How It Works: Torpedoes | World of Warships

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Torpedoes ahead! In the new episode, weR;d like to tell you about torpedoes, the most dangerous and efficient armament in World of Warships!
What types of torpedo are available in the game? How do they work? To learn to these and other questions, watch the new episode of the most useful series on our channel!

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  1. This better have a PSA that you should NEVER fire torpedoes in front of teammates. Cause whatever happens, YOU are responsible

    • @
      Name calling, eh? That’s classy.

      Now that I read this again, “that you should NEVER fire torpedoes in front of teammates”. You mean, “you should never launch torps when a teammate is in front of you”? Because if you’re already in front of the teammate (toward the direction of the enemy), it’s safe to do it.

    • Francisco DeTonne no one cares

    • +Knodsil When torps have 16km range, and some players steer way from their line to ‘cut’ your torpedoes at 15km, that’s THEIR problem, not the one who launched the torps. There are enough bells and whistles + visual cues to show friendly torpedoes, there is no excuse to steer into them, even at 2km range. The problem is more often than not, the player who got hit by the torps, not the other way around.

    • you mean behind ?

    • +Knodsil I agree with you… within 11 km, outside of 11 FUCK NO I’m not taking responsibility, my torps took nearly 1.5 minutes to even get to that point, not my job to be able to predict all 8 of my living team mates for that long and my torps have been in the water for so long it’s their fault for running into it.

  2. I’m getting real tired of premiere videos being listed in my subscription feed…….

  3. Too short :<< but it was good tho

  4. Thank you Fuso is Safe

  5. Fuso lives matter.

  6. Guy’s, i REALY love what you did with the #stopFusoAbuse trend 😛

  7. Will deep sea torps affect submarines?

    • ??!!!! Ow its very god question ı like that

    • Probably not since they are not classified as ‘big displacement’ in that era.

    • Depends on their depth, Probably not when they are surfaced, but yes when submerged.

    • But submerged at what depth

    • And thus is another reasson for the current DW mechanic being utter crap. When implementing they could have gone for a physical model checking target’s draft, but no, they went for the stupid class based approach… so no If they do not modify anything submarines should never be hit by DW, but if according to depth (and then what depth) they should be hit, WG has some coding and explanation to do…

  8. Our cries have been heard!

    Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Fusōs represent?

    (Weather report: Beware of flying Alabamas)

  9. woah, fuso fast lol

  10. Ours fusou save!!!!

  11. poor alabama ;-;

  12. Long time ago aboard ijn fuso
    Ijn Officer: captain there is some thing in the sky
    Captain: what is it.
    Officer:it not an american planes… look like ….a Flying ship!!!!!!

    meanwhile at usa …2 days later.
    Random man: Hey have you seen the army news.
    Random man 2: what is it.
    Random man: the army have built a new weapon!! A flying battleship…….

  13. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

    + World of Warships Official Channel Are you going to add some “torpedo beats” in the next episode?

    BTW, speaking up the Unlucky Fusou… when are you going to add the Ise-class Battleships?

  14. Alabama has a new gimmick: “Death from Above” 😛

  15. just notice ID of Fuso is HELP_ME1 LOL

  16. Λмαтѕυĸαze Kαι Nι

    Fuso’s name is HELP_ME1 XD

  17. Just know the only reason they spared Fuso is because Alabama has Better TDS

  18. instead of launching torps to fuso, you throw a battleship at fuso hmmm

  19. Fuso username “HELP_ME1” made my day lmao

  20. New way to abuse Fuso…
    Throw a battleship at her

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