How It Works: Hit Points [World of Warships]

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“How come I didn’t penetrate the citadel?”
“Why did my volley deal so little damage?”
“How come I earned so few Credits despite carrying all battle long!”

Such profound questions have vexed the greatest thinkers for centuries — but not anymore! We’ve kicked off a new video series called “How It Works”, and today’s premiere episode is all about the mechanics of damage dealing.

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  1. ydidi chozedisname

    Love these kind of vids. Thanks wg

  2. I want to ask…where is crew on the ship?

  3. Next time, ship detection !

    • Sukacita Yeremia – Thanks for the clarification, I fail to see how anyone that loves this game would not welcome having their teammates properly educated in how to play the game? Instead they are falsely thinking that the ribbons they are earning while in a game or the notices they are getting somehow mean they are doing something right, when the fact is not a one of them is informing them they are doing a good job and playing as a team. Personally I am getting sick and tired of trying to tell someone in game that what they are doing is not helping only to have them come back and same some ludecress thing like “look at my stats dude” or “My score proves I am doing good” and they are clueless that none of what the game is telling them is based on good game play and really is only effective at falsely creating egos based on meritless fluff!

      BTW, Who is Jingles? Sorry I didn’t catch that, it just made zero sense what I read and did not know how to take it to be honest…;)

    • The Mighty Jingles….never heard of him?

    • Nope… This is not Santa Clause is it? I have heard of him…;)

    • No need. Your ship detail can already explain ship detection. If you’re just dumb enough. Just die.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      The description of radar has described it a lot. ‘Increases the range of assured acquisition of enemy ships’. That means every ship will be exposed regardless of the line-of-sight. As a matter of fact any ships has the assured acquisition of 2km by default. So hiding behind a landmass is not a good idea if there are enemies around it whether they have radar/hydro or not. Granted, destroyers & cruisers are heavily-reliant on using covers. However it only works if it goes as you planned within a short period of time (ambushing a battleship, or spamming HE at them while keeping them at range). And don’t camp in the same spot for 5 minutes. Even if the battle goes well, some enemies may ‘suddenly’ pop out near you & of course sink you since you are too fixated on other things.

  4. How it works: 1x hit from a BB = detonation

  5. How it works: Hit Points
    Explanation: You got some, you live. You got none, you don’t live.

  6. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about our new video series?
    Is there any game mechanics you are interested in? Let us know!

    • Love it, easier to digest and more convenient to find info on

    • Air battles with aircrafts. I often (9/10) lose mine. 🙁

    • Tony Weisenburger

      this will be a great series. keep doing them. i already knew about over saturation on different parts of the ship, but this is definitely more complex than i originally thought. good info!

    • World of Warships Official Channel if there are the hit points for the “hull” then how can you shoot the aft and,after so many hits it deducts zero???? Should it not deduct 50 percent of the shell?

    • why is german engineering on some cruisers and BB’s not as survivable as one might think….but ships from france,britain and usa seem to damage it ???I thought the germans made the ships to be unsinkable..meaning toughest armor and fastest speed…and what about all the talk about the compartments inside the ships that were designed that way?

      why don’t german cruisers and BB’s have the compartments in the citadlle to stop water flooding with the built in designs that were added to seal off an area and get the water out?

      why isnt there a auto matic crews working to to this .instead of a consumable?

  7. finally now i know how a part of ship get saturated and immune to any damage, lol

    • You needed a video for that ? 🙂

    • At least they finally tell us why there are pentrations that do no damage. It’s hard to grasp the truth when so-called “experts”, supported by their less-than-50-battles worth of gameplay spread the rumour about “spaced-armour.”

    • Well we don’t know there is an “entire hull” HP existing, for one

    • well we kinda did, just the name used was different.

      pretty much nothing in this vid was really new to myself as it is just confirmation to an extremely old guide on how it wokrs I have seen made by community long long long time ago based on alot of testing. so kinda nice to have confirmation all of this was correct 🙂

  8. WOW nice idea!!!! The community really need this!

  9. This is well done, this series will be really useful!

  10. you dont get enough praise for this kind of work. its a shame cuz this series is very interesting. keep up the good workk

  11. How it works:- “torpedo damage on various parts of a ship(bow/mid/stern)” and “spaced/turtleback armour”

  12. t10’s economy still needs work

    • Why not use the premium camo

    • If you’re good, even t10 will pay. If not, train at lower tiers once in a while to earn money.

    • T10 makes me profit in probably around 90+ % of my games. I can’t remember the last time I’ve lost money in a battle.

      Then again, I pay for premium account, many of my favorite ships have premium camo or economy camo, I use my economy signals, and I’m an above average player. It takes a concerted effort to not receive a profit with that.

    • Francisco DeTonne

      *laugh in Gamescon 2016 camo and 50% credit signals*

    • Francisco DeTonne lol. I still have about 300 of the game cams

  13. I really like this series, but how does repair party factor into this…?

    • My guess is it only repairs ‘the entire ship’ pool.

    • Ooh.. Nice question!

    • Jack Stewart it will also repair ship parts. I’m not sure about how much it does, but you lose the advantages of damage saturation during a heal. You can visually see the sections of the ship repairing up. It’s a lot easier to see in the Brits with super heal

    • My guess is after repairing “entire hull” it switches to the other compartments. Hence they stop being black..

  14. A really great idea and a perfect addition to the wiki. Now everyone who is not trusting the explanations in the wiki can look here and get an explanation directly from the developers.

  15. I appreciate this transparency, keep it coming!

  16. John Angelo Tenorio

    Fuso gets turned into a practice target. Even in WoWs, she’s quite the unfortunate lady…

    • The Warlord of the Rising Sun

      Less unfortunate and more poorly built. That’s what the IJN engineers get for being overzealous with the design. They had access to triple turret designs, but opted for the 6×2 anyways, which caused massive technical problems.

    • They should have put up the Tirpitz. I suspect the exhaust port(funnel) is the weak spot.

    • At least the Fuso class has the cool factor behind its design, it’s the only one with that kind of unique configuration. Loved her looks the moment i saw her in the first Battlestations game.

    • atleast fuso has tons of guns and a good looking pagoda, which makes it unique
      but then again that pagoda is like a christmas tree, once its on fire you’re basically spotted by everyone

  17. a detailed simulator is never boring.

  18. Why did it take you 3 years to explain the basic mechanics of the game? (this is just like world of tanks when they explained penetration 4 years later)

    • I guess partially because they DID make a tutorial, it was just buried inside the game instead of on the front of its PR. Another reason might’ve been that they saw community members teaching each other, with streamers like Flamu and writers like LittleWhiteMouse making reviews and tutorials on their own initiative. No reason to duplicate effort and step on talented toes, too.

    • They made a tutorial? HAH< no they didn't you stupid drunk little retard.

    • the fact u can learn something about watching youtubers do their thing is already a form of tutorial in itself.

  19. Please consider adding this video, and future How It Works videos, into the in-game account level tutorial section where newbies can see. I think that’ll be immensely helpful.

  20. ” tier 9-10 economy ” needs work… we need to play at low tiers to be able to make money or just have great games at high tiers.. i think you should be able to make more or the same money overall at high tiers than less…
    Great video thoufg thanks

    • yea i thought of that too… there is a point there

    • The higher costs at t9 and t10 also keeps the lower tiers populated. If the t9 and t10 were profitable, there would be no need to go into the lower tiers to earn credits and it would increase the matchmaker wait times on the lower tiers.

    • not sure about that cause if experienced players from 10 play all the time to low tiers then new people and noobs would not be able to enjoy the game…

    • Francisco DeTonne

      T8 ships must not see T10. That’s one of the ways to make the game better and more fair for everyone who has a high-tiered ship (T8 to be precise).

      Fighting the most powerful ships in wows while playing my Mogami/Edin/New Orleans is just plain unfair and painful. MORE painful if they have stock range.

    • Mogami 155 is one of the most pleasant ships to play. Uptiered is non even a problem.

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