How much longer can World of Warships survive

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Six plus years on and the big question is how much more time does World of Warships realistically have? While the game isn’t in danger of dying any time soon, there are warning signs. Players have decreased a bit, there have been no new maps in ages and the gameplay has gone stale. WG is at a decision point. They can keep pumping out ships, or give players what they want and keep the game alive.


  1. I’ve played since the open beta. I find myself playing maybe 3 nights now instead of 7, and when I play, it’s just a handful of matches instead of hours. I want more game modes. We had a demo night battle for a short time, but that hasn’t shown back up. We used to have shore batteries to engage, but that’s pretty much gone now except for a couple of operations. It’s no fun playing against subs AND CVs. I haven’t spent any money on the game in over a year whereas I used to buy a year of premium and 4-5 premium ships a year. I honestly feel like I need to step down as my clan’s XO.

    • Playing since 2015, I already asked to be de-graded to line officer (I was 2nd man). And as you say; new maps needed, that´s my problem #1. Always the same spots where xy camps etc

    • @Estoy Aquí It is just as Notser said, the game got stale. The new ships with new gimmicks doesn’t add real variety in the gameplay especially now, where high tier battles are more like Mexican stand offs. Everyone hiding behind an island until one or two ships try to flank and decide the battle.
      These days so many battles end all the same way, one side rushes the other. It seems the times of hard fought battles till the end are gone. That also makes it feeling wrong.

      In the old days you could at least too 6 others and go into operations, but all good operations are gone and the few left are so old, so often played, that they got boring. If you have a good team you can make a speed run out of it.
      We played the last T7 mission so often that one night that we deleted all enemy ships before our transports were able to unload more than 200 soldiers. It was amazing, but also shows the problem here.

    • That’s why I didn’t post. I knew someone else would post the same comments. You’re preaching to the choir and you’re experience with WOWS is exactly like mine.

    • Same.

    • I’m the same way. Been playing since the open beta and the game isn’t as fun as it used to be. Every now and then I have a match where I have fun, win or lose, but more often than not, the game feels like a chore.

  2. Playing with my friends and grinding Naval battles on the weekend. New art is awesome. Def needs more Battle choices and maps. Been playing a bit less lately as other games come out but tend to come back as well.

  3. Needs:
    More Clan Battle days
    And dont have timed modes like brawl just keep it in the game.

    I dont think the game will last longer than 2025 unless they implement alot more content and not just ships to buy.

  4. First thanks for doing the vid for me Zoup. With almost 20k matches under my belt, I log in to no premium time and no clan. Everything is against a free solo player but I still log in everyday and play a few matches in my favorite ships. Do I have all the new ships no but I have some I enjoy. I also used to enjoy playing all the time and making vids but most of the people that enjoyed what I put out have moved on. I try and catch my favorite streamers as they play and hope for a crate or whatever but it’s not important. Supporting people I enjoy watching is. Zoup you play whatever and I’ll still watch. Appreciate you and this community.

  5. I’ve been playing since the closed beta, and I really used to love this game. I’ll shamefully admit I’ve whaled pretty hard in the past just to complete my collection of rare ships, even going so far as to get the Nikolai during the short list container debacle. But now, I just don’t feel like playing the game anymore, it is stale. For the first 4-5 years I played because it was fun, then I played because of sunk cost fallacy, and now I’m just over it. I’d like to return to playing it, but I just don’t see the reason to.

    • No, I won't tell you my name.

      Same. I can’t even muster up interest in the 50k+ doubloons still sitting on my account. It just feels like the time spent re-downloading and re-installing wouldn’t be worth it in terms of fun anymore. 10k+ battles, and now I’m just down to… apathy.

  6. “Stale” is a good word for it.
    New M&M – Maps and Missions – are needed. Maybe a night action mode. Or relived historical battles; “what if” possibilities.

  7. I’ve cut back he’ll of a lot as well. I would play everyday to a few times a week. Many reasons not least subs having Torps impossible to escape.

    • It was so far when subs were first put into co-op. German BBs had no ASW ability. I did ram two subs in one battle in my Tirpitz though.

  8. I’m a 21 year Navy vet, I enjoy the game from the history aspect, even though I feel the game is getting dry …convoy mode was GREAT, and then it disappeared…

  9. Judging from how long World of Tanks has been around, World of Warships will be around for quite a while.

  10. Steam might not be the best way to judge the game population since the drop might just be players trying the game on steam and then commenting to it by transferring to the launcher cuz the server population has increased and there are a lot more players now in the EU server atlest. Even the viewership of the weekly stream on twich has increased.

  11. i am still enjoying the game, but very much agree that more meaningful content must be introduced into it, as you say, new ships won’t cut it.

  12. So here is my problem. Not long ago you were posting videos of how well WOWS was doing, how good the player numbers were and that there were no indications of a decline. I completely understand that players who have been part of the game from the beginning are now getting sick of it. I have the same feeling about WoT and have only touched it a handful of times this year. No game will keep itself fresh forever and the signs lately from WG are promising. I’ve only been playing for about 1,5 years and while I take breaks from the grind every once in a while due to the repetitiveness I don’t feel anywhere near done and it keeps pulling me back.

  13. I fell out of love with WoWS around the time the Smolensk and the other incredibly strong Soviet cruisers joined the game. At that time, almost every game was populated by them, with the team with the most absolutely running through the enemy.

    I saw the end of the line for me around the time of the CV rework. I was hopeful for a brief time around when subs were being tested – I actually wrote a feedback doc that was quoted by WG. At that time I stopped playing regularly/randoms and it was just operations with friends.

    Finally, after most the operations were axed and the huge CC walkout, alongside seeing how scummy the company had been, I uninstalled and walked away.

    I enjoy the odd Jingles video and i think the game itself has huge potential, but ive permanently lost all confidence in the developer. Anyone who thinks this game will change is kidding themselves. You gotta let go.

    I’ve moved onto other games. I’m THOROUGHLY enjoying learning various DCS modules. Eagle Dynamics also seem to be the antithesis to WG.

    I wish I could want to play this game again but I just cannot bring myself to, for both interest and ethical reasons.

  14. Kaiser Trinity T.M.I.S

    i think, and i play this game since summer 2016, they made some good choices for the wrong time. the grafic updates are nice, but is it really the time for it now? they should have made like 3 or 4 maps per year, and with every new map, some other maps get an grafic overhaul. of course, listening to the community is a thing, and the problem with how they release new ships. past in 2016 or 2017 they released a new ship line on the spot. now you have to wait longer for them to get them. and if you do, you have almost completed them because you either bought them or earned them with tasks. then the lack of modules to get. no new guns or engines to research. its just now a better hull and rangefinder.
    Also the gamemodes. i play operations alot, but then they put some offlin, which sucks pretty bad. The convoi mode could be the first step in combination of asymetric battles for a PvP Operations-mod. doing some tasks that our naval guys did in WWII too. raiding convois or defend them, attacking islands or defend them. there is so much possible

  15. I was a daily player for 7 years. I had a busy September and haven’t been back since. Subs completely killed it for me. Game also needs a potato splitter – one team should not have all (or most) of them. Every game was becoming a curbstomp.

  16. Been playing since 2015, and I remember watching videos in order to improve my gameplay. I recall getting good at DD’s and having a great time; and my efforts to be a better player being meaningful. I would get Kraken, and had a game where I killed 7 enemy ships…Then they nerfed DD’s, and they brought out CV’s, and they made it possible for any noob with a credit card to get into tier 10 games. So here’s the thing for me then, it just doesn’t matter anymore (or that’s my sense of it). It’s like playing online poker where every numb-nuts goes “All-in” every hand because it didn’t cost them anything to be in the hand… They didn’t earn their bones and learn what it takes to be in a tier 10 game. I get that it’s a business, and they’re trying to make money, but in their rush to be liked by everybody, they’re getting to be liked by nobody.

  17. For me a weekend warrior the game needs more maps and as you say more variety in game modes. I loved the convoy mode and then they got rid of it. New missions and not the same old ones all the time.

  18. I agree with you about not needing new ships. Been playing since 2015 and have 360 ships. Randoms are a joke people come in buy a high tier ship and have no clue how to play and no desire to even want to learn about playing in a team environment. Game modes would help considerably in generating more interest in people like myself and many members I play matches with in my clan and outside my clan.

  19. SpecterMight Gaming

    I just started to play again and I’m loving it really excited to see how subs play because I haven’t gotten the chance to test them and all. But I agree with the doing things you want to do. That’s important as a content creator like I’m not one but I’m glad you are taking action on it

  20. In respect to the maps, you also have to consider the work done to them to make them viable for submarine navigation.

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