How it works: Hitpoints in World of Warships.

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In this episode of «How it works»: Why do battleship shells sometimes deal either 1000 damage or 10 000? How does hit points system work in World of Warships?

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If you’re a console player, check out WoWs: Legends


  1. would be nice to be able to see these values in-game or at least link from game to …. somewhere, where can i see them
    also, improve your wiki, maybe divide it for simple view and complex view

  2. Fuso: Ahh sh*t here I go again

  3. le pas très gentil

    “incredibly detailed and boring simulator”

    WT players : Yes but…

    • The Cat With a Top Hat

      WT Players: Uh… eh… ah… ok, you’ve got us there.

      Honestly, WT naval mode is really boring once you get into larger ships. I like the PT boats, they match the fast paced action of other WT game modes but I gave up once I got to destroyers and had my 1918 vintage Clemson-class paired against post-war Soviet DDs with auto-loading guns.

    • @The Cat With a Top Hat Yah, its almost like its not realistic ENOUGH, so it just becomes an autistic clusterfuck

    • Yeah, it’s funny how WG is trying to put shade at WT by calling it a “boging simulator” (not directly but I mean, what else is out there?), while wows’ active-player-count is going down and WT’s is actually going up/stabilizing. You can really notice in the statistic during the CV-rework (I wonder why) and just recently during the Commander-rework (Gee, I freakin’ wonder why) there was a huge shift in player counts where WT had to give players compensation because the servers where overcrowded. Yet people still claim WoWs to be “realistic”, heck, even WG themselves call it a game with “realistic naval combat”… while having A FREAKING HITPOINT-SYSTEM… Both games have pros and conns and I can have fun in both but at least in WT I know exactly how the game works without videos like this beeing necessary, since they (in contrast to WG) give us all the numbers we need in gameplay. I mean just look at the HE-mess that is going on in WoT.
      Oh, by the way, don’t get me wrong, WoWs is not hard to understand either but what I mean with the numbers is their inconsistency so that you can dev-strike a ship from 23km with an Ohio while completely missing another ship on 6km also with an Ohio.

    • where did they diss them I missed it pls. Nvm found it 0:58

      and yeah they can diss them all they want they ahve the right because naval combat in War thunder is absolute trash while they’ve nailed it masterfully in wows. Though to give credit their ground forces are 10 times better than wargaming’s.

      And frankly my 2 cents, the realistic approach could have worked if the graphics werent so scuffed.

      And also due to slow nature of naval combat, what should have been done is somehow involve the player in more of a crew role not as a hand of god controller. Probably too far much of a departure for War thunder and main problem is the graphics, but realistic naval multiplayer combat should be done like a ship in Sea of thieves, where you are actually multiple players controlling the ship. Again though thats huge project for different time

  4. is it just me or is this a remaster of the originel series how it works? I remember watching about 15 video’s a year ago.

  5. Fuso; Why you bully me? Everyone askin!

    Everyone: poor Fuso

    • It’s the con tower, I mean look at that thing. She’s just asking for it.

    • But little do they know a Yamato or Shishkashima is lurking in the distance and nukes the minotaur across the map while it sails away laughing at the sunken Fuso off camera lol.

  6. WOWS: demonstartes an in-game mechanic
    Fuso: *guess i die*

  7. World of Warships: *making another video*
    Fuso: **sigh** ah sh*t here we go again

  8. Paolo Emilio laughs at your sections.

  9. I’m surprised I learned something new, and I’ve been playing for years lol

  10. Now WG explain your broken broken models. Why is it when dodging shots and one single shell hits the tip of my bow does in break my rudder at the very back of my ship? Did one of the other ships that missed my ship curve under the water and go under my ship to the very back and then hit my rudder? Or why is it when again dodging and a single shell hits my smoke stack does it somehow after a full second delay suddenly do citadel damage? Did the shell magically go all the way down the smoke stack into the engine? I have seen some funny hits over the years playing tanks and ships, and yes tanks is just as bad. Not sure how many times I have been hit in the view port on my turret and some how my driver die. lol

  11. But… what’s the point of explaining this in such details when there’s no way of learning the HP distribution for other ships other than data-mining?

  12. Fuso – Why me? Chose Smolensk no one even likes him!

  13. RIP teamwork, RIP spotter, RIP tanker

  14. i see you skipped over the part explaining why you receive so little coins.
    i guess it would be kinda difficult making a video telling us you guys are just money grabbers just trying to make people pay there way through the game?

    • It’s because while you’re farming your damage your team is losing.. but I got 200k dmg?.. a loser is a loser even if you did really well at it. WGing needs to reinforce the need for teamplay and support.

  15. Next Video:
    How it works: Deadeye in World of Warships

  16. Battle of warship Anas

    Another trip to the docter for fuso.

  17. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    Wows: honey here comes another How it works video
    Fuso: Yes

  18. “Without turning it into an extremely boring simulator”
    Was that a dig at the Snail which competes with WeeGee?

  19. “How not to be a potato.” – potato devs WG probably

  20. Uninstalling the game, it does the most damage, and people can’t damage you back. Big brain

  21. As a person who just started playing this was very helpful

  22. @Reaper english pls we dont speak kung pao

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