How it Works: On Fire | World of Warships

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HE shells are popular, indeed! But why is that? Find out more how to start the fire on enemy ship!

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  1. Atlanta

  2. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about this episode?
    Was it useful to you?:)

    • It is a useful guide, but I could have sworn I had read on the wiki some things that appear to be omitted (unless they have changed at some point, then this is a particularly useful guide!) namely: 1, Fires set in multiple sections, from shots hitting only one of the sections, even when burning, not from stray shells hitting a different part by accident, though it may be a but, I can attest to witnessing it, both myself and in other peoples replays. 2, Damage Saturation causing sections that were damaged to be less likely to be set on fire, 3, non penetrating HE hits have reduced fire chance compared to Non Penetrating HE hits. Thanks! 🙂

    • World of Warships Official Channel good we need this kind of videos for the mobile version. Why too little info for warships blitz. Especially when I think of how much money i’ve spent on it. I could have bought the pc version 23x. Do more for Blitz

    • Shange the test ship

    • canthas dihyanddrata

      please talk about AA and Aircraft damage and their HP

    • nerf fire damage on battleships, its ridiculous that ONE destroyer can 1v1 a battleship nowadays

  3. The main reason for HE being so popular is not fire alone.
    For AP you kinda need to know what you’re doing (where to aim, when to shoot, penetration mechanics, etc.), otherwise you will hardly do any damage.
    With HE you just aim in the general direction of an enemy and shoot. 9/10 times it will do good damage. Hardly any skill required.

    • its ease of access like most of the changes to this game i have seen in the last 2 years a bit of dumbing down for the new players

    • +veritas you being an inbred bitch unable to play the game doesn’t mean you’re right, just aim high and hit the superstructure, that’s ALL you need to hit.

    • Strela you must be getting lucky to be only hitting the fusos lower bow. Dispersion generally scatters the shells enough so that even if youre aiming there some will hit vulnerable places. Its not hard to maximize HE dmg. Shoot superstructure, upper aft and bow ends and anywhere thats not on fire because you dont need penetrations to start a fire.

    • No I think HE spam is for the fire. Since RN BBs and Conker replays show high damage numbers with HE

    • The Budgie Admiral

      My friend always was baffled why he never got more than 3-4k damage with a salvo of Mogami HE at the waterline while I got 5-10k damage going for the superstructure.

      So yes, it does actually matter where you shoot the enemy because if you shoot the waterline, not only will less shells make contact but they also hit the armor belt and shatter.

  4. I cant wait for the floading episode. 😀

  5. How it works Flowing when torpedo hits

  6. #stopfusoabuse

  7. So are Flood chances similar or the same?

  8. Never repair one fire if you have a heal! NEVER! (Well, unless your superlow HP and want to roll the RNG dice and hope for no fires)

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      Playing with Nelson.
      Set a BB player to 1 fire.
      He use instant repair.
      He also spam back with HE shells.
      Laughing while reload.
      Next salvo set him 3 fire. 🙂
      True story.

    • I like it when I put 3 fires out and as soon as my cooldown is done 2 more fires instantly.

    • No, if no one is shooting at you there is no reason to let the fire Burn.

    • BBs do it all the time, it’s actually annoying because starting a fire isnt always the easiest thing and then they get behind an island and that’s that

    • Random.exe You can also just let it burn your ship and easy farm Fireproof achievement and India Yankee signals.

  9. Mikaela Archangel

    Be strong Fuso

  10. Can u now explain British BBs HE fire chance and raw damage

  11. HE spam is the single worst thing this game has to offer (apart from being one shotted by carriers).
    It is not fun, requires very little skill, but is unfortunately the best way to deal consistent damage

  12. How about russian bias

  13. AP players=brain and know mech.HE player= no brain no mech,that is a GG!

  14. _ИาโП:Ëาпิ_

    Next EP How it Works “R N G” plz

  15. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    How to fire:
    1. Play British BB
    2. hit enemy ship
    3. ?????
    4. Profit

  16. This video is lit!

  17. Stop tiers 8 vs t10 😬

    • or 3/4 t8 +1/4 t10 MAXIMUM or something like that. I feel like whenever there’s one capital ship t10 BB on each team it harkons back to the days of being a t6 or whatever vs a yamato in closed beta, just ridiculous stuff that made the game super interesting with such a behemoth by comparison. Some of those games when people play to the strengths of their ships are really fun, unless the t10s suicide themselves and significantly decrease the ability of that team. T8s arent completely useless, but every tier is like algorithmically better in some kind of way, those two tiers account for a lot of ship being added to make t10s what they are

      t8 isnt always bad when against t10, but when it’s all t10s and then two t8s on either team thinking oh boy….decrease the roster size, increase the wait time, i dont care, 20 minutes is a long time to play rabbit before the hopefully next EVEN matched game.

    • #WhenyouaretheonlyT8inaT10match

  18. #SaveFuso

  19. HE spam is the worst thing in this game, requires very little skill, i have had more than 15 fires in a game its a joke. I think once 1 area has had a fire there should be less chance of more fires in that area .

    • Erisu-chan RenRen

      and after 3 or 4 fires in same area change to set on fire return to ZERO ( there nothing to burn at that area anymore)

    • I set 17 fires while playing Orion. That’s way higher than the fires set by my fire-starting cruisers.

  20. علي القطان

    U have to balance the HE its broken when a yamato 460 mm HE shell hits me and caused a fire it’s will keep burning my ship for a 60 sec its ok its a large shell no arrangement but …… a dd whit a 155 mm guns can start a fire thats burrn my yamato for a 60 secs !!!!!???? So a dd shell can start a fire with the same 60 sec burning that yamato shell did to me ??? U have to make the small caliburs HE have less effective on a heavy BBS for example the dds can burn the bbs and the fire time is 25 or 30 at max thats will reduce the HE spaming the the bbs players will push and play aggressively instead sitting at the end of the map frustrating thier teamates

    Whos aree w me ????

    • Thành Nguyễn Công

      Frist that what HE shell where meant for they dont do lot of dmg but they start fire no matter what the ship gun calibur is , it only the fire % that the gun calibur reduce or gain ( exp the akizuki and it 100mm gun is very hard to start a fire )

      Second BB hab that 60s of fire bcs of their size and placement on the main deck it can be understand that some thing as big as that can burn very long + yamato 460mm HE shell would just explose when it hit a surface like every other he shell the only problem here that it dont do very much dmg to DD than direct AP hit and has low % chance

      I would agree to reduce or fix the fire chance and HE spamming but to me i would like them to reduce the firing distance of Cruiser bcs right now some has very long firing distance + they can equip spotter plane , the other thing will be the gun arc on US cruiser and maybe some other to reduce it down a little bit so other ship can have a chance to hit them from the other side of the island that they are hidding . And last thing is a shell cooldown timer to reduce the dmg per min of fast reload ship for exp ( BB and some cruiser will not hab this due their medium to long reload time like 10 sec -30 sec bcs they can reduce some heat on their gun , fast loading cruiser like the us cruiser will hab this bcs of their rate of fire they can still spam HE but after 3-8 salvo of shell spamming there will a reload speed reduce appear so from 3-5 sec of reload when yo fire the 9 salvo it will + 0.5 sec of reload this will take in place untill the maxium number is 5 sec then the timer will take in place and it will has atleast 30-40 sec of cool down before they can spam shell again so playing smart and firing each turret can reduce the number of shell spamming salvo and the cooldown affect by firing slowly and using each turret when firing this no mean will nerft us cruiser and some other fast loading ship hard it will just reduce the number of salvo they can put and out their rate of fire but their reload speed will stay the same but it only up to them if they want to spam shell and take the cooldown or not , this will not applies to DD tho bcs they need that spmming shell

    • mildlymenacingmeem

      git gud

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