How it works: Expenses | World of Warships

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What kinds of game expenses exist? How can you reduce the cost of a ship’s post-battle service? To learn the to these other questions, watch the new of the most useful series on our channel!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode? Was it useful?
    Don’t miss the final “economic” episode on next week:)


    I love the “How it works videos”

  3. Francisco DeTonne

    The first half minute of the video:
    throwing shades at back line “snipers” while supporting the accursed playstyle at the same time by rewarding damage dealt the most

  4. Syukri R.Robert

    This guide is great for Noobs that afraid getting their ships scratched/damaged/sunk. Noobs playing sniper leaving cruiser and DD undefended.

    • Vladimir Pelipenko

      +Suicidal Towelie well that’s great for brawling ships like Montana and Gross. but if in the Yamato, it needs distance to avoid ramming or getting brawled by an enemy BB’s. That’s why i keep my Yamato in a mid section of the map to support the team with 18.1 inch terror… 🙂

    • Vladimir Pelipenko

      +Syukri R.Robert yeah that’s true i find my friendly Gross sitting at the back like an idiot. and me in the Yamato i stay at the mid section of the map and i support the team more than the stupid captain in the Gross….. also if you see some “rented ships” they can be noobs.

    • Sons of Odin Warships

      Be sure not to mistake a mincing faggot for a noob 😀

    • +Vladimir Pelipenko Big difference between the Yamatos hiding at 24km and the Yamatos doing bow in tanking of BB AP at 15km.

  5. An Iowa class Battleship

    *Laughs in Missouri*

  6. So a T10 ship cost 2 crates + 1 stack of silver huh? That clears that up!

    • If you dont have any T10 ship you cant know this. The Service Costs of T10 is 180.000 Credits. Premiumcamo reduces it to 90.000 Credits. You can see this in the Arsenal at Bourgone or Salem. But if you dont got any T10 Ships?! Why is it neccesary to know how much the service costs are?! Just stay on your Tier and wait for the big ships ;P

    • +Lenny Vega I have 3k battles at T10. I just think it’s a bit weird that WG purports to tell us something, but then presents it in such a roundabout way as to provide next to no information.

    • 1 crate = 100k

    • +Snagabott It was just a graphical representation of “more.”

  7. But how much do my reloads cost?

  8. Salem be like: What expense?

  9. i wish wows will drop the meritorious service during every anniversary

  10. Wish i had all those flags and camo like that!

  11. I still wish you could earn gold by playing battles using a premium ship

    • Nicolas Cuvelier

      keep dreaming.
      Imagine : playing in missouri will bring you both tons of credits plus dooblons ? lol not broken at all.

  12. Well this vids is usefull finally i can manage sum of my money

  13. t10 repair cost = 180k

  14. Can we make the 1st minute obligatory to watch if you want to play a ship above T8 ? There is so much campers in the game it looks like WOT

  15. I like this series a lot, but I wish this one had more details.

  16. you actually forgot the League Flag, which gives -10% maintance of ship


    HP SAVING IS NOT A THING, HEARD IT HERE FIRST… wait we‘ve already been telling you for ages

  18. nice, at the end of the battle your fighters get destroyed and you have to pay for them

  19. Shells actually cost you money. Damn it this is why I lose money when playing kitakaze.

  20. please show us “How AA guns works” !!!!

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