How it Works: Firing and Dispersion | World of Warships

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How accurate are my guns? Where do shells go after being shot? To learn answers to these and other questions, watch the new episode of the most useful series on our channel about the ship’s accuracy!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode? Was it useful?
    We hope it would help you to aim better:)

    • Told me the dispersion is ridiculous

    • It appears that the ‘elipsoide’ expands once the ship has disappeared and your rounds are already in flight.

    • You guys need to tune down the volume of the sounds that are “not important” the voice shouldn’t be in the backround, the gunfire, the music, the footage all of these have too much of an impact. It doesn’t help me as a player, that tryes to learn the game mechanics, to hear and see all of the stuff implemented. Tune it down so I can concentrate on the informational footage and maybe talk to Ichasegaming so that you guys can work together to make the informational videos/footage better, why him? Cause he already made a video series about the game mechanics. You can learn from him.

    • You missed the vertical sigma and dispersion. As I remember it, those are an additional value. But it was cool.

    • People whom it takes _that_ long to learn how to aim probably have something wrong with their eyes. Or their brains.


  3. Aiming is easy, the trick is not being bent over the barrel by the game’s dispersion.

    • Sarp Kaplan
      Everything in the game has dispersion, and can be screwed over by it, it’s not unique to BBs. BBs just have the largest dispersion ellipses, and the longest reload times on their guns, so it’s much easier for them to be screwed over by it, and to notice it, and to complain about it.

    • Konahrik Dezwahrel well that’s exactly why i wrote the comment above… I know every ship has it.

    • Exactly, that’s why this game isn’t rewarding to better players, cause bad players can achieve exactly the same thing by just spamming HE in American cruisers

    • Tiago Casquinho not true, i find bbs much easier to play then cls.

    • Yesterday, my Yamato was missing all the shots, and I was aiming in the right place, and it lands all around, overpen, bounce, break, miss, I didnt know what to do.

      So I take the Montana and said, well… if 9 Guns doesnt help, I guess 12 will do.

      And I had results. Still… too depressing to play with the Yamato, and miss all the shots, or when RNG opens a gap in the shells to fit a ship with 10 hp, 2 salvos, 18 shells, all around the target. Danm…

  4. PPs biggest fan kingtiger kriegsmarine

    I’m proud of my premium ships tirpitz and graf spee

  5. Such a crock! With my German Battleships I can fire and the shells go forward, ahead, port and starboard of the ship. All in one volley and not hit the ship! I wish we could set the aiming like ships and planes could

  6. Immanuel Gilveneli Agnes

    Why is math everywhere… ?

  7. Please. Stop. Fuso. Abuse.

  8. This time a Fuso shooting another Fuso
    Best kind of abuse ?

    PS. German BBs best accuracy

  9. @Everyone
    Fuso is back ? ?
    Her first appearance 2:42

  10. Its interesting that these videos werent there from the start.

    • Better late then never and i am glad they are cause there are so many new players in Wows these days.

    • There are guide vids before the game even releases and theyre now horribly inaccurate. Back then, they probably intended a more epic naval game than an island camping, bow on reversing, he spamfest that it is now

  11. For Battleships, this is called the buckshot effect 🙂 Poor poor fishies.

  12. Great vid, more experienced players have it figured out over 1000’s of battles but for new ones it is a blessing. I wish I saw it loooong time ago. Make more of those and include dispersion value/chart in the ship specs so everyone can get the data out. Cheers!

  13. every time i play my gangut

  14. This video in one phrase:


  15. But they will never change the HE Machine gun ship.

    Please nerf HE

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      There is no firechance per salvo. Your first comment was simply (sorry but it’s true) stupid. You should go back to the How It Works video where they explain how fire works.
      There is only fire chance per shell. And it’s 5% on every single shell. If you hit 2 shell it’s still 5% not 10%. If you shoot a whole salvo it’s still remain on 5% on every shell no matter if the others set fire or not.
      With captain flags it goes up to 6%. And as most Harugumo captain use IFHE it goes down to 4% and with the other captain skill it’s still 6% only. There is no firechance per salvo only per shell.
      Learn the game mechanics start this video series from the start and look the HE and Fire parts.
      It’s the same if (just for the example) supercontainer chance would be 1% that not mean there is 100% chance you get one supercontainer from 100 container because it’s 1% chance every time. And Harugumo has 5 turrets 2 gun per turret, if it would be as you say, that means 10 turret salvo 5% chance per shell 10*5 50%. This is also shows well how stupid what you said.

    • Sorry but you are just ignorant.
      Each shell has 5% yes, but a combined number of shells, a salvo, that chance goes up. It is called statistics and probability and you just proved you know nothing about it.
      Yes 1 shell is 5% but when you fire 10 at a time you must combine the 5% of each shell. And thus we get to 40% base fire chance per salvo.
      I advice some reading on the matter so that you don’t make a stupid of yourself. No hard feelings on my behalf.

    • +Antonio David
      Not really, WG posted a video about how fire chance (per shell) is actually calculated, but I’ll give you that given the amount of shells being flung mindlessly at a ship, the fire chance can be obnoxious to endure

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      You call me ignorant while you are the one who not understand the game mechanics.
      I know about statistics, but you clearly know nothing about game mechanics.
      Yeah, if more shell hit you, it means more chance to one of them set you fire. But it’s not change the fact that every single shell firechance counted individually and it’s not increase the firechance if you shoot a salvo or just one shell or keep firing.
      The only chance which is change is there is more shell means more chance to one of them set a fire. But it’s not increase the firechance of the shell and not create any salvo chance.
      1 Shell is 5% and if you fire 10 at a time you still have 10 shell each of them with 5%. And there is also the fact some of those shell may not even hit the target which means they 0% to create any fire, those who hit are counted individually, and if any shell start a single fire in it’s 5% the others can’t start another fire on the same part of the ship.
      What you talking about is the more shell hit a ship it has more CHANCE not greater chance just more chance.
      That means if you shoot a 10 shell salvo it’s not 40% chance to set a fire, but 10 times 5% the same chance when you shoot single shells 10 times in a row alone.
      If you think you smart enough to talk about statistics please take time to learn about game mechanics. WG has a video about fire too because now here only you make yourself stupid. 🙂
      Just made a quick Training room test on a Yamato with my Harugumo to prove it (with 2 fire chance signal flag and no IFHE).
      278 shell started 7 fire while 322 shell were fired. That means 32 10 shell salvo made 7 fire on a ship whitout any fire prevention (no upgrade nor captain skill).
      If your 40% salvo chance would be fact, the 7 fire would came from much less salvo.

    • I am sorry that you cannot understand the definition of fire chance per salvo.
      Yes fire chance is calculated per shell at 5% each, base value. But when you shoot 10 at a time, the statistical probability of starting a fire from those 10 shells is 40%. Assuming ofc all of them hit.

  16. How it works? RNG done

  17. As a long time player of this game, I really appreciate and value the time and effort you guys are spending on making these videos, to help explain the concepts to new players, and consolidate with the knowledge of old! Loving the series.

    • In my opinion this just came way too late. I also appreciate such videos but why are they coming 3x years after the initial start of the game?
      And furthermore, if wargaming would have done such videos for carriers one or two years ago, they might not be forced to change the current system for cvs

  18. The video is great, it explains very good the mechanics while being easy and clear. The only thing that i don’t understand it’s why sigma values are not shown in the in-game port like the maximum dispersion ones?

    • It would be so difficult to play.

      I’m just taking the piss honestly I love when games go full on features, content and depth, you can sunk hours just figuring shit out.

  19. Never been this educated since elementary lol.

  20. I stopped watching when he started talking about “recticles” 2:21. As if “Ellipsoid” wasn’t bad enough. Ellipsoid is 3D. I think you meant ellipse which is 2D.

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