How It Works: The Matchmaker

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In the new episode, we’ll shed light on how the matchmaker works its magic.
What’s a virtual basket? How many ships can join forces in a Division? Why can bots be encountered in Tier V Random Battles? For the answers to these and other questions, watch the new episode of the most useful series on our channel!


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  1. +1 -1 would be a good improvement even if i had to wait longer…

  2. When u match a tier 6 CV with tier 8 BB, I know it is balance.

    • @RosarioBQ That would be true, but the experience varies according to exactly how many T8s there are, and what types of ships they are. You can still ‘have fun’ in a normal game where there’s a couple T8s couple T7s and the odd few poor little T6s, but if you get thrown into an almost exclusively T8 game then it’s about time to bid WG a good day lol.

    • Let the cv’s suffer for once mang. I personally love to see t6 cv’s in my secondary massa (basically montana aa), so dont rl see a problem there.

    • @Scruf You but didn’t they nerf the effect of interlapping AA zones so this is rendered less effective now? I think I’ve read about that a few months ago.

    • @Flaze Derg I suffer from cv ptsd too, and I believe it would be truly wonderful if WG could simply remove the ships from the game. However having played the ship type you do have to admit that T6 CVs being uptiered into a large T8 match is extremely unpleasant. Hating CVs doesn’t really interfere with complaining about bad MM does it?

  3. We depend on the RNG…

  4. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    8:02 If those were real ppl, they prob rammed each other after filming

  5. +1/-1 would make the game so much better for mid tiers.

    • Tier 6 and Tier 7 Are by far the worst matchmaking tier list rn, Cause tier 6s dont have the armor to bounce 380mm+ Guns that are found on Queen Elizabeth, Warspite, Bayern, Gneisenau, Sinop, Nagato, Colorado. (All Ships are capable of overmatching 26mm, which is standard Tier 6 and 7 BB Bows)
      and lets not even get started on what some of those BBs can do to Low Tier Cruisers who dont have their Nice 27mm Bow and MidSection Until tier 8 or Higher

    • Not just that, but actually fixing the balance of the game AND getting rid of CVs.

      Fixing one broken thing won’t magically make everything better.

    • WeeGee has said on stream multiple times they won’t do +/- 1 because for T10s it is “fun” to beat up T8s, same for T9s. People “enjoy” being top tier.

  6. 10 minutes to say “It doesn’t.” ?

  7. can I just point out that you’re displaying tier 9 CVs in the graphics used in the video? How old are these?

    • about 2 years I think

      I’ve really started to miss pre cv rework – even if I had only played for two months at that point. it was good, and I had just gotten to a tier 5 cv until they botched cvs and sold my bogue on me. had to grind langley all over again for two tier’s worth of xp

  8. i am so used to fighting ships 2 tiers higher then me any ways ….

  9. facts upon facts

  10. Weegee: “Next time, we explain RNG”.
    ‘Dr Evil and his henchmen laughing.jpg’

  11. Damn… Beat me to it.

  12. 3:18 “no more than 5 pairs of ships of the same tier as the battle tier” If I’m a T8 I want to play against T8. Not stomp T6 and not get my shit pushed in by T10. Why is this arbitrary rule in place?!

  13. “Ships are being matched by their type and tier, not looking at their consumables” So 4 radars vs 0 radars is balanced matchmaking?

    • @Gilang ferrial The problem isn’t reward or not, the problem is wether or not you win. That’s what you play for. If you lose, it won’t matter if you get some credits, you will still end up feeling bad.

      If you know that the MM is actively working against you before the match has even started, it will sap the fun out of the game real fast. The way it works now, you get “punished” through bad luck every now and then. WIth SBMM you’ll be punished _every time._ (or rewarded, if you’re below average)

      Armored Warfare tried this with their “SIMM”. It didn’t end well for them.

      Honestly, I don’t think it takes a genius to understand that a tier 7 ship is more powerful than a tier 6 ship. Fail divs only happen because the players decide to live with it. Those players wouldn’t start tryharding just because you changed the MM, you just wouldn’t notice until you saw them play.

    • @Duncecap64 i dont know about WoT, i dont play it but at least my traditional evening in WoWs is me doing my traditional 100K+ damage with my thunderer (for example) and tanking at least 2M and i cant win a f game! I see my team doing stupid errors and decisions, i see bbs behind islands not doing anything, nobody focusing dd while the dds on my team are always dying….Im not for a long shoot the best player in this game but comeone, im a good player but not good enough to carry my team all the time.
      The bigger problem i see with this game is how noob the community is in general. People undervalue AP in bbs, people trying to tank with Japanese and Italian cruisers, battleships behind islands, cvs not focusing on dds or even giving a little bit of support to the team and so on….This game community is the worse in terms of knowledge of mechanics about the game. Now if teams are made to have at least a close average win rate between the players the players that dont know how to play should be more or less balanced between the two teams, not always in one…..

    • @AXEL_X Because that doesn’t work. If both teams have the same winrate, then over time, everyone will move towards a 50% winrate and so everyone will end up with the same exact winrate of 50%.

      Basically, if your winrate is 60% now, it’s gonna go down to 50% and if it’s 40%, it’s gonna go up to 50%. And then at 50%, your matchmaker doesn’t work and just becomes a random matchmaker.

      They know what’s wrong, they just can’t fix it because all matchmakers have weaknesses and the best ones require MASSIVE playerpools.

    • My fav is 3 smolensks on one team and 0 on the other.

  14. How work the mm: like a shit

  15. How it “should” work! Meanwhile the WG-MMserver *bleepbloop, im a robot”.

  16. great minds think alike.

  17. Came here just for this comment.

  18. I was looking for this comment

  19. WoWs: How It Works: The Matchmaker

    Everyone: But it doesn’t work though!

    • It works so well that there is never EVER even in 6 years of matches been a SINGLE steam roll. The spreadsheet confirms this.

  20. I think they should add Personal rating into the fold on matchmaking.

  21. “No more than five battleships, four destroyers, and ONE aircraft carrier”. *visible confusion*

  22. “No more than 1 aircraft carrier. ”
    Are you sure about that?

  23. Jolly CBlitz. Neat.

  24. “how the match maker works it’s magic”
    Its black magic, if anything.

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