How it Works: Shooting and Smokes | World of Warships

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We continue to explore the visibility mechanics in the new episode. This time we will talk about shooting and smokes!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about this episode? Was it helpful?
    Don’t miss the third part in a few weeks!

    • These videos are great

    • These really help ease the learning curve please don’t stop

    • i’m still waiting on a video on Dispersion and Sigma. for example: Why North Carolina is acclaimed to have better shots than Iowa.

    • good stuff, keep it up!

    • One would think you have learned some important things from WOTs development. But it looks like you dont want learning. So im asking it here. Why the bloody hell is there only 1 spotting point on a ship? I mean.. how mutch i need to see from that bloody fucking huge GROSE KÜRFÜRST before i spot it? I mean it it can have literally HALF OF THE SHIP OUT OF A SMOKE OR POKE FROM BEHIND AN ISLAND AND STILL NOT DETECT IT. Also.. why cant the turret and the dozens of other rangefinders spot targets as well.. its not like they are there on the ship for this exact reason.
      Seriously guys.. improve the spotting mechanic already instead of adding bullshit fantasy copy-pasta game breaking china-pandering ships.

  2. When firing in smoke you get spotted and go boom boom.

  3. DD captains that still try and smoke a battleship… please pay attention.

  4. Where’s Fuso???

  5. Nice job guys 😉

  6. These videos are amazing, both for new players and seasoned players

  7. I want to see how torpedo beat work

  8. BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

    Fuso is safe again~

  9. I didn’t now that secondaries firing didn’t affect your detect-ability. So I learned something new. 🙂

  10. Fuso is dead
    How dare you 🙁

  11. “radar has a long cooldown” > reloads in 2 mins

  12. Bring back Fuso again 😂

  13. Yes it’s very complicated
    WG have to use 3 episodes to show us XD

  14. Except radar CAN’T go through solid obstacles, that’s how radar works

    • Fighterpilot555 As frustrating as this is, unfortunately these videos are only meant to explain the game and not the science behind the actual historical tech.

    • Yes and hydro can´t go “around” islands either. This is an “arcade” style naval combat game, so it makes certain concessions to game mechanics over reallity. It´s just how it goes and in about 3/4 of the cases radar gets used in this game, adding a “island radar shadow” would make the consumable pointless due to how certain other mechanics work. So accept it as it is … this is not going away.

  15. This is so helpful! I’ve always wondered why I am detected from my max range when firing shots.

  16. Love these training series from WOWS.
    Now when did you say we will be getting the new CV gameplay? 🙂

  17. Please wargaming, add multiple indicators for when you’re spotted by different sources. For example when you’re radared and hard spotted at the same time. Have them both show up in the indicators

  18. 1-minute radar “short operation time”. Add “healthy” as well, lol.

  19. You forgot to mention that anyone who is semi competent at aiming will not require the assistance of Radar or Hydroacoustic Search to land shells on you while in a smoke screen as shell tracers can often times tell the enemy where you are positioned within the smoke screen, they don’t need to see you and their shots will be less accurate compared to if you were visible to the enemy ship but it doesn’t take much to score a devastating strike on say a Minotaur sitting still in a smoke screen.

    Launching a Catapult Spotting Aircraft can also improve the elevation angle of your camera making it easier to dictate where your shells land within the smoke screen which can improve the chances that you are going to hit the target which is not physically visible to your ship.

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