How It Works: New Carriers Gameplay | World of Warships

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New are already in the ! Here is a short guide how to play on them!

Keep an eye out on the official Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


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  2. World of Warplanes in a nutshell

  3. Darkness Nighthingale

    No, it does not work.
    The two most important things in the game has been removed. Teamwork & Realism.

    • *Infinite shells and very accurate battleships are realistic*

    • REALISM ??? REALISM ??? Have we played the same game ???

    • Teamwork involve grouping ship together and force to snipe 20km away because of nerf aa cruiser and range. Also, the unlimited plane spawning just keep spotting you. You can either go close and be isolated and targeted by the cv or be near a team but force to snipe the whole game. This changes the whole play style and make thing unplayable.

    • four! …tactics and fun

    • I see much, MUCH more teamwork between cruisers and BBs supporting each others AA in the last 24 hours than I have seen in a month.

  4. How about it doesn’t work?

  5. I tested them in the tst. It’s now so boring to play cv. Now it’s like start, fly, die and repeat! And that you have to send back your planes to control the carrier is just stupid. The RTS gsmeplay was much better. Give me my carriers back how i Love them to play in RTS!

    • +MadeInGermany94 I find the RTS gameplay very stressful. With all the micromanagement and pressure, I don’t find it fun to play.

      I stopped my grind up to Hiryu. Getting matched against Saipan, Kaga, and unicum players playing Ranger discouraged me to play the carrier line.

      I patiently waited for the carrier rework to drop so all of the player’s skills reset back to 0.

    • +Ayanami well you cant say that is stressful, because you need to use your brain to play it
      CV is needed to cover friendly ships as well attacking enemy ships
      Oh and multiple squadron is better because you can attack different ship at once

    • +Ghost D What’s wrong with the new one? Can’t you do the same in the new gameplay?

      You can deal damage to different ships in one run too in the rework I even got a double strike using torpedo bombers on the new Ranger

      Fighters covering the team? No problem with that now since the surface ships can take down planes pretty easily now. Using the fighter consumable is a good AoD for the enemy’s strike planes.

    • Well, that’s what the rework for. We didn’t have to use brains to play and have some fun!

    • No its not like that, this making teamwork more useless now

  6. This feels like a step back tbh, AA sector does not feel right either.

  7. western spy hunter

    Sorry to say this but I feel like dis update made aircraft carrier unplayable it was already shit now it’s worst

    • It was befor difficult to learn but better than now

    • western spy hunter

      +MadeInGermany94 it is easy it I just making aircraft carrier gameplay useless cuz u can only fly team of planes per time

    • This was definitely a reduction in power for aircraft carriers but I think it is needed. Good cv players had so much influence on the outcome of a game and having a bad cv on your team used to be an almost guaranteed defeat. The new system balances the influence of cv with surface ships and made cv play a lot more approachable for players who are not into RTS. It is not an easy change but I think it would eventually be good for the game as a whole. Changes are always difficult…

  8. How it work

    Control panel>uninstall program

  9. The CV rework has made so many other ships unplayable.. totally not worth it.. Go back to RTS wargaming… focus on better ship mechanics for the more popular played types like DD’s, BB’s and CA’s.

    • +ni mofy Arguably, the CV has no business even being in the game.

    • +Neoimperialist1
      Arguably, that’s a fools way of saying “I don’t like CV’s, so I want them removed.”
      They played a support role before this bullshit rework.
      They were actually USEFUL. Now they’re underpowered, shit, and entirely useless.
      Might as well have just removed it.

    • +KnightofDark001 well, they never were supportive, they carried the games when played good. Now they are more like other ships but far from underpowered. How could it be that players complain about how CV are OP and to weak at the same time. I’ve got the feeling nobody played the rework enough to say those things.

    • +ni mofy we suggested since CBT, as a CV focus player, how to fix the CV class for years and WG never listened so we quit 2 years ago. WoWS had a very good potential way back at CBT but WG seems more interested in milking casual players than turning it into a competitive game. WoWS will not die even after this CV change, but it will lose a lot of the more competitive players. WG knows their target that is casual people who collect premium ships the moment they’re in sale, to their dock and plays them once or twice a week.

    • +KnightofDark001 I am not a fool, kid. And there are a lot of good reasons to argue that CV’ s are out of place in WoW.

  10. Nhân Thái Thành

    The CV rework is killing DD more lul

    • +Ayanami It doesn’t have DEFAA so it lacks the raw power of a Pensacola, but it has range, it has concealment (especially with AA off until they are within range), it is reliable, and your guns suck so you throw torps here and there and can focus on AA support alot more than a gunship. Support your allies, torp your enemies, and your allies will love you.

    • +Yuri PRIME spawn camping BB spotted! How would you like some sparkles to your glue?

    • like radar did, huh? I’ve yet to have a no dd game

    • no more world of torpedos, great!

    • the rework made them less of a threat than they were previously 🙂 nothing ruined…

  11. R.I.P. WoWs… It‘s time to grab the other games i have…

    • Agreed!.. RIP wows!

    • +Riker Keyes quitting for a valid reason does not make one a quitter.
      You are probably a glutton for punishment!
      Do you enjoy being a guinea pig for wg?

    • +dasomi1 you are a quitter but don’t worry the majority still prefer the changes

    • +Greg Farnden nope. You are quitting because you can’t adapt to the new meta being introduced. Typical quitter

    • +Solac e
      I signed up many years ago for a ship vs ship game..
      Not a ship vs plane game..
      Its not a question of changed meta..
      The game is fundamentally different now!..
      So while you are acting guinea pig for wg and their very broken game ill be playing somthing better!

  12. World of dummies

  13. Tried it, you ruined over a quarter of the branches in the game. I just wish I could get a refund for the year of premium time I recently purchased.

    • Ranked is so stupid………….all the CC’s I watch hate it big time……WOW has really screwed up this time. Not sure how they recover from this.

    • they gave you that huge discount only for warships for a reason

    • Settle down Chicken Little. It’s a brand new meta and you gotta give the population time to get over the brand new changes.

    • so fut pa mata ,im sure you know what i mean. so now lets turn back to more serious things . actually no, wargaming help me realize im wasting too much time on this stupdi game instead of getting on serious things i can do with my free time, so yeah, i adjusted already

      is not about who is tougher to play these bad conditions, is just a game and we shouldn’t cringe on it, retard. you should enjoy if not, play another game. or do whatever you you like with your free time Have a nice life+Jared W

    • +Jared W
      a meta that clearly was half-baked and had little to no time to actually be tested properly.
      They only had small test groups look at it, likely the ones who were most likely to say “yea this is fine”, and barely played CV enough.
      Meanwhile, CV mains on main branch are completely fine with the normal CV, then are forced to have to play this shit.

      This isn’t a meta, it’s a fucking nerf, renamed to keep people from throwing a shit-fit.

  14. I’m done with random battles or any battles where CV’s are involved. Worst update ever.
    Totally hate the CV rework. Rip all ships except CV’s.

  15. I’m meh about this change, but please, WG, for the love of god, can you make targeting crosshairs for bombers show the actual position when they’ll be when you initiate attack, instead of a FRIGGIN MILE AHEAD?! What’s the bloody point?!

    • Tip for you,, the bom rectingle is vertical oval isn’t it? use the uppper rectingle as your guidance, when the squadron start climbing the circle will move forward, if you not moving your squadron the cicle will tighten, when the squadron start diving, the rectingle will stop right in the bottom of your squadron, try to strike from front or back of enemy ship, that will do massive dmg,, and remember, don’t hunt DD with your DB, that useless, and also remember that your squadron altitude also effect the impact time of your bomb

    • +Reed Dragon You don’t have to hunt DD’s with your DB’s. All you have to do is play normally. With all the Aircraft in the air, you’ll get all of the DD’s lit up in about 20 seconds and then the cruisers can focus fire them into oblivion. Driving DD’s is now an exercise in futility, even for very skilled captains.

    • +Neoimperialist1 True, I’ve given up on DDs for now. Much better survivability chance in cruisers or battleships if you sail as a fleet. It’s actually encouraging teamwork in Random Battle, not all the time, but much more than before.

    • +Neoimperialist1 I tell this because I founs many CV player out there still hunting DD with DB

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s had this issue.
      The reticle isn’t properly adjusted, and is actually affected by latency, apparently.
      Missile planes can literally OVERSHOOT the reticle entirely, and for no reason whatsoever.
      Hell, I even brought up this point at one point.
      It was never addressed, completely ignored, in favor of individuals who were saying “update is good.”

  16. When i think all the effort i’ve put into the game buying & unlocking many different ships, different tiers , crates,flags, doubloons all gone to waste coz of a Cv rework !!!

    • +CloneD Anon We didn’t expect it to completely poison the game.

    • +Joako Plis they had no business releasing it in this state if that is the case. Do these people have a collective learning disability? How many games are they going to start only to ruin them?

    • +Neoimperialist1 Lol! It did not “poison the game completely”. I enjoy playing with CV’s and against CV’s way more than i did before the 8.0!

    • your enjoyment and free time for future >>> all the money and xp gained in a useless game in the past. let it go. it’s comparable with a ex wife in a sense lol

    • +CloneD Anon glad you are having a good time with your arcade mini games. The rest of us are not.

  17. Again WG shows that they don’t listen to their players/customers. I remember WG CEO said that this mistake will never happen again … after bad decisions in WoT !!! And what now Mr CEO … now it is even harder than before. Whole community is against WG decisions regarding new carriers system in WoWs … and as always WG DO NOT CARE at all 🙂 !!! I hope You will feel Your customers power soon when Money incomes will drop !!! Seems WG workers don’t listen to their CEO … nice policy. Financial problems are coming … GREETINGS.

    • You mean nerfing a warship which replaced the BB in the main capital role for a reason.

    • seth Thomas this isn’t a simulation game, it’s not suppose to be completely historically accurate, if that’s what you want go read history books. This is suppose to be a game. The main point to bring in money. What’s the best way to bring in money? Why, by making a fun and engaging game that people want to play of course! What makes games fun? Good balance, interesting scenarios/game modes, good maps to play on, and fairness for all. These are especially important to free to play games that rely on the player base to constantly provide money, as it is their main source of revenue. This rework, and cvs in general, seem to throw game balance off, and make things less fun for other ship types.

  18. Tiers 6 and 8 are pretty much useless if uptiered… there was no point getting rid of the odd tiers

  19. How it works???

    IT DOESN’T!!!!!!

  20. 0.8.0 Has to be the most Anger and Frustration inducing WoWs Updates I’ve ever experienced. I don’t even want to log in and play with the current mess that is going on.

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