How It Works: Modules | World of Warships

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The second episode about game mechanics. Study well, and destroy your enemies!

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  1. These series are really good for the players!
    Thank your very much for explaining the mechanics 🙂

  2. World of Warships Official Channel

    Is this video series helpful for you? Did you learn something new?
    Should we make more?:)

  3. This is very helpful, it shows different concepts and tactics that not many new or veteran players know about. Thank you so much for this series! Lets go notification squad 😀

  4. I have a question about the detonantion flag and the fire flags:
    If you put the anti detonation flag on your ship and you put on a fireflag for example. Will you then still have a chance of detonating?

    • With the anti-detonation flag, you will never detonate no matter what. (except by a bug)

    • It used to be the case that you COULD detonate if you had flags that increased the chance for detonation despite having Juliet Charlie equipped.

      Now with the redone detonation mechanics however, I’m not sure.

    • everyone who said they got detonated when they fly JC is either lying, ran out of the flags, or fly Sierra Mike instead and think it’s a JC because they are too high when they play

    • Strela

      It was, at least, possible in the past.

      I cannot answer for now since we haven’t had a dedicated test session for it.

    • well mathematically speaking…..if added first the 5 or 10%,and then goes to calculate the 100% is still 100% of the new…so the chance is still 0…

  5. This video is good for noob players

  6. Poor Fuso

  7. What if a shell hit a AA Turret, does it still continue its way?

    • That has to deal with the multiple segment penetration. When shells have enough penetration power, they can go through more than one area. I am waiting for this particular episode.

    • AA isn’t kinda worthless on dd’s, not all at least.Def AA can help a dd survive, or in the case of USS Kidd kill multiple planes and create a no flyzone ( in a CV game).

    • Sadly no. If your Shell hits a (for the case of this example) 1 mm armored aa mount the Shell will stop traveling. This is only true for AP shells. Meaning that technicly a Yamatos 18,1 inch Shell can be stopped by a sailors forhead. Which is why this mechanic is complete an utter bullshit.

    • HE also can get completely stopped if the splash radius isn’t large enough to reach the part of the ships that can be damaged by the said HE. Fortunately most HE have pretty nice splash radius to offset this.

    • if you havent seen a des moines with 100dps on aa ofc you dont know….
      yep the aa can be destroyed, and if you lose say all long range aa there is an icon on the bottom,where a flooding or fire is,that indicates long range aa destroyed
      same goes on mid and short range aa… same on secondaries….the turrets can be destroyed

  8. Dunkerque definitely needs more HP for its turrets then. 50% of the games i play against other battleships a turret gets Completly destroyed XD. Now i know why 😉 thx

    • it used to be really bad for atlanta back in the day. before they buffed turret HP it wasnt uncommon for it to onyl have 2-3 turrets left at the end of a match.

  9. Detonation – “Fun and engaging”

  10. Sell missouri no musashi new player want missouri

  11. Love the videos but im certain i have detonated while running those anti-detonation flags and so too have other players, not complaining, just saying…..

    • What’s even more surprising is that there seems to be a lack of evidence every time someone makes this claim. You likely were running Juliet Charlie flags until you ran out without noticing, or you thought you had one on but you actually didn’t since if you are at 8/8 flags and you put one more on, another flag gets automatically removed. Make sure you have replays enabled so that you can go review your game and I’m certain that if you take a look at your flags you won’t see the Juliet Charlie.

    • yah, I have seen many like you who put on Juliet Whiskey instead of Juliet Charlie and then goes to rant without proof 😛

  12. krescendo mocchi

    3:50 thanks for the clarification about pen with no damage
    now i will (try) not to rant about it everytime

    • That also clarifies getting pen damage with overpens, especially on DDs. And yes, I’m still likely to joke in chat about these when I get them in battles, at least until WG decides to introduce separate ribbons for modules.

    • I agree, kind of liking the added transparency they are doing.

  13. 4:31 扶桑:不幸だわ……

  14. Raymond van Rijn

    how does it work for the DDs? why cant you get citadels while they have one?
    great video by the way!

  15. 很棒的影片,讓我們了解到遊戲中的細節

  16. Battleships disperment is so bad aiming at a ships guns will 85 % miss it even at 5km away what is the point of aiming in a bb

    • So your saying that at best your only going to hit with 15% of your shells?.. need to work on your gunnery and aiming!. I have a 22% hit rate with the Fuso main guns over 2 years of play. My short term these days is somewhere between 25 and 30% of all shells fired hit the target.. and Fuso is infamous for its bad dispersion. Worse then the worst of the American BB’s! I’m going to suggest that you consider moving into medium ranges to fire 12 to 15 Km from targets. Your hit rate will go up. And the more hits you score the greater the potential damage. The closer you are the less dispersion and sigma values matter. .

    • kein ding yo

      would be pretty unfair if bbs were perfectly accurate lul. remember that it was much worse in RL, i think its fairly well done by wg

    • Hawk doesn’t want to hear sound logic, he’s been reposting his statement on other comments too. I guess if he wants high, unrealistic accuracy he should go play COD /s lol

    • This Hawk guy is a troll, just ignore his comments. Lol.

  17. “If the Fuso is unlucky…”

    When is she not?

  18. *SINK THE YAMATO!!!*

  19. The Budgie Admiral

    “If Fuso is unlucky…”
    Nice referrence to history.

    Also stop Fuso bullying. One like = one lucky Fuso.

  20. Conclusion =
    Make sure it counts

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