris Sejdinović

      @HMS Hood its actually pay for progress..with premium and a lot of signals and camos you will progress quicker than players without doesnt give you advantage in battles…you can have a premium but if you are noob you will still progress slowly

    • @Haris Sejdinović And even pay to progress… It’s actually not that bad at all.

  2. World of Warships Official Channel

    Commanders! We update and re-upload episode How It Works: Economics – Expenses
    In this episode, we’re going to tell you about expenses and what a ship’s post-battle service entails.

    What are the mandatory and optional post-battle expenses? Does the cost of a ship’s post-battle service depend on her type? What signals and camouflages reduce the post-battle service cost?

    For the answers to these and other questions, watch the new episode of the most useful series on our channel!

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    • How ramming damage actually calculate ?

    • Carl Brutonawalski

      Thank you for this re upload 😁

    • To WG Technical Product Manager:

      Missing game mode

      1.Please improve COOP. I just want to team up with bots, and don’t like silly human players. The reason will be stated later.

      2.Bots in COOP with camo?
      Rusty ships are ugly. I don’t mind bots can be financially benefited.

      3. Please stop bots from ramming each other.
      COOP doesn’t generate much income. You ‘ll loose credits even with a premium CV.
      I understand credit mechanism but it’s just not what players want.
      Once again, game is designed for the players and not just whatever WG wants.
      You are working on something not demanded. Anyone wants to buy it? Can a business be successful?
      This is a very basic business strategy. It’s not strange players are leaving this game when WG failed to provide products that are needed.
      Now back to my topic.
      There are not enough bots in the enemy team. The human players would quickly sink them all and leave nothing to me.
      Through the whole game I may get 0 kills. The COOP games don’t last long and I lose credits. It’s not me, but WG dev is playing the game.
      Listen to the players and do not be stubborn and insist on your own design. Change the mindset of “play or leave”. Players are your customers and should be treated properly. Players will spend more with a good experience. Please put yourselves in the players’ shoes. Will you do it? I believe it’s not hard, please do it, and be thoughtfully. Don’t just try to make easy money. The latest premium ships didn’t get me good experience. Please do something to improve game environment.
      COOP is full of human DD players, I cannot get even one kill before these DD players in a BB. Even 12 reports are not enough.
      These are the reasons I don’t like playing in Random mode or team up with players I don’t know:
      a. bad team mates
      No support: DD in the cap get killed easily without support.
      Not going out to cap: Cap is necessary in random, otherwise it will surely be a loss.
      No kill: They don’t have enough skill to sink the enemy.
      Why not try to communicate with team mates? Cos they are hopeless and incapable.

      b. What happened:
      Some team mate sailed through B area, instead of stopping and capping it, he kept on sailing to get a kill.
      but get killed because of his poor skill.
      I had to give up supporting C and try to cap B.
      As a result C was lost, I was in a CA and could not tank in B.
      The other team all gathered in A which we could not take.
      So all was lost.
      This kind of situation always happen in random mode. Do you think you can like it?
      A game is for the release of stress, not release stress for others.
      That’s why I prefer COOP than random, unless I can have some players I know in my team.
      If a game is frustrating like that, why not stay in COOP.
      Improve ships and captain skills
      1. Nerfing of Stalingrad brought me poor experience.
      Radar lasts for only 20s, this is way too short. Main gun range is short too. Fire prevention, Basics of Survivability and Vigilance are not in captain skills which really hurts her performance.
      Do not pointlessly nerf steel ships.
      This is immoral to nerf steel ships as the players spend much time on the game to get them. Once they are nerfed, are you going to return me the steel?
      This is not the same Stalingrad I bought.
      I even did some research on Russian history and cultural after playing this game.
      It is not allowed to cheat in the making of food or sell food in misleading packages.
      For example:
      How do you feel if you found out the vodka you bought is watered down or even just fake?
      Or chocolate labeled as 100% is actually less than 50%?
      Or milk power has chemicals and food colors in it?
      What’s your feeling then? Are you going to buy the same product?
      Does this kind of description make sense? The players feel the same thing.
      When ships players bought with money or steel are nerfed, they feel like they bought fake, watered down vodka.
      Are you going to buy premium ships or steel ships? I don’t think so.
      PS: The torpedo firing arc on Tirpitz got narrowed down which is not mentioned in update notice and was done secretly。
      This is no difference from those black-hearted factories in Taiwan.
      In 2001 some food safety incidents happened in Taiwan when industrial plasticizer DEHP was found being used in food and drinks as a clouding agent for the sake of cutting cost. Beside of common drinks, it was also found in cakes, breads and medicines.
      The “melamine milk powder” scandal exposed in China in 2008 is of the same nature: fake product.

      2. Captain skills:
      Bring back manual AA, CV is OP.
      Manual secondary is far from accurate and basically useless.
      Especially the secondary guns above T8 can shoot very far, but what’s the point if they can’t hit a thing?
      It’s an old problem, please listen to the players, super test players had reported inaccurate secondary guns many times.
      It has to be resolved ASAP.
      Please make super battleships Satsuma and Hannover available for purchase and can be used in any game mode.

      Old problems those are not resolved.

      1. So much appreciate for listen to my last suggestions and make steels available in everyday containers. However 20 steel a day doesn’t make much difference. Since any steel premium ship costs over 30,000. Even 300 steel for each victory in Ranked and Clan Battles doesn’t help much. Super containers, if you count on them, may contain 1,500 steel. Players can have to keep collecting steel till 2035. Is it possible that we can purchase steel in premium shop, or reward 1,000 to 1,500 steel for daily mission?

      2. It’s too difficult to get research points. Now 400reserch points can be obtained through daily missions. As a COOP player with just 17,800 points, I have next to no chance to get an Ohio of 62,000 points or a Siegfried of 47,000.
      I felt so helpless when thinking about resetting T10 lines, family and work do not allow me to entirely regrind T1 to T10. I believe you have a family. Do you like the idea of spending more time on the game than staying with family members, or being complained by your significant half about gaming too much, or missing out the only chance parenting children? I don’t think you do.
      The concept of Research Bureau is totally not for the players. It makes WOWS feels more like a duty or full time job instead of a relaxing and enjoyable game. The games are for players to enjoy is what I believe. Think about those super test players who play the game for a long time cannot have all of these ships, let alone normal COOP players.
      Research Bureau is a wrong way of adding game content. 90% of players dislikes it. Is WG not aware of it? The game is made for the players and supposed to be designed from the players’ point of view.

      3. Some 5 years old models in the game needs to be improved. Please make superstructure windows on the Tirpitz and the Montana transparent. Searchlights lenses look like plastic because they don’t have reflection or glare.

      4. Charging 10,000 steel for silver Yamato camo is unreasonable even crazy. Please drop the price to 3,000 steel.

      5. I’m appreciate of recent changes made by WG and you have definitely improved the game. It’s time to make more changes to make players want to spend more on the game instead of make them feel hopeless and stop spending and uninstall the game. I believe WG doesn’t want to see such thing happens.

    • @Reaper I’m not WG or anything but I would say somethings about your comment.
      1. A comment section is not the place for suggestions, the guy reading this is most likely a community manager who can’t pass these to the dev or management team.
      2. I agree that coop needs to be buffed, right now it’s just free wins. Bots with camo, upgrades, commander skills(probably up to 10 pts) and top modules, signals etc should be there. But there is no way you can get zero kills consistently in coop. You should be getting plenty of kills.
      2. I understand that randoms can be frustrating, happens to me alot too, and I’m not going to try and turn you to a random battle player, not everyone can take this level of frustration.
      3. Stalingrad deserve to be nerfed. It’s more like the vodka brand that you like and consistently buy again and again is too extreme and people keep telling the brand to reduce it. They are going to change the label and things but you may not like it again because it’s not as extreme as it used to. For the ship it’s buy once and keep forever even if they nerfed it but we all knew that t10 special ships can be nerfed and buffed at WG’s convenience and you bought it anyways. Back to the ship, Stalingrad is ridiculously overpowered, its guns have comparable penetration to north carolina’s guns, has one of the best ballistics in the game and can comfortably wreck battleships and cruisers alike at long range, the ship is covered in 50mm plating which is far better than half of the battleships have and also has an icebreaker. The “weak” citadel can’t be citadeled at long range if you don’t have guns with high penetration. In addition the 12km radar is just downright cancerous if you are a DD facing against it. You are not the only one playing that ship. Many players(including myself) also play it and many more face against it, the nerf is fair. The loss of fire prevention and basics of survivability is bad for every super cruiser in the game but they are all broken compared to regular cruisers(except azuma that ship sucks).
      3.5(?). It is bad on WG’s part to secretly change certain things, but then again the game is super buggy but then again it’s on WG’s part to make the game not buggy.
      4. Yes, please. Improve AA and secondaries.
      Although I would prefer an extensive change on AA and carriers that rewards good plays on surface ship’s part. For secondaries I would prefer if they add layered secondaries like how AA has layers while buffing the accuracy significantly(especially the commander skill to improve secondary accuracy).
      5. No. Satsuma and Hannover stay on their own mode and go after they are due. In random battles, while they are not OP they are still significantly better than standard battleships. In competitive modes they should never come close to competitive.
      6. Steel and research points are for specific subgroup of players. Steel is for highly skilled competitive players while research points are for die-hard players who just play this game for long periods of time or whales who have a ton of money to spend. They should be locked to their specific methods of earning them. It is not really rewarding for either group of players if everyone else is running around in ships that are supposed to be specific to them. But there should be another way to reward research bureau as well, for example rewarding some points when a player finished an entirely new branch instead of regrinding an existing branch. Many players would prefer to grind a new branch rather than have their hard earned ships sold and have to regrind them again. Of course if you can’t get these eye watering ships you can always get coal and freexp ships, which you can earn more easily.
      7. Yes improve old models of ships.
      8. Just like before you do not need to buy that. While 10000 is unreasonably expensive, 3000 is too cheap. Something along the lines of 7500-8000 is reasonable for a camo which is 80% show-off, 20% use as any other perma camo.
      9. I would appreciate if WG stop ruining the game like adding more aircraft and refresh the game with more historical ships(german battlecruisers[they are adding them], british battlecruisers, japanese light cruisers, alternative american destroyers, japanese battlecruisers, italian destroyers, dutch destroyers, european cruisers, pan-american battleships etc)

  3. the thumbnail, those are old icons XD

  4. VietCong InBush

    I do not care much about economics but… Please bring back the 10x flag reward for earning achievements. Earning achievements feels pointless without additional reward.

  5. Condurat Cornel

    And they still wont explain the difference cost per ship type as a dd , cruiser, battleship , aircraft carrier ( a lazy video ) . A line cv at tier 10 ( midway for exe ), without premium camo cots 250 k per battle if you lose more then 60 planes.

  6. Honestly tier X upkeep costs are way too high for standard accounts. Almost every lost match results in a loss of credits unless you have really good game

    • that’s WG way to make people play lower tiers, which works perfectly fine unti they release tier 10 prems

    • @Waldherz FeuerClan I don’t think that’s the case, wargaming’s policy of ignoring everything the seasoned players say just to try and lure in new players shows that probably the most money comes from new players that technically have no need for premium stuff, but want to reach high tiers faster so they either buy premium account or premium ships

    • Waldherz FeuerClan

      @Scatoletta …Thats probably also true. Sadly.
      I admit that Im also throwing money at this game. But Id rather waste it at this game than buying 3 new games that die in 8 months xD

    • @Scatoletta I play tier X and don’t pay a single dollar to Wargaming. The thing is, tier X upkeep is really not that bad and the point is to encourage people to play low tier. Alternatively, to pay for premium. But it’s really not that hard to play tier X all the time. You’re basically asking for a free game to give you more free stuff… It’s a business: they need to make money and this is in nooo way scummy, it’s pretty tame.

    • @dzello I’m not asking for more free stuff, I’m asking to play the game without getting penalized for doing so. Doesn’t sound like an absurd thing to me. As for the lower tiers thing, people that mostly play tier X would probably just go play tiers VIII or IX, wich are in the same matchmaking area, few people would go lower than that. And yeah it might not bankrupt players, but I just can’t stand the idea of having to pay credits just to get into a match

  7. WG: It is worth going down fighting and shoot as much as you can
    Also WG: You will need to pay for every piece of ammunition after each battle

    • Imagine being in a german battleship and paying for each shells a secondary battery will fire

    • @UssopSniperKing since people these days keep themself at the back and try to hit shit at 20km. Secondary won’t has much chance to shoot anything

    • @Volknet AI. When you have the Kurfurst and you shoot with the same dispersion as a shotgun that’s different story ^^

  8. This message needs to have been driven HARD a long time ago.

    Also, bring back signal flags rewards for achievements.

    Removing that was a MEAN thing to do.

  9. Gerasimos03 The builder

    You didn’t even tried to go in detail… Like, do AP shots cost more than HE? what about torpedoes, ect! C’mon wargaming! Really? XD

  10. WG would you be so kind as to give us back signals for achievements, even if the number is massively reduced.

  11. Astaven Repulsive

    1:00 I’m not hiding, I just don’t wanna the enemy gains more xp by killing me

  12. Hey wargaming bring back 10 signal we won with achievements in the battles

  13. And if you have a carrier, it’s like you sailed into battle with two ships. All the aircraft you lost are one and then you pay for the carrier itself.


  15. How it works: Play Yamato.
    Fire a full salvo of 9 shells.
    Pay 3.6K credits for 1 salvo.

  16. MikeG's Gaming Pub

    God I wish more people knew about the fixed cost of ships.

  17. It called Camping with a Camper Rush Thrown at the end of the Map 😂

  18. bring back the flags rewards for achievements. for once listen to your players base

  19. How it Works: Economics – Pay for premium time or a premium ship or you will find your account running bankrupt from the sheer cost of buying flags because if you arent paying for premium time or whatever wargaming doesnt want you to play the game

  20. How It Works: Economics. Predatory monetization the walkthrough.

    We’re going to try our darndest to force money out of you if you don’t like it, enjoy playing at a disadvantage to people who do. (Yes. Flags are a advantage.)

    Bonus wg points for simping in their comments section.

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