How it Works: Repair Party || World of Warships

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Got any damage? Here is how to fix this!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about the new episode?
    Because of “Repair Party” Fuso is still alive and breathing!:)

  2. ouch, even though it’s for educational purposes, training Survivability Expert on the Iowa is an embarrassing act WG.

    • but 13.5 km detection on yamato is necessary, the yamato is not a german BB

    • William He nah, SI for CV is still useful (GZ Hydro, DFAA) and CE for Yamato is great

      They could advise us to use MFCSA on DD, IFHE on BB, or ET on Cruisers next

    • Yes I feel survivability expert should give you a percent Health increase instead of what it currently does.

    • Leo jiang the great

      Take demo expert, flight control, catapult aircraft, and IFHE on British cruisers

    • It’s more for the sake of demonstrating how doing that effects the repair party. Any amount of idiocy can be justified with “for science”.

  3. HP perk battleships incoming

  4. Perhaps there can be an option to enable a display for [Healable HP Stack] in the HUD? That would be incredibly useful, especially on ships like Tashkent

    • If you check out Aslains Mod pack there is a mod in it that shows you that very stat. All of the mods in that pack don’t change game play, mostly just add more information to your HUD. I have a crap laptop and I can still run a few of them. Bigger minimap, more information about the ships on the team panel, ect. Worth checking out

    • I run my game off of a toaster, so a mod pack on top of that doesn’t really do me any favors. But, Wargaming frequently steals- ehr… *Borrows* ideas from the modding community anyways, so perhaps that idea could be implemented.

    • +Fighterpilot555 I totally feel that, my PC gets a solid 20-28 FPS. Might still be worth checking out, the mods I run didn’t drop my FPS at all, but they definitely have some In the pack that will drop it a bunch.

    • I guarantee you this mod doesn’t decrease performance. I recently upgraded to a PC that runs the game at 75 fps, but I used to run it on the equivalent of a typewriter that got me 16-18 fps on good days, and I could still run a few hud-centric mods.

  5. #StopFusoAbuse

  6. Oh my god, Survivability expert on Iowa…

  7. Need torpedoes, like why can the torps do say about 20 000 damage and then it hits a Gearings bow and manages to do about 14 000 or less. Could it be from the damage absorbed effect? But sometimes happens at the start of a game.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      dmg saturation. go back to the first ep.

    • They basically already explained that but here you go:
      A Gearing has around 20k HP in total so the bow and stern sections have less. Eat a torpedo there and you will only gain so much damage until the section is out of HP. If you eat a torp in the middle of your DD it will deal full damage and with many torpedoes that hit might be enough to kill you.
      Bigger ships have a protective system called torpedo belt and there it depends on the situation wether you should take a torp on bow or belt but I am sure they will cover that sooner or later.

    • @_Montagne every ship has a torpedo protection value. This value is 55% for Yamato for example. If Gearing shoots a torpedo to Yamato and hits it in its torpedo bulges, the damage will be 9000. That’s why you need 20 gazillion torpedos to sink a Yamato. Torpedo protection also reduces the risk of flooding. You can check the exact math at the Flooding page in the wargaming wiki because its too complicated to explain here.

    • Kirina Yuuki I don’t care about battleships I’m talking about destroyers

  8. Please. New players. Do not use the survivability expert skill on your battleships.

  9. Wargaming what Fuso has done wrong with you stop abusing Fuso ?

  10. We call it the Repair Party

    The british call it the Rebuild Party

  11. Repair party on normal ships- Repairs some of your hit points
    Repair party on British battleships- You win

  12. Finally you’re healing fuso! Its like stabbing someone then take them to the hospital and pay for their bills…

  13. Wows:Here is how heal work.

  14. Do dispersion next please.

  15. Do NOT use survival expert on a battleship…. instead use Basics of Survivability. SE = 350 health per tier, and it’s ONLY good for destroyers. It’s a running gag to see battleships use SE, and it basically gives them enough extra health for 1 HE shell. You can use those 3 skill points way better in BoS as the fire damage will burn for less time = much better in the long run.

    • Totally agree but I had a look at how many hit points I actually loose from fires didn’t think BOS actually outweighed quartermaster and an extra charge of repair party… but that could just be me…

  16. Why does fire and flodding get repaired completely?

  17. #StopFusoAbuse

  18. Chat ban because of carrying the game being the top of the team score and get – 3 karma or more.. What a toxic community wows has

  19. Poor Fuso

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