How it Works: Upgrades

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Simply put, improve the combat characteristics of a ship, but we imagine that you probably have more questions that need answers!
Why would you need “Aiming Systems” and “Propulsion?” Why should you mount in general? What’s the most effective way to use them? To learn the to these questions and more, watch the new episode of “How It Works!”

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your port of call for new ship releases!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?
    Which Upgrade is your favourite one?:)

  2. Those goons from Ministry of Video strike again!

  3. Nice. Still have to watch the video tho :p
    Have you tought talking about nation strenghs and weaknesses? Like, doing a basic video about “what nations to pick”?

  4. The announcer voice is just like the Mythbusters voice lol


    • @nia agustina 10 torpedoes cost as much as 400 shells the last time i checked in game

    • @Rap Kritičar they dont charge you for the sinking of a ship, they used to but then they removed that when people would just run to avoid getting their ship sunk, what you generally pay for are camos (if you dont have any) ammunition used ( 400 shells=10 torps in terms of cost i think 4000 credits) and they used to charge for premium consumables or not

    • @nia agustina hahaha lol, i test play bismarck on coop , even i got top 1 , i got sometimes minus credit , without any flags or camo

    • Guys the higher the ship tier, the higher the service costs are

    • Yes i found it 🤣🤣 i was not expecting that Will shown up below ship parameter

  6. 70% of the time, It works 100% of the time

  7. Nice to know that detonation isn’t purely based on whether your magazine gets hit by a critical or not. Still, it isn’t a very fun mechanic to play when you dont have the detonation flag.

  8. Dear, World of Warships my question is: “How does dispersion work: Horizontal, and Vertical ones, and where can we check them?”

  9. Can you make a new “How it works” for map spawning? I would like to know the WG game mechanics behind opening spawn selection before the battle starts.
    Another “How it works” video, I would like to see is for plane spotting gunnery. I would like to see official answers from WG. 01:47 DM using DFAA mod. 🤣🤣🤣WG you really think it is important now in PVP? You guys make me laugh.

  10. John Francis Terne

    Wargaming, where can we find the HP number for the modules like Main Batteries, secondaries and AA mounts?

  11. At 1:10 they say 20% decrease of 20 seconds is 15… uh, shouldn’t it be 16?

  12. they didnt use hood for the magazine mod part :

  13. What is with the legendary upgrades? Why they do not speak about them? How do i get them?

  14. What happend to “full ahead” why is that gone ? Was a good vid every week, very informative and u could even win stuff.

  15. I’m really curious about How it Works: RNG

  16. “Now let’s calculate how much stronger we can make the AA defenses on Des Moines.”

    Not strong enough.

  17. I just love it how WG is still insisting on BFT for AA improvements… Guys it is USELESS just like DefAA

  18. I was not aware that stacking all the AA boost upgrades/perks had such a significant effect on the continues AA DPS. Although it wont stop a good carrier pilot from getting the first strike through, it will prevent any follow strikes if the base AA is good enough. Seems worth it to me

  19. Probably should have mentioned the special upgrades you can buy for coal in the armoury (e.g. extended speed and radar)

  20. “why do we need aiming systems..?”

    Me: ummm…the french

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