How it works. Essentials in 170 seconds | World of Warships

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The new episode of How it Works is for those taking their first steps on the path to conquering the seas of World of Warships. In just 170 seconds, we’ll tell you about all the basics of the game.

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about new episode?
    Show it to your newbie friend!:)

  2. Very nice In-a-nutshell video!
    I wish I could spend more time on WoWS but my national exams and home study start tomorrow. 😛

  3. 1:52 you sure it’s only 4 WG? Submarines are already being tested so you might have to update this video in a few months

  4. And don’t forget, there’s no such thing as a “Friendly” torpedo!

  5. World of Warships: Release a new guide video and told us what should be done*
    Players: We know that. What a useless video.
    Also players (most of them): stay at the back trying to farm damage and hit basically noone and then blame others.
    WG: Pikachu face*

    • @carloivanoide rodel i’m sorry, mislead myself to another thread. About those background players, and how they do damage: They rely on other (who they don’t support to stay alive) to spot and cap, so they have something to shoot on. As soon as those “idiot dd died” they will start complaining, that they are spotted, the enemy hits them and someone else should hold the caps, while they throw more shit at the enemy near their max range and hope, that some might stick.

    • @day spoiler I cap in a BB. Mainly because I can take hits that smaller, weaker-armored ships cannot.

      I may be slow, but I’m tough. That’s what it takes to take and hold caps.

      Cruisers and destroyers are great at spotting and capping at lower tiers, but when they start dying in one hit, like you often see in T8, T9 and T10 even in co-op, you soon find out that they’re not so good at holding onto their gains.

      That’s where the heavily armed, heavily armored, mobile seagoing fortress known as The Battleship, comes in.

      I’m not sure about you and Randoms, but when I play in Co-Op/Scenarios, taking and holding points even in the slowest of the slow, is a piece of 18.1 inch diameter cake.

    • @carloivanoide rodel “trying to”

    • @day spoiler Desperate time called for desperate measure. I don’t usually cap in BB but when I do, it is just to halt enemy points for the team.

    • @day spoiler man i love seeing suicidal bbs so i can farm damage from them.

  6. Look at your mini-map more than occasionally please.

  7. “Your teammates are green, you shouldn’t shoot them.”

    Glad we cleared that up. Seemed a little complex an idea for some people. Thank you for elaborating.

    • Ltdann maybe when some tk’s they should be forced to watch this lol.

    • My favorite scenario is when a player perhaps boops into another player at the start of the match and shaves off maybe 10 health, and the other player takes this as such an offense that they think it constitutes a full salvo into said player shaving off a quarter of their health in retaliation. Like do we need to be that petty? Take the high ground people.

    • I prefer the Pink XP Boost

  8. Someone's Youtube Username

    0:41 “Stay constantly on the move”
    *[laughs in island/smoke camping meta]*

  9. “Your teammates are green, you shouldn’t shoot them.”

    tell that to the gaede who shot me today

  10. 2:08

    Graf Zeppelin: well yes but actually no

  11. “Stay constantly on the move”
    *Laughs in American cruisers throwing HE behind an island*

    • @Conner Miles Not when you are behind an island since it means giving a plane squad a room to get closer to you and avoid AA.

    • *Laughs in CV*

    • @Tetragon 213 Why dont you try that out yourself with Midway’s planes, the tankiest planes in the game, and see if it works.

    • @Kirina Yuuki It’s not *as* bad these days, but it’s still possible to drop on an AA Worcester. Usually this happens when the Worcester is somehow still alive after 15 minutes and everyone else is either dead or on the other side of the map.

  12. Great tutorial and nice remind for all new players who are always welcomed to join.
    “May the sea be fair for you.”

  13. And I thought this shouldve been the first video of the “How it works” series and not the last one 😀

  14. it tooks 4 years to make this

  15. “All ships are divided into 4 types”
    And soon a fifth type is coming.

  16. Mustofa Zahronroziqin

    “Your teammates are green, you shouldn’t shoot them.”
    i always getting sunk by friendly torpedo, anyone who use destroyer, attention teammate first before launch torpedo

  17. “Your teammates are green, you shouldn’t shoot them.”
    But sending your torps at them are ok.

    Jk, dont do that either. In fact, dont launch torps behind allied ships at all.
    Looking at you IJN cruiser players with long range torps :-v

  18. Do the how it works RAMMING!!!!
    JUST DO IT!!!
    all u need is making a vid about ships ramming other ships….don’t wait….
    JUST DO IT!!!!! start to make usefull how it works finally.
    what are u waiting for…… DO IT!!1!!!!!11!!!

  19. “Two teams take part in each battle, with the green color representing allies; You shouldn’t fire at them.”

    My very first battle on World of Warships, I can still remember it. I chose Hashidate, and spawned next to an Eerie. The counter hit zero, and as I gazed into the horizon of the Islands map eager to see what’s ahead. I was suddenly greeted with a shaking camera and damaged inflicted. It took me a moment to realize the damage was coming from my right, and the Erie was firing his full volleys at my front hull.I was confused, he was green, I looked at the map, he was on my side. I hit Enter and told him “Friendly fire mate, don’t shoot.” He gave no response, and just continued firing despite chat comments, his shots getting more accurate, and starting fires on my ship (what used to be a cause back then).
    I tried sailing away, I returned fire, the game told me not to, I was super confused. He never stopped and I sunk by friendly fire. My first battle was humiliating, I never got to see the enemy or experience full joy without discomfort that day. Lest to say, it never stopped me from my 4 year run with the game. I do say I miss the good ol’ days when less people complained about behaviors back then. There were way less Pinks back then. 😛

  20. Stranger Phenomenon


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