How it Works: Flooding | World of Warships

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In this episode we will tell you about the flooding mechanic, and how to prevent it.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about new episode? Was it useful?

  2. アレキサンダー 佐藤

    So basically *_RNGesus_* and if the enemy’s *_Damage Control Party is on cooldown_*


    • Perfect hahaha

    • what a terrible mechanic.
      turrets stunned? ill wait.
      fires? I can heal it back
      flooding? OH HELL NO.

      isnt this dichotomy a bit much WG? choices make things interesting, but flooding isnt a choice, it’s a punishment for using your ability at what hindsight may call poor timing. 60% of max HP is too much punishment, and or too much granted success for a luck based SINGLE hit of a torpedo. Grant DDs that make 30 hits with torpedoes the opportunity to get 60% of ship damage for DoTs, but dont grant DDs that hit 1-3 torpedoes per match the equal opportunity to get flooding, which is almost certain equivalent detonation for any ship that’s flooding. There is no choice to flood, it’s just an overpowered ability that you use experience to combat by abstaining from using your damage control, which is in my humble opinion, the most ass backwards meta bullshit mechanic IN THE ENTIRE GAME.

      the fact that you can heal back 100% of fire damage keeps that from summoning equal rage. It’s next to bullshit, but not quite.

    • It is a crap burger mechanic. They could balance it by lowing the initial alpha by trollpedoes. Make them do 10% of the present minimal damage and if damage control is on cool down they get the 60%. That way it rewards “skill” play from trollpedoe soup players. +ArmchairWarrior

  3. Flood my ship d a d d y

  4. Ayy Flooding, What’s worst Flooding or Fires?

  5. At least Fuso is no longer a Target

  6. That really hurt

  7. This is the best series! Informative and useful !!! Thanks guys!

  8. Can you reduce the amount of flooding by deceleration?
    It is strange that the amount of water flooding is the same during full speed navigation and while stopping.

    • You are Right. On a realistic Point of view the flooding should be reduced by speeding up

    • kein ding yo

      that would be unnecessarily complicated.
      if you go the realistic route:
      why cant you as a bb just close the flooded compartment (if it was build like this) and go on with your life?
      why does it do the same damage every second
      why does it do damage at all? real ships didnt have hp
      why do light cruisers and dds not instantly sink after a torp hit to the midship, or atleast be dead in the water?

      to put it short: simple is better and the game doesnt need to be that realistic.

    • +kein ding yo “why cant you as a bb just close the flooded compartment”
      1 – that’s what damage control is basically
      2 – this is NOT a simulator

    • kein ding yo

      +H MR 1. good point, doesnt make sense with cruisers and destroyers still
      2. yeah, that was like my whole argument there

    • I’ve never seen a DD loosing 60% by flooding 😀
      DDS are like 5% left when they eat a top….

  9. flooding is broken,

    • +Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing that is true but they did limit fires to 60 seconds but seems like soon as it goes out the next shell starts it again

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      +Charlie Kuhn It takes another additional fire to reset the fire countdown to 60 seconds while flooding remains limited to 90 seconds. Particularly because flooding is limited to one concurrence regardless how many flooding ribbons the attacker scores.

    • +Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing but flooding takes 60 percent of your hp

    • Flooding should be compartmentalized.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      +Charlie Kuhn And fire takes 100% of your hp if the HE spammer remains trolling you indefinitely. And this is why it is easier to get “Arsonist” than “Liquidator”. Because only those who misuse the DmgCon die by flooding at mid & high tier.

  10. ships have lost their bows and didn’t sink. because of damage control. you close the door to that compartment and the flooding is isolated to that compartment only

    • @50charley Uh, have you heard of HMS Ark Royal? Sunk after being hit by only one torp. Same with Shinano. And same with a certain British BB, can´t remember the name right now… But many times big and modern ships sank to only ONE torp hit, a fate you won´t have in Wows (except some DDs).

    • +Glupi Medo And barring detonations.

    • +Glupi Medo are you thinking of the Barham?

      Also the biggest difference is damage control. good damage control is often what makes or breaks a ship. Unchecked damage will inevitably sink a ship, like with the Nagato after the Baker test, sinking from minor leaks that weren’t repaired, as well as Shinano, Taiho, and Ark Royal. On the other hand, responsive and skilled damage control is what saved the New Orleans when her bow was blown off up to the #2 turret, as well as what allowed the Musashi to tank 22 torpedoes before sinking. that is essentially what the Damage Control consumable is.

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      +Glupi Medo I was sailing in my Großer kürfurst and a lexington torped me. I slowed down and turned in so only 2 torps hit and while 1 took out a small 8 K the other detonated my G wagon and explosion raped my ears since i had a bass boosted headset

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      +Glupi Medo destroyers often survived torp hits irl if it hit the bow or stern

  11. “Aahhh~!! your torpedo hit me so haard!! im being f..f..filled with fluids~!”

  12. Im really hatw when flodding!,because it decrerease many of my ship hit point!

  13. I didn’t know flooding affected top speed.

    • The same for me, commanders… 3 years and I didn’t notice this hahahaha

    • Because you’re either hording your damcon consumable for flooding or you get hit while it’s on cooldown and start focusing on dealing as much damage as you can because the one torpedo already took off about 16% of your health, the flooding is gonna cost you at least 50% of your starting health, and you’re probably being shot at as well; omae wa mou shindeiru.

    • You guys arent very astute.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      On battleships, the top speed is reduced to roughly half of the max top speed, if the flooding is left unchecked.

    • ArmchairWarrior well normally when you get hit with a torp, checking your speed isn’t the highest priority on the to do list at that point.

  14. 3:29 insert “holy shit” face

    • I had the same response. LOL It kind of makes you think, should you always turn bow in? If you can take one on the torpedo belt, that definitely is a better deal, especially if your DC is on cool down.

    • I fell off my chair just looking at that outrageous damage percentage.

    • +Battle Wagon And many ships have their turrets on the front making ammo hits and turret incapacitations more likely.

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      +H MR The reason to turn bow in is because a. bow in you maybe eat one torp, two if you are very badly positioned, while broadside you eat more. A flooding can be ended with R, raw torp damage not. A torp on your bow often saturates it and means subsequent hits do far less damage, while hits on the midsection don’t saturate before you die. A torp on the bow is 50% repairable, not 10% like an amidships hit that counts as citadel damage. If you are with damage control down and have a decent torp defense system, trying to tank torps on the belt might work, but generally, you are screwed. Only ships like Conqueror or such could even hope to survive that by turning in, taking the bow hit and using repair party once about to flood out to regain all the hp lost (while taking torps on the mid-section is one of the best ways to get crippled for the remainder of the game, as no superheal repairs that hp loss back).

  15. Our cries to protect Fusōs were heard. Evidently their graphics were still prepared with Fusō in mind. Think of the Fusō lives we’ve saved.

    (Clears throat)

    Every day, countless Fusō-class battleships are lost without any meaningful return to bad captaining, including overextension, straightlining and demonstrations. But every day there is progress made.

    Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Fusōs. Protect a Fusō today.

  16. you should add when a ship floods or takes torpedoes it starts to list

    • As flawed as it is, that’s one of the most beautiful things about War Thunder Naval battles is the flooding. It is so satisfying to get a good shell hit in (since it is very rare for the ships currently ingame to survive proper torpedo hits) and see it start to list.

    • that would be so awesome

  17. 60% of max hp gone when you already took a very highly damaging attack by eatng torpedoes. pretty much making it a definite kill in any situation where damage control is unavailable.

    remeber your WASD hax and to temper that R button chaps. torps dont forgive.

  18. I love the fact that when it’s flooding, they added that special effect where the red lights on the ships turn on and sound the alarms.

    Anybody else feels me here?

  19. WoWs Logic: When flooding drains ur health completely

    *Ship explodes instead of going down*

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