How it Works: SAP Shells

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The branch of researchable Italian cruisers has introduced the mechanics of semi-armor-piercing shells, which combine features of both AP and HE shells.

How do SAP shells differ from AP and HE? At what angles are ricochets possible? Find out everything you need to know about this ammunition type in the new episode of How It Works!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?
    Do you like the branch of italian cruisers?

  2. SAP Shells
    Destroyers: Deathblow
    Cruisers: Just a flesh wound
    Battleships: WAT DAMAGE?

  3. when i last played wows there where no U-Bots

  4. Finally, After waiting this series for 8 months (Not count “How it works. Essentials”)

  5. Awesome works guys ! We need french subtitles for this one too !

  6. Henry-Seabreeze Studio

    Finally, a HIW on SAP

  7. SAP rounds aren’t the issue, it’s the slow reloading times and reduced xp you get for using them.

    • @Doğan Kutbay Not at all! You don’t get increase/decrease XP values based on using certain shell types. The XP amount you earn in the game is based on your performance (kills, potential damage, spotting damage, fire damage, flooding damage, caps/defense, overall main battery damage, etc). If he is getting less xp using SAP, he is most likely not hitting the ideal locations to maximize the damage output they inflict. Also, your not going to earn a lot of XP if all you do one thing only like farming battleships. Compared to someone else that focus on other targets like cruisers and destroyers, even works around the objectives for his/her team.

      There’s also a lot of players (even to this day) that don’t understand the mechanics behind all these shell types to use them at the right moment. So they usually spam one shell type only. I’m looking at you HE spamming Yamato!

    • @I_Termx_I You do earn significantly less XP playing the ship. I play the ship like a beast and it still earns less compared to other Cruisers I play. The points you’re expected to aim and hit at range usually miss and then when you’re in close enough you only end up switching to AP anyways. It also has the problem with higher calibre BB’s that when you’re in close enough even when facing them directly on you’re severely punished because they can still punch right through the armor, I had the same problem with the Hindy yet I can face directly on targets with my Colbert and or British cruiser and watch everything bounce away. The ship still needs work.

    • ​@Astto It still comes down to your overall performance when playing any ship in this game, regardless how you think otherwise. There is no XP mechanic that determines your results based on any shell type alone. Cruisers are at the top of the chain (even battleships) when it comes to XP reward values due to the high DPM output they can put out in a short time span. The one class that suffers the most based on XP rewards is the carrier class.

      Also, it is a cruiser and like all cruisers they are going to get deleted if you expose yourself to a battleship (or any ship type) that can overmatch your armor when they start focusing you. I don’t know why you think that’s an issue. It sounds like a case of poor positioning on your part. That smoke consumable is there for you to use to help you disengage and retreat when needed. They have to be played carefully and use cover at all times (avoid being focus on) just like any cruiser that has thin armor. A lot of the ships in this line should not be played in open water exposing yourself, or played super aggressive in brawling situations.

    • Wait what? Less XP? Dunno about you but I find Venezia and Italian cruisers overall pretty high xp earners even when you do meh rounds… just look at servers stats and you will see they are all in the top end including premiums.. only exception being the Genova which is truly a very bad ship with that 20 sec reload..

    • @I_Termx_I I specialise in Cruiser play. Aggressive and extreme range. I just see the differences, the draw backs are the slow reload times and it’s even worse when you fire while using smoke when you’re in close. Everything can see you, unlike the smol, you can fire away at leisure even when they’re right next to you. It earn’s less xp because it’s too situational coupled with the slow reload and no burn = less xp.

  8. Keep doing this series!! There is no such thing is enought. I like to learn. And is easier then suffer trought dozens of battles just to figure things out.

  9. Unless you’re fighting a Kremlin, then he is immune to your damage

    • Have you ever actually fought a Kremlin? That ship is the same as all the Russian line, a floating citadel.

    • @Ramiel Nobody is talking about the citadel. SAP won’t do anything unless you hit the superstructure or the very ends of the ship. When those are saturated you ignore the kremlin. And the soyuz. Same for non-IFHE heavy cruisers.

    • @Ramiel yeah when you get close and hit his broadside. From mid to long ranges he’s still hard to citadel cuss of all that armor, nd that’s not unique to the Kremlin, you can citadel all battleships when you do a drive by, some exceptions of course.

    • Shedin Dhinakar Ah I see my bad ))

    • @Sir Moke is venezias ap uncapable of citadeling bbs?

  10. Dear Wargaming: please make the extended smoke upgrade available on Italian cruisers.

  11. Who designed the shape of the shells in the video? lewd!

  12. Sudeshna Das Sharma

    Did they call mino well armored cruiser

    Wg: Mino is resistant to SAP shell in certain cases so she is well armored
    Venezia blaps her with 15 AP shells
    Wg: Me and my big mouth

  13. Keep these up WG! These and Naval Legends + the “Dry Dock” are all amazing series!

  14. Ok WG now release PAOLO EMILIO, please!!!!

  15. can you make an episode about how carriers are in balance with rocket squads? or capability of sinking AA cruisers without losing a single squad? if you gonna insist on carrier rework is fine when will you bring back our removed operations? what happened to night battle idea?…

  16. How it works: They don’t.

  17. Do something to improve the Italian line because, as it is, it’s practically unplayable until T7 and still subpar from then on. Sluggish turret turn rate, long reload time and ridicolous detection ranges without any real reason.

  18. Hey World of Warships,
    Maybe you can start a new kind of videos like HOW TO. For example it seems nice to me to see how to aim better or for example how to win more often. Such things like that.

  19. 5:07 *cough* Stalingrad at 17km

  20. Meanwhile, World of Warships Legends hasn’t haven’t even got tech tree French Destroyers, let alone Russian or Italian tech tree ships!!!

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