How It Works: Firing and Dispersion | World of Warships

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WeR;ve updated our video “How It Works: Firing and Dispersion”
In this episode, weR;re going to discuss how you can improve your ship’s firing accuracy.
Where will shells that are fired land? What is the dispersion ellipse? How can you automatically lock onto a target ship? How can you increase firing accuracy by reducing shell dispersion?
For the answers to these and other questions, watch the new episode the most useful series on our channel!

00:00 – Intro. How It Works: Firing and Dispersion in World Warships
00:40 – Dispersion ellipse
01:35 – Leading a target
02:10 – Automatic target lock-on
03:20 – “Maximum dispersion” for ships
04:30 – How are shells distributed inside the dispersion ellipse — the Sigma parameter
05:10 – How to change the size the dispersion ellipse
05:40 – Outro. How It Works: Firing Mechanics in World Ships

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  1. I’ve already seen this episode. TL:DR- The great CC dispersion and the firing of WG as a reputable company.

  2. The dispersion on their communication(s) must be quite large.

  3. World of Warships Official Channel

    We’ve updated our video “How It Works: Firing and Dispersion”

    🔔Leave us a comment right after subscribing to the channel –
    We’re going to discuss how you can improve your ship’s firing accuracy. Where will shells that are fired land? What is the dispersion ellipse? How can you automatically lock onto a target ship? How can you increase firing accuracy by reducing shell dispersion?
    📝 Read the news on your server:

    • [^/] 343 Guilty Spark

      Ty for making these videos, they are awesome

    • y’all can make a video about firing accuracy, but cant land a decent public apology beyond “I’m sorry that you’re upset.” smh

      I love WoWs but I stopped years ago because you kept pulling all these scummy things

    • We don’t give a shit, fix your game 😀

    • @Reaper my dude, I think they’ve got a bigger dumpster fire going on than concerns about a nerf to what was a disgustingly(and still is) over powered ship 😂

  4. How it works: lying about submarine, cc, random box, Yukon, and missouri.

  5. How it works: Communication
    that’s an episode i’d watch for sure

  6. Francisco DeTonne

    WG, you only show horizontal dispersion in-game. Vertical dispersion is hidden in the game and players must use 3rd party sites to know it.
    It’s pretty shady because you can secretly buff or nerf things without telling players.

    • I dont know if anyone else noticed this, but almost everytime i buy a new ship the first round is great, and the rest get worse… I remember my first round in a Geniasenau… 6 citadels at a fairly long range… I dont think i ever got another citadel in that ship…

    • Like hidden “internal” armor plating?

    • funny tho
      before iam into wows alot i had a thought that this game is bad because there are no pen rate on the shells beside HE, and yeah this game turns into bad because of the hot things happening right now lol

      i guess, karma hits you WG now

    • @Igor Knezevic Yes. I suspect the 1st match is always matched with potatoes too.

    • @Keith W Yeah.. Or that.

  7. How to disperse your community in a few simple steps.

  8. How it works: torps dispersion while manoeuvring.

  9. Almost a 50:50 like dislike ratio

    This game has gone downhill fast

  10. How much Russian BS round dispersion is there when firing at a Little White Mouse from close range?

  11. Wargaming: We will explain how you can improve your dispersion, all you have to do is buy this lootbox, where you may have a 1 in 2000.000.000.000 chance of getting a 1% chance of wargaming being sensible and communicating!

  12. The company trying to rob the playerbase’s wallet while screwing over the remains of the game


    Hope falls,Discontent rises

  13. You made your own video on “firing” and totally missed the mark! You’re talking about metrics we can’t see written on your wiki or check ingame. Aiming and accuracy in WoWs are mostly influenced by the cheap servers you provide: creating chaotic RNG (5y old), “lock-on” bug (5y old), “curving torpedos” bugs (2 months old), 1st salvo on new target bug (3-4y old), desync bug (4y old). Adding this to the UI and other general bugs (50+) I would say the solution is for you to make more loot-boxes, just in case kids 7y+ wanna gamble!

  14. You mention there is a Sigma Value! You mention this Sigma Value is individual per ship! You mention it’s important to consider this Sigma Value? … -> Where can I get the information about the Sigma Value of my ship? -> What happens, if I have to aim at a target which is not in 90° angle to my shooting direction? … etc. => I would appreciate a 2nd part of the video to explain more in detail? Does anone have a link to an aiming tutorial more detailed?

    • Oh that’s part of the soft stats. What the devs did was rely on their Community Contributers to find those details out during the review process to allow the customers to make informed decisions but well then they treated them like garbage, went a wee bit mad with the gambling mechanics and caused most of the CC’s to walk out…including perhaps the best CC they had, LittleWhiteMouse who was almost like an extra QA department for WG. Good luck getting a straight answer out of the devs on your question though 😉

  15. You know what a great asset to learn about dispersion is? Little White Mouse’s reviews. A shameful display by a greedy company chased her, and many, *many* others off, though.

  16. WG: “Lets post lots of videos so they forget the cc drama!”

      What is the CC Drama? I never heard of it.

      …unless that’s the one with Yukon. Then I very well remember that.

    • @stevemc 01 The CC Drama came pretty much right after the Yukon incident. All the Major CCs Littlewhite mouse, Mighty jingles, Flambass etc had a mass exitus and Wargaming is pretty much on fire with all the CC drama and how it got into media. thats pretty much a really short version of it.

    • Dont forget the fact that gaming medias are covering the gambling and other bs WeeGee is doing

    • @Seawolf So it’s basically all the major content creators for WoWs bailing due to pressure?

    • @Jesse “Okokok. I know we screwed up our own content creators and the whole Yukon thing, but have some Soviet carriers so you don’t bother us anymore.”

  17. Good timing, WG. You constantly firing those guns to community creators and player base, making your game less of a ships shooting at one another into a gacha game. There is a saying that if there is a mass exodus of CC, the game is officially dead.

  18. Instead of a video on firing and dispersion, how about a, “How it works: Monetization and Empathy to CC’s”?
    On a constructive level I can say though that I would rather a video discussing the scoring system in detail.

  19. “Eight accurate 406mm guns”, a direct quote of the Constellation… made me laugh so hard when I took her out into battle for the first time, and hit like 8% of shots because they either failed to show up at all, or decided to shoot 2km past/short where I aimed. Which, fun fact, is not how shells work. But don’t let facts come into the game. That would just ruin the fun…

  20. The only firing mechanic I’d be interested in is the personel at WarGaming themselves.

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