How it Works: Spotting System. Part 3 | World of Warships

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The final part about the spotting system! Torpedoes, aircrafts, camos and many-many more!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Did you like this 3-part series?
    In case you’ve missed the previous two, be sure to check it out!

  2. Dr. Abu Ibrahim Mohd. Nurul Huda

    i am so early there is no thumbnail LUL

  3. Great episode WG, though I must say, Shima is suffering more and more with the power creep! If there’s one dd that deserves a heal or a hydro, better this one than any well performing gunboat!

    • nope, just return Torpedo detection before nerfs. longest reaction time against for the mosth stealthiest torpedoes in WW2, balans by WG. Just like Stalingrad is a “Cruiser” and Khaba is “DD”.

    • I agree on the “un-nerf” part of Shima but come on Khaba is a destroyer leader (that´s basically a big DD but still a DD) and Stalingrad and Kronstadt … welp we don´t habe a battlecruiser class so cruiser it is (they most definetly can´t be classed BBs due to massiv lack of armor).

    • oh right massiv lack of amour thats why they have more amour then some tier 10 battle ships cause “cruisers” are ment to have 50 MM lower bow and aft amour and 50MM of midship deck amour and 50MM of upper belt amour cause “cruisers” are ment to be able to bow tank a yamato @Andreas Müller i think you need to take a nother look cause dose a montana have 50MM of amour plating? no dose a reb have 50MM of amour? no dose the yamato have 50MM of amour? only on the midship deck its only the GK that has amour able to bow tank a yamato

    • Jordan rea … armor of a ship is NOT defined by deck, bow and aft plating … the meassure lies in the main armor belt and citadel protection, which both russian BC´s lack massivly.
      I did look verry close at those ships and gues what even the Khaba can bounce a Yama on her 50mm plates still you wouldn´t name her a BB now would you?

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      A Khabarovsk cannot bowtank anything though, because Khabarovsk only has 50 mm plates at the sides. And belt armour basically just matters in having to be thick enough to bounce shots when angled. When you show broadside in your Stalingrad, yes, you basically die, as soon as a BB or cruiser opens up at you. But by the same measure a Yamato basically dies when it shows broadside too. Is Yamato a cruiser now? Or Nagato? Sorry, but that’s a massive load of BS, as in this game bow and deck armour are massively more important than just a thick belt, as can be seen when basically the tankiest T7 BB is Hood, which has a pretty weak belt, but who cares when you can angle and unless its a superstructure overpen or overmatches an extremety, the long belt but thin belt and the 51 mm deck bounce off all the shells.

  4. What is this? This video wasnt in my notifications and in nobody elses either? There is a comment from WoWs channel from a day ago and just 130 wievs.

  5. you can’t see me but i’m here!

    after seeing this video obviously

  6. Such videos should be available with American English sounding. 1/7 of all WOWS players are playing in NA server.
    I like British accent but wanna hear American English!

  7. This does not makes into “my top 5 how it works video”!

  8. Where is Fuso? She hasn’t been on the scene for a long time.

  9. What about How Torpedo beat work ?

  10. lol Shima shooting down an entire fighter squadron. I can barely shoot down a spotter plane let alone a full wing in my Shima.

  11. Does anybody remember the times when firing AA from a Smoke would of spoted you.

  12. 4:22
    >used on BB
    >oh btw someone on the internet said usEfUl

    • It is useful for BB, ive tried on one of my ARP Kongou. Ofc because i was pessimistic as you.
      Also even if it doesnt directly useful for BB player, he/she can tell the other team member where is the nearest threat.

    • identify useful on BB in ranked and clan wars even in random

    • so u are basically wasting 4 point on a BB when u can have more useful stuff u must be genius

  13. Maybe next episode will be about detonating ships??

  14. Atleast, Fusou is not a punching bag in this video…

  15. This series is awesome ! Keep up the good work!

  16. Will still love to play this game but game will not install keep saying error

  17. 6:53
    Battle of Surigao Strait in the making

  18. WoWS’ spotting system makes perfect sense. World of tanks on the other hand……… Light tank stationary in a bush, completely spotted by heavy tank which is out in the open, shooting, but it’s still concealed……. Or coming around a corner in a light tank and you get spotted by a heavy, but you can’t see it until after you got blapped by one round. It’s messed up.

  19. Aircraft need a line of sight check I’m really sick of being spotted by aircraft behind a mountain.

    • and then cross dropping torpedos on you from both sides so that you can dodge only one set of torpedoes buLLLSHIT

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Spotting, Radar, Hydro and even AA – need to be line of sight. It will solve alot of things in game if that was the case.

  20. Thumbs down for stupid spotting logic.

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