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The previous episode of “How it Works” was about AP-shells. Today we will tell you about the second type – HE shells. Watch and learn!

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  1. Kompat Ekkawinsakul

    Poor Fuso :'(

  2. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?
    Was it useful?:)

    • It seemed a bit messy in the way it was organized to the previous video. Each video should be complete and not refer to other videos. In my opinion.

    • HE as it works right now, is FUBAR (fucked up beyond all recognition). HE ammo is WAY to effective and really ruining the game pretty much as its more useful to just go for HE ammo rather than AP ammo in the long run (more dmg = more xp and cash).

    • Tony Weisenburger

      so, the only damage numbers given when it penetrates is the 1/6 damage from the hull HP and the part of the ship that was penetrated. but shells have damage numbers in the thousands. why wasnt anything said about when it does full HE damage? I assume successful penetrations with HE will do full damage, but this wasnt explained.

      It seems this video was only about penetration aspects of HE. Is the value of these videos already diminishing?

    • Here an idea, reduce the fire spam,.,,

    • stop killing fuso #fusolivematers

  3. At 400 Fusō games, I protest against this needless violence. I mean come on, Fusō is well protected against HE.

    End Fusō cruelty today ;(

    • I’m well aware of Kancolle but I’m far from a fan of it to be honest. The Imperial Japanese Navy isn’t a favorite either. I like the Fusō since it was essentially the ship I used to “git gud” in WoWs, and has since taken me through 400 games (as I said).

      I have a 1/700 Fusō, I have most of the designs for Fusō (even if it’s got all the problems it has)… Consider me a Fusō fan.

      And this Fusō abuse pains me deeply ;_;

    • Fuso: “Stop shooting holes in me!”

    • Francisco DeTonne

      Keeping shooting Fusō! Keeping shooting Fusō!

    • DOCTOR DEMO fuck off weeb.

  4. Francisco DeTonne

    HE shells in this game are more Incendiary than explosive. Especially British BBs’ HE. Those are basically *NAPALM* bombs with *insane* fire causing capability.

    PS. Keep
    Literally no reason to stop.

  5. That’s a lot of damage

  6. What has Fuso done to you that its always your Target Dummy? 😀

  7. what if the he shells enters the citadel, does it do more dmg?

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Hosho has like 20mm citadel armour.
      Mutsuki’s 127mm / 6 means she has 21mm worth of HE pen – hence you can happily pen the citadel.

    • you couldnt be bullshitting any harder if you tried. mutuki has 2 guns, he is 1700 damage, if you got 2 citadels you did 3400 damage…not 18000

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      bladeclanhalo3 – I think you mis understand. He sunk the Hosho with multiple citadels from Mutsuki HE – not just 1 or 2.

    • that would make more sense

    • i did do 18k of HE damage, i did 2 floodings at the same time and he alrdy used up his comsumables so i guess the flooding killed the rest of the huge chunk of hp. And ye i shot it like 6-7 salvos of HE

      u r quite aggressive dude, take a chill pill m8 o-o

  8. Λмαтѕυĸαze Kαι Nι

    Now for How Torpedo Works…

  9. Rip Fuso

  10. Instruction unclear, regular (1/6) 152mm HE shell didn’t penetrate 25mm plating.
    152mm penetration is ~25.33mm rounded to 25mm, to penetrate 25mm armor, need at least 1mm more.
    Mogami 155mm penetrates 25.83mm rounded to 26mm, able to damage 25mm.
    203mm penetrates 33.83mm, rounded to 34mm -> damage to 33mm armor, same as in vid. But no further info.
    AND… Is that Iowa with SURVIVABILITY EXPERT?

    • Tamren Starshadow

      Not very intuitive is it. I never realized the whole +1mm mechanic was a thing until Cleveland got moved to T8 and I could barely hurt other Clevelands without IFHE.

    • Tamren Starshadow I realized that when I’m still in Budyonny, against New Mexico. Yea that US line, need IFHE and CE, that’s mean need at least 14p to be effective. My build 19p without aft tho 🙁

    • Well, that Iowa is taking IFHE so SE isn’t surprising 😛

    • They simplified it a lot, but not entirely incorrect. What you said is just the way that 152mm guns behave under this mechanic. Furthermore, they have already talked about penetration damage mechanic in the AP shell episode

  11. Every bit of information about the game, is useful, even for the pro players…

  12. 5:46 IFHE on an Iowa.

    *clapping begins*

  13. Laughs in Conqueror

  14. All the numbers and stats is really interesting… But I am more interested is how many fusos you guys tortured in the making of these episodes. 🙂

  15. 酔いどれふりす


  16. HE shells: Why bother with aim when you can just sling guaranteed damage and apply a DoT?

    • +michael non sequeter and appeal to authority, shut your stupid pathetic inbred mouth and realize that you cannot compare the problems in WoWS to the problems in WoT, in trying to you have proven yourself too stupid to live and deserve death due to your lack of intelligence.

    • ok. well that escalated quickly… did you have a bad day?

    • also. how exaclty does this make me too stupid to live. why does saying that its worse in WOT, than in WOWS. makes me inbred?

    • Don’t bother trying to reason with him. He’s just some salty kid who calls people inbred fucks and gets laughed at for being stupid all the time.

    • You know, asaea, it’d be better to cull you from the genepool.

      Less problems that way.

  17. Ser Garlan Tyrell

    So let me get this straight… You can cause a magazine detonation if your HE shell hits the water or an island close to a ship?

    • Apparently according to Wargaming, this literally impossible feat is possible in game. No such instance of it has ever occurred, nor could it.

    • Ser Garlan Tyrell

      991 LOl this I’ve got to see! Do you have a link to this video?

    • I have detonated a Khabarovsk with a Hipper HE salvo. The salvo landed in the water next to the ship, not a single target hit was registered, and the Khaba went ka-boom! So yes, it is definitely possible.

    • Yup, shell land next to ship. Shell can’t pen ship. But magazine takes damage inside ship. Makes perfect sense…. /s

    • yep, it can happen because the drunk and retarded russians decided to make it so.

  18. We will need to start a community collection to preserve Fuso at this rate. Poor old girl.

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