How It Works: Modules | World of Warships

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New episode about game mechanics. Study well, and destroy your enemies!


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If you’re a console player, check out WoWs: Legends


  1. Nice Job kicking one of the more popular CC! Certainly falls in line with the bullshit youre pulling of nowadays 🙂

  2. LoL wg want us to learn about modules while Thunderer simply delete them in 1 salvo
    This episode is unneeded as adding deadeye to the game.
    Post something useful like how to avoid being hit by HE shells that have the same damage amount as AP also setting you on double fire every 20s

  3. Modules: *exists

    Heavy HE damage dealers: “what is that?”

  4. Mochamad Kurnia Zhafari

    no fuso were harmed in the making of this video

  5. What is happening to Flamu ?

    • he was removed from the cc program due to his constant stat shaming and not because of his criticism

    • @Flieger Get fucking better, then play T10. It’s really fucking simple.

      People grind whole lines to have the teamplay experience and best ships to offer, until retards suicide in first 2 mins.

    • @icantake Some people will never get any better because they don’t care/ can’t. Learn to live in the real world. It’s called life!!

    • @Flieger They found the dumbest excuse of saying he stat shames people, but really hes being critical about the game so weegee decides to send him to the gulag

  6. Better don’t say anything bad about WG, their newest ship is called dictatorship.

  7. You should change the name to World of Naval Snipers given the last few years of changes have lead to extended engagement ranges.

  8. FREEDOM!!!!

  9. “in WoWs just like reality”
    is this a joke?

  10. firstly: repair your game to point where it will start working
    secondly: make video how game work

  11. Modules : *exists*

    That Smolensk/Wooster around the corner : PARRY THIS YOU FILTHY CASUAL

  12. These videos are so well presented,

    unlike your questionable balans decisions

  13. 1:53 – wtf they’re literally using pre rework carrier footage
    Also they don’t even try to hide the desync in most of the clips

  14. How It Works!! (Deep inside: it doesn’t at all)

  15. I like the part where I grinded for months to earn the Zao legendary module and then Wargaming decided to remove most of its value by taking away the rudder shift bonus. Sure, Zao needed a nerf and who cares about promised earned reward agreements. Not like its bait and switch for cash, its just your time.

  16. typeZERO R3QU13M

    WaRgAmInG, cAn yOu tEaCh uS hOw BRAWLING WORKS???????

  17. When WG wants you to win: Over penetration;
    When WG wants you to lose: Detonation!

    • and many bots and team players we like potatoes that want to escape the map by going to the bottom of the map

  18. Have you seen a warship before becuase an expert of it and tanks too?

  19. “In wows just as in reality” i stopped watching…LMAO
    DDs tanking mini coopers shot by yamato…
    “Overpen”, ” giant hole” captain: this is fine, water flows horizontally just like the waves…

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