How It Works: Tips and Tricks

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of Warships has many useful additional features that can make your gaming experience much more enjoyable. Today, we’ll about some of the more obscure tricks and possible actions, both in the Port and in battle.
We hope that these small tricks will make your gaming more comfortable, and importantly—fun!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?
    Was it helpful? Did you learn something new?:)

    • I ended our 9 year relationship today Wargaming. 28,000+ matches of World of Tanks and 10,000+ matches of World of Warships. Both games uninstalled and they are not coming back. This has probably been a long time coming, but when I took my new Skane out today for the first match and immediately got attacked by the enemy Shokaku with rocket planes (which never existed) losing 70% of my health and dying a minute later to and enemy DD as an easy kill. Sorry but your game is UTTER bs atm. I hope you can afford to keep losing players like myself because that is what’s going to happen if you keep CVs and their ridiculous abilities in the game the way it is. You have been warned.

    • @PCWarMachine its so true waht you say! Listen to him!

    • Free camera in port (I mean, actually free camera like we have in battle) , when?

    • Pennywise The clown

      How about fixing desync? Like come on, please.

    • @Pennywise The clown would be so nice!

  2. le pas très gentil

    well, i knew all of this

  3. Tip: If you see planes incoming, just dodge when they attack

  4. Can we get an: ” How to aim with desync” vid please?

    • ITs Camo.. not “desync” the Camo the ship has on affect all incoming Shells and Torps.. Thats part of the Balance system.. Its stupid but thats how its been now for 4 years.

    • @Dysputant its not a bug. its Camo. you must be new to the game.

    • @Razor Calahan ITs that Ships Camo.. Read about the Effects of Camo on Incomming Shells and Torps.. Its not new

    • @MetalGoby I think it depends on how you shoot. Friend has had issues for some time and I never new ad I don’t notice same issue. Flammus desink hits the mark and my friend has been complaining for months.

    • @depoteco Camo only affects dispersion and concealment, camo doesnt allow the ship to appear half a ship length behind where it actually is

  5. Tip: Button bash as blind panic sets in as soon as you see Shimakaze’s torps coming

  6. Tip: If you shoot at a ship and give it lead, give half a shiplength more lead because the desync in WoWS is so high that you will not hit otherwise. Seriously tho WG. Fix that. That’s nothing to ignore and there is evidence on youTube and streams

    • its about the Camo on the Target. That affects your targeting ITs stupid but that is one of the many Balalcning systems they use.. I wish they woudl stop that.. But thats how it is.

    • @depoteco that’s not what he’s talking about. The ships are actually more forward than they apper, about half a ship lenght wise.

    • @depoteco What? No that’s not it. Its not the fact that camo increases the RNG factor. Look at Flamus Channel. A few days ago there is a video with the desync topic. He explains and shows evidence in replays with slowdown etc. what the problem is exactly. You literally have to give more lead than usual and not just be annoyed by RNG. If you then kill the enemy ship it itches its way in position. It doesn’t slide as the momentum would suggestion, it literally just itches and bugs its way to where it should be. Watch the Video.

  7. 1:47 one does not sell Leviathan flag

  8. You forgot the most important tip – Press N to honk your horn at people. It’s illegal to not honk at the start of a battle

    • Stefaan Lambrecht

      I was about to write this in the comment section as well. However you have to enable ship horn in the settings first.

  9. Tip on battleships: ctrl+X to lock your main turrets on one side, so you can look around without your turrets move around.

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      Far more easier, if you use your right mouse button to look around, so you not leave your turrets locked when they needed….

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      @mirum All.

    • @Garin Ramadhan thx

    • @StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe oh yeah I nearly forgot about that, after I did not play for some time

    • ​@StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe When pressing right mouse button, you can’t zoom in on pottentional targets. Just don’t forget to unlock the batteries, it also says : armament locked on bearing. i use right mouse when in battle, but on the beginning of the match i always lock them on one side of the ship. or if i have to turn them quickly in battle so i can check others things like on the map,or zoom in @ other ships and not have to hold the right mouse all the time. But i forgot a few times they were locked and missed some citadel hits lol.

  10. This is the equivalent of “To kill an enemy, shoot at them until they die”

  11. Smash your WASD keys and play Torpedo Beat on the background to dodge enemy’s torpedoes

  12. Tips: press Ctrl + X and your main guns will lock onto the bearing you chose.

  13. This is literally,

    Tip: Click mouse to shoot.
    They’re joking, right?

  14. Tip: press N to “avoid” collisions with friendly ships

  15. This video is good for new players. +1 Can we see the next video: How it works: Desync?

  16. “Double click ship’s carousel to go to Modules directly”, where has this been hidden for so long?

  17. Next please : how it works, the Matchmaker.

    Oh wait, it doesn’t

  18. Title – How It Works: Tips and Tricks
    I was expecting,
    “we create tips and tricks, then you follow them. That’s how tips and tricks work, we hope this helps. Good luck and fair sailing!”

  19. when you add mod to the ship and the skills for your captain i would like to see what the stats change before i spend the currency to attachment also if you have move your captain from one ship to another and you just need to change one or two skills instead of resetting all of the points do it by layer starting from line 4 and work your way down at a low doubloons cost

  20. “today we’ll talk about some of the most obscure tricks […] to take a screenshot, press PRINT SCREEN”
    Want a real obscure tip for the port? You can try you horn in it, without limitation, press N 🙂

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