How it Works: Spotting System. Part 1 | World of Warships

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In the new episode we will start explaining one of the most important game mechanic, Spotting System!

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  1. WHERE IS FUSO ??!!!!!

  2. No Fuso 😀😁😂 !!!
    Now yamato,and some puny destroyers are their prey XD


  4. Simple: It doesn’t
    Especialy the horrible render bug that has been in the game for 3 years.

    • Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

      according to the Mighty Jingles, they seem to be working on that for the next patch. About time if you ask me. We’ll see how it’s gonna work out.

  5. I guess the cries of Fuso bullying paid off

  6. A DD commander not using WASD hacks after being spotted probably deserves a Yamato’s rain.

  7. FeelTheThunder [ASIA]

    Thank God, Fuso is not bullied anymore

  8. How it works, you ask? You spot a ship, you start repeating in your head “render, render… render?” then it disappears again and you curse WG for 10 to 15 seconds. That is how true detection works.

  9. Address the render issue please.

  10. Now make it so we can tell what’s spotting us at any time. There’s nothing more frustrating than spotting icons overriding each other, not telling you WHAT is actually detecting you. Example, you get radared, radar spotting icon shows up. You return fire on the enemy ship radaring you, radar icon is replaced with normal spotting icon. Now you no longer know how long radar is active and spotting you, meaning you can’t smoke up because there’s a risk radar is still active.

    Don’t withhold vital information from the player, SHOW ALL THE SPOTTING ICONS. If I’m being detected by a radar, plane and a player at the same time, I want to know it so I know how to respond to the situation.

    • +Mauro Lanowski Of course I have British cruisers, also I do know that smoke firing is usually the main way to deal damage. However, as I said, it’s noob to fire in smoke anywhere in a match with radar ships. You should use your experience to predict where radar ships stand. That’s not WG’s problem.

      You did not get my previous words completely, didn’t give out your theory and just ask for my stats. That’s NONSENSE. Why don’t you show me your stats first. I’d rather stop discussion with the one asking for stats without showing himselves first.

      By the way, I’ve checked flamu stats. He does play well, but there’s no stats for British cruisers nor IJN destroyers higher than Minekaze. All his theory is built on T9 Soviet destroyers. You are wrong to call help from British cruisers.

    • pet peeve; spotted by invisible airplane

    • When an ennemy is spotting us, we are Lucky to being warned…. because in real life, if an ennemy is spotting us, we wont know it…. if you are frustrated, it is your fault …. I understand you want to see all the spotting icons, but please, Don’t be mad for Nothing….

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Sam Hima Libella this is an arcade game not a simulator.

  11. Khabarovsk is a Light cruiser by the way, she’s just had the wrong icon!!!

  12. Fix the rendering time discrepanzy between minimap and the game surface!!!

  13. Still haven’t got my head around how a ship can be spotted through solid mass just because some arbitrary number says so. Then again I have never figured out how radar can detect a ship behind solid rock and the only answer to any of this is, arcade game! Sure wish we had two modes, reality mode and the unskilled or arcade mode. Then maybe we could get some better games since it would unlikely as many morons would venture to choose reality mode!

    • zekugem/ゼックンゲーム

      go for WarThunder naval mode

    • Be careful what you wish for. In reality naval battles are fought in open water. This means no islands to hide behind in the first place. Naval battles in the Pacific islands during WWII were fought in open water between the islands. The only thing to hide behind was smoke and rain squalls. But i do think radar should be, as in reality, LOS.

    • Knodsil: I don’t want a simulator, I want spotting mechanic to work as logic dictate, not as a fantasy. Radar through mountains (or other solid objects) is completely absurd. If you want to know what’s on the other side of an island, use sonar. Sonar should be the primary target aquisition in this game, not radar.

    • if you want reality you can buy a 50 dollar pack for War Thunder and play a deeply realistic game, where there are no battleships, and one fire kills you, otherwise you can build your own naval simulator.

    • Vikram Valame – not necessarily looking for reality but a little common sense would be nice! Stop being such a fanboy, it makes you look like a meme!

  14. Why is spoted dmg not counted in spoters exp? Thats the biggest problem…. For exaple 150k spoting dmg = 0 exp for you

  15. I want that radar effect to be shown on the minimap pls! At 4:37, pls! And a pulsse-like to the sonar. Maybe for anyone who using it should be visible on the minimap for all players… No more question about “are you radaring?”!

  16. Please replace Radar and Hydro spotting signs. They confuse the players.

  17. how about fixing the Rendering System? 😀

  18. Ironic that they put out a “How it works video” on spotting and yet the No.1 issue ingame currently is the rendering of spotted targets

  19. World of Warships Official Channel

    This is was just a first part of three-parts episode!
    Subscribe, so you wouldn’t miss the other two! 🙂

  20. Maybe address the rendering issues before putting out a video about spotting..

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