How not to play the Yamato in World of Warships | Wows Yamato Guide

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How not to play the Yamato in World of Warships | Wows Yamato Guide
Today were going to be looking at the yamato in world of warships. This is has the biggest guns in the game and as a result the yamato needs incredible accuracy in order to the most out of the yamato in world of warships. The yamato in world of warships has incredible guns, until the yashima comes out, but until then enjoy this little video on the most powerful ship in world of warships, the yamato.

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  1. Kompat Ekkawinsakul

    I have some recommendations:
    – At T10 you should use premium consumables at least the DCP and Heal, if you get high damage you won’t lose the profit even on the non-premium account. It’ll improve your combat capacity by a lot.
    – You should use the spotter aircraft to spot Gearing behind island long before Yamato dead, at least you know where Gearing is heading.
    – You always use AP unless it German BB because Yamato’s 460 mm can overmatch the bow of every ship except German BB if you get a good RNG on the bow you can do 10k damage per salvo, even citadel if the enemy Yamato open a little bit of the cheek. You can also use an AP on the German BB’s superstructure or turret too.

    Your aim is very good! ?

  2. Broadside scenario, every time you face Yamato or Musashi, aim below those two front turrets. You can also use this to all France cruisers and battleships.

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